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  1. Hi Max,

    I have multiple wordpress sites which could be preventing me from seeingdifferent box.png picture for a new website.

    The new website has the wp files are in the directory name wordpress-2.

    The new website should have a box.png that shows a white yin/yang design logo with the acusoft name. Instead it shows wonderdoc's logo and name.

    I have tried uploading the box.png file showing the acusoft image and name to the wordpress-2/contents/themes/siliconapp/images folder.

    Should I be pointing the image file to the wordpress-2 and if so, where can I do this in the website?

    Thanks Max


    2 years ago
  2. HI Jim,
    you just need to upload image in FuseFramework -> Homepage -> Custom Home Page Image field.


    2 years ago
  3. I didnt know there was this option at the bottom of the homepage slider.

    That was easy!



    2 years ago

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