Nowadays, businesses rely significantly on attractive websites where customers would familiarize with their activities and contact them upon need. It is very likely that without the appropriate website, many customers would neglect the company and the services/products it offers, which makes it imperative for it to create a website with WordPress or a similar CMS platform, and give your customers what they really need.

WordPress is nice as it offers great deployment flexibility – the user can host it locally or in the cloud. There are pros and cons related to both options, but the bottom line remains the same: small and developing businesses need a website to help them grow and acquire customers.

From the perspective of a small business, it may be a good idea to choose the hosted WordPress version, so that they’ll have a trusted partner handling the back-end technicalities for them. As the business grows, however, its needs expand, and the hosted version starts looking too restricted or customization-unfriendly. If you’re also considering a hosted WordPress website, you should know about the following limitations:

  • You won’t be able to change how your website looks or feels – the theme looks as it does, and nothing on it can be altered (check these mistakes designers do for small business websites!)
  • Functionality can’t be expanded either – most themes work with a collection of carefully selected plugins, which makes it impossible to install the ones you need.
  • You have no access to the codes running your website, and cannot thereof customize its functionality.

But what if we told you there is a WordPress plugin for business websites tailored to cater to all corporate needs? Better yet, there are few of them you should know about, as you get to use them regardless of how your website looks:


OptinMonster is currently the hottest trend in conversion rate optimization, thanks to which companies collect the emails of abandoning visitors, and turn them into subscribers. Every expert out there will tell you this is a must-have system for those looking to grow their customer base.


But let’s not forget that the purpose of WordPress websites is foremost to let customers reach you anytime they want, and that makes installing a contact form plugin compulsory. The market’s top performer is WPForms, known as an easy and intuitive tool that develops beautiful web forms for contact, payment, or subscription with only a few clicks.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Another thing every business needs is a business intelligence system for data analytics, where the leader is Google Analytics. The software localizes and compares visitors, and tracks their activity on your website to extract best practices and to improve your ROI rates.

Constant Contact

If you’re looking for email marketing services, you must consider Constant Contract to manage your current and prospective subscribers.

The same as WPForms, this service is beginner-friendly, fast, and easy to install, and offers diverse signup forms and authentication options.

Contact Form 7

Speaking of content form plugins we can’t skip even Contact Form 7, which makes it easy for customers to contact you round-the-clock, but also leave comments and participate in dialogues that would add value to your marketing strategy. Currently, Contact Form 7 has over a million satisfied users and qualifies as one of the most popular WP plugins so far.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO was and remains the most popular WP plugin of all times. It is used to optimize content for SERP purposes, which is why it provides a fully configured checklist of best practices your posts are expected to comply with. Some of its impressive features are sitemaps, RSS optimization, custom Meta descriptions, and much more.

If you don’t consider WordPress speed in time, you’ll very likely be reminded of it the bad way. Speed is among the most important SEO factors for every website, as the faster pages load on that site, the higher it will rank on Google and the more conversions it will attract.

W3 Total Cache

There are many manual hints owners use to accelerate loading, but having a plugin for the purpose is the best guarantee you want fall way behind the competition.

The plugin’s name is W3 Total Cache, used to cache files visitors are trying to open and to reduce the server load that slows websites down. As can be seen from satisfied users, W3 ensures both better user experience and higher SERP ranking.

WP Rocket

Obviously, some businesses will find it handier to combine all of these functions in a single tool, and we recommend them to consider WP Rocket. This plugin is incredibly rich with features, among which:
• Browser caching
• Page caching
• Image optimization
• Lazy Load
• Minification
• GZIP compression
• Flawless integration with CloudFlare and other free CDN solutions.

With WP Rocket in place, all speed and content optimization functionality will be in place, and customers will be happy with the service you’re providing them.

Insert Headers and Footers

Another task that will impose itself with the time is the need to optimize WP headers and footers with code snippets, a risky task that can cause serious problems with standard WP themes and templates. In order to skip causing a mess, try Insert Headers and Footer to add code snippets where needed, and edit you theme files rapidly and accurately.

iThemes Security

Now, let’s pay a little bit of attention to businesses looking to build sustainable websites that can handle dramatic changes in traffic.

Their first priority will probably be to close gaps and tackle security vulnerabilities, for the purpose of which they would even scarify some of the glorious looks modern WordPress themes provide.

While it is true that a security breach may not end up with someone misusing sensitive data, it will almost certainly affect the way customers look at your brand’s reputation.

This means that all WordPress websites need a quality security plugin. Our recommendation is iThemes Security which offers security against common braches and brute hacker attacks.

What iThemes Security does is to secure and reinforce your passwords, hide your login pages to lock unwanted visitors out, and regulates roles in a way which will allow the admin to decide who can change or use the files stored in the system.


From a security perspective, companies should also take care of their data backup, instead of remembering this problem only once it has been lost. With the appropriate backup plugin such as Automattic’s VaultPress, they will be able to restore data in only a few minutes regardless of what had happened to it.

Ending thoughts

It is exactly the versatility of plugins and add-ons that make WordPress ideal for business websites, be those brand new ones or such you will migrate to acquire external hosting.

While designing this platform, programmers considered extending its core functions for business purposes, which is how we dare to claim there is no e-commerce feature that cannot be added to it. As specific as your business needs may be, WordPress will have a solution for them.

Looking for some of the best business WordPress themes?


Architekt is one of the most popular premium business WordPress themes designed exclusively for corporate websites in need of a stylish and refined touch.
Its flexibility will allow you to modify each element directly from the admin panel, namely replace backgrounds, change colors, or further customize it with only a few clicks.

The Advisors

Advisors is one of the greatest small business WordPress themes that suit every business, agency, or corporation. All necessary functionalities and features are already included, and the template can respond to diverse professional and consulting services. Large businesses will also find it easy to use, due to its professional appearance and multiple customization options.

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