How To’s & Tutorials How to fix ‘Establishing a Database Connection’ errors in WordPress


Even if you’re not a website owner, you’ve certainly come across the famous ‘Error Establishing a Database Connection’ while surfing the web. The reason why this error is so common is that it can happen due a variety of reasons. In fact, it is so often that it becomes terribly frustrating, especially when you’re a WordPress beginner who has no idea what could have gone wrong.

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Discover Discovering WordPress: Is it the best platform for you?


WordPress created a fuss in the last few years, and the fuss is nowhere close to disappearing. Why is it so? Before everything else, WordPress is a PHP written open-source creator. Speaking in non-technical terms, WordPress is a tool for powerful blogging and an easy CMS (content management system). Its simplicity and user-friendliness are unsurpassed.

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Did you know 11 ways to increase the traffic to your WordPress website

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Here is one of the scariest, yet very familiar WordPress scenarios: You invest hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars to develop an amazing website, and it simply never appears on search engines, nor it gains traffic for you to convert browsers to buyers. How can you avoid this scenario? What recent years have shown to websites’ owners is that a quality relationship in and out of their niche is the key to driving more traffic. Google is no longer enough to make it happen for us, and we have to stand up and take things in our hands.

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