We have decided to present you this time two hostings that come from a different type of companies and might have different target groups. However, if you look closer, both of them invest in basic features that any client would require. You get any of this for your hosting and you have good to best loading times. You choose in both of them – reliable support. And in the end, you choose by getting what you pay for.


a2 hosting vs mdd hosting


Thus, let us see a more detailed analysis of A2 and MDD Hostings.

A2 – Investment In Quality

Not so much known among new users, A2 Hosting makes an impression the moment you sign up for it. They might not invest in the advertisement, but they surely invest in quality. Especially the speed quality, beating easily names like BlueHost or HostGator.


PERFORMANCE. Their fast performing servers compared to the competitors, perform great, according to A2 company owners. And the users praise and back it up. Maybe the reason A2 has three data centres around the world, covering the USA from Michigan, Europe from Amsterdam and Asia from Singapore plays a big deal in the great performance of the servers. Maybe the fact that they limit the number of websites on a server plays an important role too. Anyway, that only means that if your website is given in A2’s hands, your website will always open its pages fast. Loading time translates into numbers: 473ms.

GURU SUPPORT is when they give you 10 out of 10 points for a specific activity. Guru support is when someone gets a problem, takes the phone/accesses the emails and the problem is instantly solved. Better than this would only be not having a problem, but you cannot put up with technology. Friendly, helpful, fast – is only a few of the epithets A2 Company gets when talking about support. 24/7 and 365 days per year through any possible means of communication – chat, phone, email. No wonder they get the A+ rating from accrediting bodies in the last years.

99.92% UPTIME. Uptime plays a pretty nice advantage when talking about server’s functioning. And we are well aware of the fact that uptime is the continuous performing time of a server. Your website’s functionality is based on a server’s work, thus it is number one feature you need to consider. No server can brag about 100% work within a 12-month work, however, the higher you get up 99% in a fraction, the better.

SECURITY. The hosting provides security in terms of implementing specific programs that keep holding back the viruses. This is a firewall that is vigilant 24/7, monitoring for outbound threats. The Company uses HackScan, and although other hostings provide something close to it, there is a difference in approach towards clients. With other hostings, you need to monitor it yourself. With A2, you do your work for the business, they do theirs, providing security.

FREE WEBSITE MIGRATION. Let’s face it: no one likes you to leave their services. No one is willing to wave you goodbye with a smile on the face when you’re out of their client list. A2, however, has decided to not make enemies out of former clients, who decide to move on. They help you migrate your website to the new hosting if they also use cPanel. Migration is a know-how process, not that easy for a good website, and A2 does it as painless as possible. Moreover, they do it for FREE.

FREE FEATURES AND GUARANTEE. A2 is CMS compatible. Whether you use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or related management systems, A2 offers you the possibility to install them easy and fast. Moreover, one of the packages includes an optimized pre-installed plug-in for WordPress that

30 days Guarantee says you get your full refund if you’re not pleased with the services during the specified period. However, setup fees and related expenditures will not be refunded, as a general common policy.

GREENHOUSE HOSTING. A2, like a couple of other hosting companies – HostGator, iPage – has its face oriented towards the global warming and human active participation in it. Thus, in order help avoiding pollution, A2 became an active partner with Carbonfund.org. This translates into clients’ impact too: if they are interested in saving this planet in any possible way, using A2 services means participating in the good cause. They collaborate towards a less polluted environment by using carbon neutral servers, purchasing carbon offsets, reducing the emission of gases. It also includes restoring forests. If that wasn’t enough to convince you of their interest in Greenhouse project, see this: they allow their employees to work remotely to avoid CO2 emissions.

a2hosting review vs. mdd hosting


PRICES are higher than the average of any other hosting, and that might be the pay for the benefits which are charged fairly. It has packages, as low as possible, guaranteeing you as their client in the long-term collaboration. The cheapest would go for almost 4 Dollars for a 24-month deal. They change for higher when you want no strings attached. But, always check for discount coupons, you can always pre-negotiate this way a better deal.

RESTRICTIVENESS FOR CHEAP PLANS persists and no wonder, if taking into account the offer generally. The Lite plan allows only one website on the hosting and only 5 databases. You still get a good speed, however, if you want turbo fast, you need to choose turbo package for that. This is when your website travels as fast as the light, but you should prepare your wallet for that option.

MDD Hosting – Honest and Blunt

Called boutique hosting for reasons like recent founded and smaller in clientele, MDD claims the best speed and awesome service as part of their package. They are being honest and blunt in also maintaining novelty in their services, as young industry company often do.  However, a hosting company should have certain services they deliver greatly, and these are uptime, speed and support. Does MDD do it right?

Let’s see the peculiarities of this MDD Hosting.


LOADING TIME. They started averagely with loading times, yes. However, a newbie in the industry, thirsty to learn, they did better over time. Increasing their loading speed is just one side of improvements we talk about. They also use the LiteSpeed server software, which draws 9 times faster results and processes the activity 50% faster. For a shared server these are great results, taking into account the limited resources shared hostings offers.

TREMENDOUS CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We got a standard package when talking about the support methods (phone, email, tickets) at first sight. Not much of instant chat, true. However, the fast response to tickets impressed us. It may be considered in the top 3 for the support they offer, having an efficient and high mark for solving situation we got when contacting the support team. Should we also mention that their technical support executives answer inquiries just like any other staff of their team?

DAILY BACKUPS are done in order to ensure that no wrong comes unexpected and no crush is equal to losses to the hosted websites. These save the date for 7 days that can be always restored by using the cPanel. And once they got a super supportive team, it means your peaceful sleep at night no matter what happens.

WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. Internal joke for MDD users, who claim what we have mentioned in the beginning – honestly and bluntly they give what they have promised in their offer description. Good for money interest, since they do not change anything extra. No limited options unless it is the cheapest plan where they write it down. Otherwise, poor or rich, good plan or expensive plan – they all have a pack of similar features.

With MDD you get unlimited domains, sub-domains, databases, emails. Also, there is not much difference between a month-sign-up compared to a year-sign-up (the small fee difference for a shorter period is not even worth mentioning).

FREE AND EASY MIGRATION. If you come to them from other hostings, they make the process easy and painless. Thus, you don’t even notice how you end up with a new hosting. But if you ever decide to leave, that is going to be easy too. Well, just like A2, MDD offers you freedom if you don’t feel well in their house (with their services). They help you relocate and wave you friendly goodbye.

They offer the ordinary 30-DAY MONEY GUARANTEE for those who want to try it first and decide later. Later, in terms of 30 days, one can move to the next hosting, interrupt the deal and get money back. No special offer, but still nice to have a chance to change your mind.

GOOD UPTIME. Feels like the funds they get in business are invested well in improving certain areas. One of them is of course uptime and maintenance. No major falls within the 12 months we have been recording the feature. Not brilliant as other companies, but a very decent for a shared hosting.

mdd hosting review vs a2 hosting


PRICE VS OFFER. Being bluntly sincere about the offers has its negative sides too: no pleasant surprises. Since MDD promises good but not best Uptime, this is what you will actually get. And when you compare that to the price that you pay – let’s be frank, not the lowest in the industry – you might feel a thread of remorse.

Cause with lowest plan price for basic, a shared hosting, this might look expensive. So please take that into account if you still sign up for the hosting.

LIMITED EMAILS option might bother someone who uses email as a primer communication mean for their business (and we’re talking about 2,000 emails/day). There is an explanation to that since the huge number of the outbound emails put in danger the whole server that can be blacklisted and more vulnerable to spam. Thus, it depends entirely on your needs. If email is important, have a good thought about this disadvantage, it might be crucial.


Why opt for A2 Hosting? While many other webhosting are bright lights in the advertisement in the industry, A2 comes up quietly through its performance. They come up with best uptimes and speed to a number of other benefits like their highly recommendable customer support. So maybe it would be your fit?

On the other hand, the MDD Hosting comes with not so many disadvantages compared to A2.  Yet, not so brilliant advantages either. With a hosting like that, quite new and not so well known, you might not get the problems of big companies alongside with their benefits. They offer a limited package of options, but all necessary for a hosting plan for a website. Thus if you feel that you might want to start learning about how one hosts their website with minimum information and features, maybe MDD would be perfect for you.

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