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The idea behind this product is as powerful as it is simple. You can purchase a hosting pack together with a theme and a domain name (optional), and we'll take care of all the rest: configure the servers, attach the domain, install the theme.

Together with our hosting partners at WebHostingBuzz, we have created a hosting pack that fits perfectly with all our WordPress themes, so this is obviously one of the easiest ways to skip the hassle of setting up the new site.

enjoy your coffee! We’ll install everything

In order to have an online presence, you need 3 things: a domain, a hosting solution and a website. Even if you have them all, the process of setting them up is most of the time pretty complicated and tedious. We take care of all this by providing you with a WordPress theme, a hosting server and a domain name (optional). We’ll also make all the necessary installs and connections for free, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Have them all in just one place.

The advantage of having all settings in just one place is that we can guarantee the theme you have purchased will work flawlessly and there won’t be any problems with installing it on incompatible server configurations. Also, you’ll have a much easier life managing these 3 areas of interest because they are all in one single place.

Tailor-made for your needs

Our clients often ask us for help when it comes to choosing their hosting server in connection with our themes. And to be honest, choosing one is not always very easy... we’ve all been there looking at side-by-side charts with lots of technical info that feels like giberish for a non-savvy user. Now this can be a thing of the past, because we have created a hosting plan that is tailor-made for our themes, insuring optimal results.

We use the same hosting provider

When we recommend a product or service from a 3rd party vendor, we usually like to try it first on our own products and see if it’s up to our standards. So we gave our friends at WebHostingBuzz a call and they set us up with one of their servers to take it for a spin. Everything was very fast and reliable so we have since moved from our old provider to WHB and decided we can trust them to provide the same awesome experience for our users.

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