We've just opened our exclusive Members Club

If you are a freelance developer or own a web design studio you'll fit right in. Besides access to all our themes you'll also have a say in what themes we'll develop next.

If you are in for the cash, no worries, besides the usual 30% for every sale you'll get another 10% from any recurring payment a club member does. Cool eh?

Why join Our Club?

Take a look at the advantages offered by our Club Membership

Get access to all themes for only $17/month*

Get access to all our WordPress themes we have so far, plus all the future themes we'll release over the course of your club subscription for only $17/month. Of course updates and dedicated support are included.
* Membership price includes a one time only fee of $199

VIP priority on our Support Forum

All our clients will benefit from the same attention and dedication on the support forums, but if you are one of our club members you'll get extra treatment together with a nice and shiny VIP badge near your avatar that will show everyone you are part of an exquisite club

Decide what themes we create next!

Wouldn't be nice if you could decide what WordPress theme we will design and develop next? Well, that is exactly what will happen. From time to time we'll ask for your input and what you'll say will definitely matter. Is like having your personal WordPress development team at your command.

Earn more with our new Affiliate Program

If a user comes through your affiliate links and joins our club membership you'll get 30% from the initial payment of $199 and 10% from the recurring fee of $17 every month. The member will be linked to you forever so as long is subscribed to our club you'll get your 10% from $17 every month.

Beautiful Members Area - take a sneak peak

Not only our original WordPress themes benefit the love and care in the design and implementation process but our website as well. No wonder that we've worked a couple of months to fiddle with every pixel so that everything is perfect and ready. Check out some screens.

Shut up and take my money

Join our Club to benefit from these exclusive perks!


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