How To’s & Tutorials The Fundamentals of Frontend Development: Getting Started & Beginner’s Tips


Starting on the web with no prior experience can be intimidating. But with the right resources and a clear study plan you can learn a lot about front-end web development. In this post, I'll share tips across the board for every phase of the web development pipeline. It doesn't matter what your prior experience is or what your background is for working on the web. You can start from anywhere with any experience level as long as you're willing to practice and put in the work.

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The Core: Tips, Tricks & Tutorials The Contact Form Builder


Building a WordPress contact form is pretty easy if you know what fields you need. But how do you create a system that lets other people build the contact forms they want with full control over structure and design? These are just some of the questions we've asked when we started to create the contact form module included in our The Core multi-purpose WordPress theme.

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Discover What are push notifications, and how to use them on your WordPress site


The best practice to keep readers on board is to retain them with push notifications, thanks to which they will always know what your content is about. It would literally mean sending messages and notifications for people to see on their devices, in the shape of modest reminders that help your content be seen and appreciated.

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Rest in Peace We Have to Let Some of Our WordPress Themes Go

Goodbye Sign for Retired WordPress Themes by ThemeFuse

As much as we love all our themes, we have decided to let some of them go. There are a couple of reasons that led to this decision. Mainly because the themes were made in 2009 - 2010, have an outdated design and although we brought them up to date as much as we could in terms of features and functionalities, they still don't compare with some of our newer themes.

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