How To’s & Tutorials An introduction to cloud web hosting and how it can help your website


Cloud server hosting is very popular nowadays, and providers are struggling to make the best offers and to attract attention. There is no way you won’t be offered cloud software when looking for reliable hosting, and there is a good reason for that. Despite being relatively young, this trend is spreading with rocket speed, and soon there will be no host that doesn’t recommend it as an option.

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How To’s & Tutorials How to increase blog traffic in minutes


It happens to everyone, even the best of them. They publish plenty of blog posts, to try to prove their audience that they’re taking their jobs seriously. However, even besides that, their traffic is much lower than they’d like it to be.There is one secret to instant website traffic, though. You need to do what the others are not doing, or what they’re not willing to do yet.

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How To’s & Tutorials How to Design a Good Email Newsletter to Encourage Customer Engagement


For every business, the key to succeeding is to attract more customers, and using the email newsletters is a great way to directly contact them. The email newsletters can range from extremely simple with a single link that will lead to some activity or new webpage of the business, to slightly more complex with a collection of discounts or arrival of new products.

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