Discover HETZNER vs. PUREHOST: Affordable Dedicated Services or Business Oriented Solution?

hetzner vs purehost hosting review in 2018

With so many choices and solutions for a business, customers might need some guidance. The first step: what would be their website’s value? The second question: what kind of hosting there is needed? We tried to come with pros and cons of two different hosting companies, analyzing their specific services. Thus, what about Hetzner Company, with their main focus on dedicated servers and budget solutions? Or would it be the case to consider the Purehost Hosting, who offers all-in-one package for a serious business?

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We've looked at the RTL WordPress themes market and realized that there are a lot of "RTL compatible" themes out there, but not a place where you can actually get a native WordPress RTL theme, check out the demo in RTL, edit the content in RTL and so on. Let me tell you about, a cool new project we've been working on for a while.

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Discover What is Business Web Hosting and the Reasons You Should Use It


Your website has to be reachable and accessible to everyone in every corner of the world, no matter the kind of website it is. For a lot of reasons, web hosting is the perfect option for you. For instance, as soon as your website gets published, everybody all over the world will have access to reach it, and this comes with apparent security issues.

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Discover Best plugins for WordPress business websites


Nowadays, businesses rely significantly on attractive websites where customers would familiarize with their activities and contact them upon need. But what if we told you there is a WordPress plugin for business websites tailored to cater to all corporate needs? Better yet, there are few of them you should know about, as you get to use them regardless of how your website looks.

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