Did you know 12 Tips to Create a Breathtaking Portfolio With WordPress

creating portfolio with wordpress

Is creativity an essential factor in your industry? Are you designing, developing, or creating whatever type of art? If the answer is yes, you’re already short on time to build an outstanding portfolio website and to go a step ahead of your numerous competitors. Let’s see how the internet and its most powerful building platform called WordPress can help you build a breathtaking portfolio website.

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How To’s & Tutorials 7 Ways to Protect Your WordPress Website Against A Hack

website hacking

Unfortunately, there is no way to protect a WordPress website or a blog from hackers 100%, since hackers are more than determined to surpass any obstacle, and find gaps to push their way through your system as hard as you’re trying to prevent them. This article aims to suggest a few strategies you can use to ‘mask’ your website in front of hackers.

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How To’s & Tutorials How to Reduce The Bounce Rate On Your WordPress Blog


Bounce Rate is the number of people that landed on your website but left the page they visited without looking at the other pages. Informally explained, the bounce rate refers to people who were not especially interested in your website, which is why they left it so soon. In fact, the sooner they do it, the higher the bounce rate percentage gets. In today's article, we will list a few ways to reduce bounce rates on your websites and blogs.

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Did you know 8 SEO Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Website

seo optimization

It’s true – you can set up a WordPress site in a matter of hours, but optimizing them for SEO will require much more time. WordPress provides decent SEO support or even an advanced one to say so, especially if you consider its latest versions. Decent, however, requires still a bit of work to become excellent, since SEO efforts are not limited to the blatant keyword entering and low-quality link building.

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