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  • What is the difference between a Standard and Developer license?

    A Standard theme license is perfect for personal use, and can be used on a single domain. A Developer theme instead is perfect for developers or freelancers that have more clients, and one license can be used on an unlimited domains.

  • Club membership? What is this all about and why should I join?

    The club membership is perfect for developers, freelancers or small web agencies. It gives you access to all our WordPress themes we have so far, plus all the future themes we'll release over the course of your club subscription.

  • Can I upgrade from a Standard license to a Developer license?

    You can upgrade from a standard theme to a developer theme at a press of a button from your account. After you will purchase the upgrade by paying the money difference you'll get immediate access to the resources contained in the developer license.

  • What happens when I cancel my membership subscription?

    If you cancel your subscription, you will not be able to download the previously developed themes anymore and we'll also cut you the download access to new releases. If you want to re-sign at a later time you’ll need to pay the sign up fee again.

  • How does the payment and checkout processes work?

    After you select a theme or a subscription, you are taken to the checkout screen where you will have to login or create an account in order to finalize the checkout. After the payment is made, you can download the theme(s) from your account!

  • What about the access to support and theme updates?

    We are committed to continue delivering the best support and after care, so the purchase of a single theme (be it standard or developer) or joining our club membership gives you access to our dedicated support forums and updates for life.