A major Fuse Framework update is out!

Hey Themefusiasts, I’m Dragosh, one of the developers here at ThemeFuse. I’ve been working here as part of the team that develops the Fuse Framework, which is the base for all our WordPress themes.

Not many of you know that we’ve been hard at work, for the last couple of months, on a major update to our framework. Now that we have the new framework ready to roll, we’ll build it into all our future themes (starting with PhotoArtist), and we’ll also start updating all the other themes, one by one, over the next couple of months.

Before I start going over the most important changes, you should know that we’ve built the new framework on the principle of MVC pattern. Simply put, we’ve tried to split the logic part (functions, classes, etc), the database management part (model), and the visual part (HTML, CSS, JS) into three separate areas. This results in a much more organized framework that is easy to understand for everyone, and also allows us to integrate new major features more easily and much quicker.

What follows is a list of the newest and most important changes:

Custom posts and options

Now you can create custom posts that have different options that are specific to them.

For example, in our Medica theme you will be able to add a Doctor or Speciality type of post, which will have specific options for each. This way, we are done with general posts that have all the possible options for all the possible types of posts.

Moreover, we’ve added more customization options for posts. Now you can disable/enable a specific post’s sidebar, image, comments, publication date and many more.

Embed video from anywhere

Now you are able to embed videos from any website out there. All you need to do is copy/paste the embed code or the video link inside the desired post. Keep in mind, though, that only YouTube and Vimeo will work when pasting just the video link.

Custom headers and backgrounds

With the new framework you can change the header or the background of each page, post or category, thus you get full control over the level of customization you need.

Sliders redefined

We’ve extracted the slider info from the posts – where it used to be – and we’ve created a separate main menu entry called Sliders. All the sliders can be managed from there.

Now you can select from different designs and different population methods. For example, if you don’t want to use the manual option and want to have total control over the images of the slider, you can choose to populate the slider with images from posts or categories that you’ve already added to your theme.

Homepage as a category

Now you can choose to display a category on the homepage. This is a very useful feature for bloggers, for example, if they want to display the blog on the homepage.

Shortcodes generator

This is a separate main menu entry that enables you to populate your pages and templates with countless different built-in shortcodes. You only need to select what shortcode you want to use, and our framework will generate it for you.


We’ve rewritten the newsletter extension. Starting from now, you can use MailChimp or CampaignMonitor as your newsletter service. The only thing you need to do is provide the API code in the Newsletter setup page, and you’re ready to add the newsletter widget wherever you want.


From now on, all the important updates to your theme and framework are just one click away, from inside your WordPress admin. No more hassle downloading archives, unzipping them and uploading them manually. This will make your life easier for sure.

NOTE: It is mandatory to use child themes. All the changes you make to your theme should be made in the child theme. This will prevent any loss or damage to your changes and content when updating. More on child themes.

Sidebars redefined

We’ve added a new concept of using sidebars. You can now group multiple sidebars into one column (or placeholders, as we currently call them). This makes it a lot easier for you to select specific sidebars that repeat themselves in different places.

Also, from the sidebar management section, you can choose specific sidebars, that will appear on specific pages of your WordPress site (on pages, pages with specific IDs, posts with specific IDs, the 404 error page, etc). In a sentence: you have total control over where you display your sidebars.


We’re not done with nifty features yet. We wanted to make widgets really user-friendly, so the framework now allows you to add a widget wherever you want in your site, just by using a simple shortcode.

News & Promos Section

You can stay up-to-date with our development, freebies, free plugins, and get the latest news and promos from this new section implemented directly into your WordPress admin.

WordPress admin style

We were not happy with WordPress’ default admin look, so we’ve created one of our own. Now all our themes come with this new style enabled by default, but you can always revert to the original version anytime you want … we doubt that you will, though.

100% Control

Everyone likes to be in total control of their site. And with the new framework you are… Through hooks, actions and filters without the need of editing our files. Of course, this should be used by programmers and users that have extensive knowledge on how hooks and filters work. More info on the WordPress.org website.

That being said, I hope you’ll find all the features we’ve added helpful and as awesome as we do. We have already started to discuss our next steps in terms of framework updates. It’s gonna be an exciting 2012, that’s for sure. We’ll keep you all in the loop. Cheers.


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  1. Alejandro Carrillo 6th March 2012

    Congrats! this look's great!

  2. Jason 6th March 2012

    This is great news. I love your themes and am looking forward to seeing these changes. Any timeframe for updating "Clean Classy Corporate"? I have been thinking of using this theme on a new site, but I might wait if it will be updated soon, especially if you add shortcodes to it. Keep up the good work guys!

    • Hey Jason, Thanks a lot for your kind words. Regarding the C3 update to the new framework, think it will be further down the line as we decided to start with the latest releases first. Now that you mention it, we've been thinking of adding shortcodes to C3 for a while and maybe this is the best time to do that. We'll see, can't promise anything. Cheers.

  3. Really good update! Congrats, i hope the Real Estate theme releases soon with this admin!

    • Thanks buddy. The HomeQuest theme is in the works as we speak, but we can't put a date on it right now as we still work on some challenging parts (filtering and search) and this will take a while. It's safe to say that we'll launch another if not two other themes before the Real Estate one. Cheers.

  4. This looks great. Is it possible for users like myself to upgrade to the new framework? Just purchased envision a couple weeks ago and love it.

    • Thanks Nevin. Sure you will be able to upgrade to the new framework, it ill involve some work on your part though. We've made significant improvements and modifications to the core of our framework, so upgrading will not be made only clicking a button. (Envision is almost ready to be released on the new framework, so if you didn't start working on your website yet, I'd advise you to wait a couple of days more to work on the updated version) Cheers.

  5. Micke 7th March 2012

    Just bought your sportedge theme and working on it. Important question of them all: Will the currents themes be upgradeable?????

    • The framework supported a lot of modifications to the core files. You will be able to update the theme, but will involve some work on your part. Of course we'll still support the old framework, you just need to send a ticket to our support team if you choose not to upgrade, no worries about that.

  6. Gary 8th March 2012

    Looks like a great update to an already excellent framework. Wondering if Writer will be one of the early releases?

  7. When will brand crafters be updated to the latest framework. I am about to start work on customizing it for my blog.

  8. BoHappy 12th March 2012

    thanks Dragos thats great news when will the medica theme be updated i purchase it 2 weeks ago but did not see the update option

    • Hey BoHappy :) Actually, when I was working on the new framework, the Medica theme was my development theme, so this theme is already ported to the new framework. Though, I am not sure about when exactly it will be available for download... You should probably write an email to our support staff.

  9. BoHappy 17th March 2012

    thanks for responding Dragos your medica theme looked different than mine hopefully the new framework will be available soon i will contact support to hear the status

  10. Agnes 29th March 2012

    It looks liek a great upgrade! I have bought Life & Style 2 months ago and am just starting to customize it. Should I (and how) use that framework upgrade?

    • Hey Agnes, Indeed awesome it is :) Well, things are pretty hectic right now at ThemeFuse, we have to launch new themes, rewrite old ones to work on the new framework, so, unfortunately, we cannot tell you right now when Life & Style will be rewritten on the new framework. But it definitely will be. Moreover, this is not going to happen in a framework upgrade. There are just too many improvements in the new framework, that differ totally from the old framework, so making an easy update to the theme will not be possible. The theme will come as a different Life & Style theme, call it Life & Style v2 :) Anyway, you could customize your current copy of Life & Style. And when Life & Style 2 is available, it will be easier to customize that theme, based on the customizations you already have. Regards, Dragos

  11. Nathan Jones 16th June 2012

    Not seeing the update. Is there another link to get the files?

  12. Hi, I like your Welcome Inn theme and I consider to buy it ofr a customer. I haven't seen the exact date for the new update. Do you have an idea if it will be soon? I just try t figure out whether to wait a little bit or not. Thank you, Lenia

  13. kalouzoi 17th October 2012

    can someone tell me how can i upgrade to the new framework?

  14. jamesk2012 9th December 2012

    Hi Dragos Do you have plans to incorporate WPML into the framework? James

  15. chrismccoy 20th December 2012

    can we use this framework on our own themes? or do you plan on releasing a plugin which does the shortcode generator?

  16. congerchris 17th February 2013

    Hello, Great work on all your themes! Could you give an example or two on what changes the new framework will do to Sportedge? I am curious if the work is worth the update currently. Thank you

  17. bfagargun 23rd February 2013

    Same with cengerchris. I'm using sportedge too and I'm curious if it's worth to update.

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