Human behaviour and perception can be profoundly influenced by colours. According to colour psychology, a black background in graphic design suggests sophistication, elegance, and value. It comes as no surprise that luxury brands deliberately choose black as a base colour to communicate glamour and exclusivity.

Although a vast majority of websites use mostly light colour schemes, sometimes dark themes are best suited. And there is no shortage of stunning examples of dark beauties in web design. Have a look at this impressive Apple Mac Pro one-pager: class and style at their finest.

Are you looking to showcase your bold and daring project? Do you need a dark theme website design with a sleek and modern look?

Choose from a hand-picked selection of some the best dark WordPress themes in 2018 to tap into the power of darkness.


best dark wordpress themes 2018

Awesome travel WP Theme stylish and elegant will conquer with its neat and rich design. It is a highly customizable travelling website template that can be used by any travel agency or tour operators. Being part of a massive multipurpose WP Theme, Pathfinder can be easily transformed in any niche you just need.


dark wp themes 2018

Prestige has an impressive collection of 300 dark theme skins, as well as 100 light skins. This highly customizable theme offers a collection of ready-to-use dark designs ranging from classic and elegant to modern and stylish.

The Luxury

dark luxury wp themes

As the title suggests, The Luxury is one of the best black WordPress themes for featuring luxury products, such as high-end watches, bags, jewellery, or even cars and resorts. Its dark version is a great example of an elegant black and gold WordPress theme.


black shopping wp theme

XStore is a WooCommerce theme with over 70 good-to-go shops, including a professionally-looking selection of dark responsive website templates for restaurants, computer games, high-end salons, clothes, corporate services, and more. Packed with 250+ premium plugins, XStore is an excellent premium dark WordPress theme for those who are serious about selling.


wordpress dark theme

Lumos is a multi-page responsive WordPress theme offering a variety of layouts with an almost-black or black background. The moody dark designs with a splash of pastel colours, such as dark khaki are perfect for photographers. If you need a black WordPress theme to showcase your work with a little bit more drama, check out the Lumos black web templates.

Music Pro

black and white wp theme

Music Pro is possibly the coolest of all black WordPress themes for musicians, record labels, bands, and even music magazines. Fully customizable and responsive, completed with a playlists manager, music store and discography pages, Music pro is a neat choice for musicians looking to impress their fans with a modern-feeling signature-style dark website.


black background wp themes

Are you looking for something fresh? Like 2018 fresh? Check out Thecs, one of the new WordPress themes with a black background. The golden yellow elements are contrasting the dark backdrop, producing a bold and dramatic effect.


archi darken wp theme

Archi is a WordPress theme with both dark and light versions, intended for businesses and experts specializing in interior design. With multiple layouts to choose from, the dark responsive website templates included in the Archi theme are perfect for those who are not afraid to stand out. The orange highlights scattered on the deep dark background immediately capture the eye with a hint of luxury and style.



best wp dark themes

North is a clean and professionally-looking white, black and red WordPress theme designed for creative studios and agencies. If you are looking for a modern, bold and fully responsive parallax single-page website with crimson red accents, take a look at North One Page Parallax Theme.


dark wp template 2018

The black colour website templates included with the Skrollex theme are intended for those who need a sophisticated dark platform with the occasional splash of neutral colours, to demonstrate their creative talent. If you want an impressive resume, portfolio or would like to present your services in style, check out the Skrollex dark website templates.



wp theme - dark

Invention offers great dark WordPress Demo template for businesses that need a clean and simple responsive corporate website. With both one-page and multiple page versions, the Invention dark templates combine dark grey hues with red elements to show off a serious, no-nonsense attitude.



best black wp template

Appsperia is a beautiful landing page designed to boost mobile app sales. The web template comes with 4 dark colour schemes with 4 different vibrant accent colours, enticing users to click: red, green, blue and orange. Appsperia is a splendid choice of a professionally designed landing page for a travel, food, gaming or creative app.

Coral Dark

Coral Dark is a responsive black and white WordPress theme that you can download for free. The theme includes two basic layouts and a built-in slideshow. Further customization of this minimalist black WordPress theme is available in the Pro version.


wp dark theme wordpress

Pique is a one-page scrolling free dark WordPress theme. The template includes alternating almost-black and dark blue sections and is designed for lean small businesses that need a simple, but effective web presence.


dark black wp theme

Hitchcock is a popular free dark WordPress theme, updated in 2018. It is a minimal portfolio template intended for photographers and designers who want to show off their creative work.



dark responsive website templates

SKT BeFit is a simple and flexible black website template that can be downloaded for free. With its combination of a dramatic black background and highly contrasting energetic orange design elements, SKT BeFit is a solid free black WordPress theme for gyms, fitness experts, health clubs, and sports trainers.


black theme website template

Xone is an elegant and modern one-page website template that includes both a light and a dark colour scheme. The almost-black background of the retina-ready dark template is perfect for a colourful portfolio meant to stand out.

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