.If looking to make money online, you should definitely consider affiliate marketing as one of the leading strategies. Affiliate marketing refers to linking your content to other vendors’ products, services, or online offers. In such way, you can earn a commission for all customers referred from your website. You can easily use Affiliate Themes for WordPress to create one.

How to build an affiliate website using WordPress? These marketing strategies won’t absolutely require you to build your own affiliate website; as such links are easily embedded on themes and sites you already have in place. Nevertheless, we always recommend affiliate-friendly themes as more suitable options, as there you can publish better-looking and more professional reviews.

Affiliate Themes for WordPress are best known for their reviews which can be used to underline both the good and bad aspects of each product. Also many other credible and appealing features such as star ratings, product/service comparisons, galleries with images and videos can be attached.

Top affiliate themes with also provide users with numerous customization options and controls, premium plugins, and fully responsive designs. In most cases, they will belong to a multi-theme suite by a popular provider. So, in case you have more options available, try them out.

Which is the best Affiliate Themes for WordPress for affiliate marketing? The answer to this question will depend on what you need, but you can always check our top 2017 suggestions. And of course, you can consider them for your affiliate website:


Admania is one of the world’s most popular ad-optimized themes for WordPress. It was designed specifically for Adsense users looking to boost their CRT (click-through rates) and make more money from affiliate marketing. The theme comes with 5 impressive template layouts. Here you can distribute ads in high-conversion areas, and make sure the audience doesn’t miss any of them. Admania also offers a speed optimization function which will make sure your loading times are always up to expectations.


REHub is another popular hybrid theme developed for modern marketers. It covers a variety of business models, and is thus applicable to a variety of profitable sites. The best thing about it is that you can to configure each part separately. Then, you can make unique combinations for your brand new website.


Professional WordPress users coming from creative industries such as fashion, IT, traveling, photography, and so on, should definitely consider CrazyBlog as a suitable option. The marketing-friendly WordPress template is, in fact, an optimized ad machine. Why? Because where you can build promotional magazines in different niches (fashion, literature, sports, cosmetics, healthcare, cars, and much more).


Comre is one more smart alternative for WordPress users to provide visitors with promotional coupons and codes for their online purchases. In fact, Comre helps transform your WP website into an online shop. It was developed using one of WP’s leading eCommerce plugins Woocommerce.


Sun is a very detailed masonry grid template whose ajax filtering can’t be compared to any similar theme. Developed for blogs, this rich and beautiful template gives users the chance to represent their style. With Sun you can convey the desired visual message to your visitors.


Despite being one of WP’s ‘heaviest’ multiresponsive themes, Affiliate has an impeccable responsiveness. Backed up by a strong redux framework, Affiliate combines creative styles, business & corporate portfolios, and powerful technology to ensure all users’ needs are properly met.

Price Compare

As indicated by the name, Price Comparison helps compare the prices established by different web businesses. It is also a WP solution that accepts streamlined integration and hassle-free performance.


Recent is indeed a young WordPress theme.  It can best serve blogs and web magazines. Its coders worked with performance in the first plan, and thus enabled end users to make money via advertising posts, product menus, and different dynamic sections contacting affiliate links. Recent attracts attention with its elegant, yet modern interface, and unobstructed layout responsiveness.


Boombox is predominantly a web magazine theme, but its high-profile design and notably flexible layout make it possible to use it for many different purposes. Once you start working with Boombox, you will immediately observe the variety of viral snacks, listicles, populate news, quizzes, polls and up/down voting systems, thanks to which you will grow your users’ community and monetize your ads in less than no time.


If you’re running an editorial website or a news blog/magazine, Voice is one of the best themes you could select to monetize your activity. The integration with WooCommerce make it posible to meet all web store requires.  Because it relies on bbPress, you can also spread the good voice on social networks, and build a strong community.

New York

There is no blogger out there who will not like the New York theme. Minimal, responsive, and freed from any clutter, the theme allows users to share content in a comprehensive and engaging way. It eliminates all fancy bells and annoying whistles. The theme takes literally no time to install or learn.


We consider it a magazine-styled premium WP theme for profit hunters. Currently some of the leading names in the editorial industry use it. You can use it to promote and offer affiliate links to technology-related content, entertainment, or products/services with some great reviews.


CouponXL collates all possible coupon and discount solutions for WordPress. It serves affiliate websites. Especially where content relates to popular online retailers. The vendor can utilize the very same theme to offer his deals. You can display just about the same discounts and coupons with it.


KUPON Daily Deals is another coupon and discount template. It works best for marketers looking to sell day-by-day. It has several years of experience in the industry, and well-earned reputation of a top provider. Which is why we recommend it to professional proprietors who give stability and extensibility advantage over price.


For those looking for luxury solutions that look nothing alike the usual minimal and simplified magazines, there is Wide. The user gets to choose between a variety of eye-delighting layouts. Then he can combine those in any elegant combination that would be suitable for his blog. Another important advantage of this theme is the impeccable functionality each business will appreciate.


For those in the rush to launch their digital products, or to hit off the promotion of their service, we suggest One. This easily customizable and memorable WP landing theme. It is ideal to shed a good light on your product in front of your target audience. You will also appreciate its streamlined MailChimp integration and the bootstrap technology used.


Applique is a top choice for stylish and up-to-date publishers looking to exchange fashion-related content. The theme is elegant, simplified, and comes with an absolutely clean code. Thus t is usable even by inexperienced bloggers with no IT knowledge.


Buggy – another sophisticated WP theme. It works for minimalist blogs and magazines that give end visitors a unique experience to remember. Modern looks, nevertheless, are not the only thing to appreciate about this theme – inside you will find a surprisingly large base of elegant layout combinations and functionalities that can work for virtually any type of website.


If looking to design your first professional-edge blog and earn money from it, to choose Throne would be a smart course of action. The theme will also work for corporate blogs and websites, magazines and creative editorials, and authoritative blogs.


SeaShell combines the best of WP developers’ experience, and represents the perfect theme for affectionate bloggers of different niches. It works well for creative agencies and active internet marketers.


Markety comes as a SEO-optimized WordPress theme for digital marketers where they can also include their financial services. Here you can use a variety of internet marketing methods to improve conversion rates.


Compare is a premium choice for powerful and professional price comparison. That’s why it will impress you with cool widgets and custom options. The theme will make your website look much more professional as you’re listing products or attaching affiliate links. It can cover two scenarios: generating product commissions, or monetizing product fees. Thus, it will work just fine for Internet entrepreneurship, high profile blogging, or retail purposes.


Stored works hand by hand with Cart66 (a popular eCommerce plugin), and helps transform even the simplest website into a fully-functional e-store. Using it, you will find it easy to promote content and make more sales in less than no time.


Rydon has not yet been surpassed as a prime time choice for video content websites. It  is because it is developed on the basis of the True Mag theme. Thus it offers all of its magnificent, one of a kind video features. It will suit well news and entertainment websites, games, music, or movie platforms.


Gamez is here to please game developers and owners of movie/music review websites. This is a very simple and easy-to-install theme. It provides an array of options for preparing appealing reviews and positioning valuable affiliate links.


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