We all want our WordPress websites to look and function impeccably, and we, therefore, put a lot of effort into designing the best website ever. Nevertheless, we need tools and resources that can help us test our design, and see whether it works the way we’ve imagined it.

You have to make a number of practical decisions, such as placing navigation, attaching effective imagery, or moving CTA to the side for easier spinning, and in order to make sure they are functioning effectively, you should employ some A/B testing and gather some concrete evidence to draw out the best practices that would drive and keep visitors on your website.

AB Testing web design and development testing metodology

A/B testing compares two web pages or specific elements on those pages to choose the one that performs better.

Doing A/B testing, you can easily make the best page decisions, and collect all data that is necessary to understand how specific modifications affect the conversions and overall traffic on your website. You will no longer be required to do any guessing to as how to optimize your website, and base its performance on a reasonable concept that converts every tweak into a lead generation strategy.

You can choose any of these A/B testing types you believe would be most useful for your website:

  • Split testing: Pretty simple and fast testing of separate page elements to their alternate versions in order to choose the one that performs better.
  • Multivariate testing: A complex version of split testing that involves several elements and compares them to each other in order to arrive at the ideal combination of widgets that complies with the objectives of your website.
  • Experimental testing: Involves a variety of technical test suppose to delve into the crannies of your pages and detects irregularities in your elements’ functioning you weren’t aware of.

There are many reasons why you should do A/B testing, even when convinced of the impeccable functioning of your website. A/B testing perfects both the design and function of your web pages and distinguishes practices that work from the ones that don’t.

There are several important practices A/B testing can help you with

  • Making informed business decisions
  • Improving the quality of your marketing campaigns
  • Improving the functioning of your website
  • Boosting conversions and revenue rates


Title Experiments Free


This is one of the simplest, yet most powerful plugin for A/B testing which you can purchase for free. You can use it to compare page titles, and select the ones that will drive the most attention and conversions to your website, and improve your overall click-through rate.

Advanced users should consider also the premium version of this product called WP Experiments Pro, which tests titles in a more advanced way, namely providing features such as support, accurate statistics, and experiment freezing. The plugin is quite affordable, and you can purchase it for $29.99 per year.



Omniconvert intends to improve your website’s functionality more than its aesthetics and uses thereof a number of banner messages and surveys to suggest solutions that would engage your audience. If you have as much as 10, 000 visitors per month, you can use Omnicovert for free: simply register on their website, download the plugin, and use the tracking code to test any element that is relevant to you.

The main feature of this plugin is its WYSIWYG editor, empowered with a statistical relevance calculator, custom goals, multi-variation testing, and reporting. These features, the same as the popup banners, online surveys, and advanced segmentation, are also available in the premium version of this plugin designed for greater traffic and more conversions.

Simple Page Tester


This is another free-of-charge plugin you should keep in the loop, all because it enables A/B testing directly within your website. Select the element variations you want to test, run the plugin, and select the best option based on the information displayed. This plugin offers also an SEO optimized premium version which tracks conversions and does analytics.

WordPress Calls to Action


WordPress Calls to Action is the ideal plugin you should use to add CTAs to the website and test the conversion rate for each of them. Thanks to it, you can track conversion easily, conduct basic and multivariate A/B testing, and create amazing site CTAs to generate more leads.

This plugin doesn’t have a premium version, but you can extend it with a variety of filters, actions, and hooks for professional developers.

Nelio A/B Testing


Nelio A/B Testing is one of the leading optimization plugins that track website conversions, conduct A/B experiments, and offers outstanding Heatmaps which detect the most popular areas of your website. You can use it to test product descriptions, titles, images, conversion actions, and much more. As a matter of fact, Nelio allows you to examine CSS, widgets, landing pages, menus, and custom post types and can be used together with contact form plugins (Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms) to offload testing to external processors and protect your websites impeccable loading times. Nelio might act natively when applied on WordPress but will still create some serious burden for your server when handling data calculation. You can install it easily, and arrive at winning results in less than no time.



Rather than a plugin, Optimizely is a detailed suite of testing facilitators thanks to which you can build amazing websites and target the best audience for their desktop and mobile versions. As you will discover, Optimizely bursts with active A/B testing services, and it is one of the currently most praised conversion optimizers. It allows you to configure both multivariate and multipage tests, either for free using their Starter package or for $49 using the Per pay go one. The company offers even enterprise pricing tailored to your viewer counts and requests.

Visual Website Optimizer


If you’re looking for top-notch testing and are willing to spend as much as it takes for optimization, keep Visual Website Optimizer on the radar. This plugin tests several versions of your website continuously and without being triggered but doesn’t compromise the quality of your content delivery. You can use it to test split URLs, select user feedback, analyze landing pages and heat maps, or adjust support to your visitor’s type. It is probably the only plugin that considers all important metrics at once and reports based on them.

SES Theme Split Test


So far, we didn’t mention one of the most important tests each WordPress user should perform, namely to compare several themes and templates and decide which one is the best for their customers. It is particularly handy for websites that use multiple themes, but don’t really have a suitable approach to combine them. SES Theme Split Test makes this easy due to its flawless integration with Google Analytics, which means users won’t have to import data for testing, but simply run their plugin to get the job done.

Best blogs for conversions and A/B testing you should follow

Creating the perfect website is never easy, and unless you read more and pull out your community’s best practices, you’ll probably find yourself obliged to hire an expensive provider of testing services to make decisions instead of you. For the purpose, we’ve listed some of the best A/B testing blogs and conversion good reads you should follow to keep your website in a good condition:



Summing up, A/B testing helps you compare different versions of your website’s elements, or even entire themes and pages. You should perform it regularly to attract more customers, boost conversions, and sell more because it helps you distinguish great practices from average ones. In the simplest scenario, A/B tests reveal what is working and what is not.

The complexity of your A/B testing process will depend on the goal you want to achieve: boosting sales, for instance, is more difficult than collecting signups, and therefore requires more throughout testing and a premium plugin which will test the website’s functionality on a regular basis.

Still, don’t expect it to miraculously improve your website’s poor performance – what A/B testing does is to reveal what you’re doing wrong, but you will still need to handle the heavy lifting to streamline the website’s functionality. This doesn’t mean, however, that testing won’t help you have an amazing website: sometimes, online retailers who experiment end up recording extreme sales lift, and the same may happen to you too!

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