Mobility App WP theme

Are you a mobile applications developer? Need a small website to showcase your newly developed iPad / iPhone / Android app? We’ve got you covered. Mobility App WP theme is perfect for those who need to promote it online and showcase their tablet app or smartphone software. With it’s one page design, out WordPress template covers every area needed by such sites, and doing it beautifully while at it.

Although the design is minimal, don’t be fooled by this, because Mobility App wp theme is packed with cool features like shortcodes, dropdown menus, 4 different colors and gorgeous animated sliders. Also, we’ve made it easy for every developer out there to showcase their app, indifferent to the platform they code for… be it iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 or BlackBerry..

Enough talk, you guys can check it out right here

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  1. Ian 7th July 2011

    Love the simplicity and modern look. Awesome theme. Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. TutsPress 9th July 2011

    Wohoo! Great app theme for Wordpress blogs.! Thanks for the relase..

  3. HoangLx 11th July 2011

    Very nice Niche theme with awesome functionality! Can’t wait to play around with it

  4. Best wordpress theme 24th September 2011

    Oh. It was great. Many unique features.

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