Businesses and organizations collecting common data can benefit significantly from web forms, as such gather all relevant visitor information, including email addresses, surveys, membership registrations, feedback, and much more. This is why most websites nowadays include at least a humble website contact form.

WP contact forms make it possible for visitors to type in short and quick messages and be responded the way they prefer. The email is then directed to the website’s database, and the visitor is satisfied with the clean, neat, and friendly interface that made it easy for him to contact you.

When choosing a contact form for WordPress, check whether there is already one embedded in your theme. In case there is not, you should consider using a plugin to add some of your own, personalize it and tailor its looks, and gain complete control over the fields it will contain.

But which is the best contact form for WordPress? Let’s check:

Kali Forms

Kali Forms is a very powerful & user-friendly WordPress contact form plugin. You can start from scratch with their easy-to-use drag & drop builder or build a form from predesigned templates in just a few clicks…

We like that is makes it easy to create powerful contact forms, payment forms, feedback forms and more for your website without the hassle.

As you know, building forms can take time, which is something we all never have enough of. So to make the form creation experience even easier and more efficient, Kali Forms comes with built-in form templates which you can use if you don’t want to start from scratch!


WPForms is the WP plugin you should consider if you’re just starting with your website. The reason is that it allows creating web forms with only a few drags-and-drops, which is how even the least savvy users get to create amazing forms.

The plugin is free, but there is also a paid premium version thanks to which you can extend the functionality of your form, use business-specific conditional logic, build payment and multi-page forms, govern subscriptions, and much more.

The plugin is really popular among WP users, which is why it won’t be difficult for you to find tutorials, guides, and documentations to help you make the most of it.

What you will also like about WPForms are the many exclusive features that accompany its clean and neat interface, and that handy drag-and-drop mechanism used to make new forms or improve old ones. Inside the plugin’s directory, you will also find a number of cool prebuilt templates to accelerate forms creation.

All this being said, WPForms combines in a perfect way the power and user-friendliness that would make your contact form look more attractive. This is why WPForms doesn’t include some of the complex functions other plugins can provide.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a popular, pay-per-use web form plugin whose functionality has no exceptions. Being powerful in its original form, Gravity also works with a variety of extra add-ons that further enhance its capacity to engage visitors.

You can use it to create fantastic quizzes, surveys, ask users to submit content, or simply subscribe to your web directory. It will also give you access to FAQs and similar premium support options, forums, knowledge bases, and much more. Long story short, you will have support at any moment of time.

Unfortunately, Gravity Forms is not available for free, and its prices often surpass the ones of other plugins and contact form creators. Big companies operating with multiple websites, on the other hand, will find it more than useful and affordable.

Pirates forms

Unlike Gravity Forms, Pirates forms come for free despite all great functionality the Themeisle team included in it. It may not do enough for complex contact forms and questionnaires, but it will be perfect for quick and simple updates. Some of its most important features are SMTP and CAPTCHA.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is another freemium creator designed for WordPress users, well known for its highly interactive products that don’t require effort, time, or coding knowledge.

All that users need to do is to open the WordPress repository, pull out some of the beautiful forms for different pages and websites, download it, and start using it instantly on all locations they like.

There are also a number of advanced extensions that allow you to connect Ninja Forms to Salesforce, FreshBooks, Campaign Monitor, or several email service and SMS providers. Guidelines and training documentation are also available.

The same as Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms can be used to design interesting quizzes, surveys, or subscription forms. Note that only the main plugin can be purchased for free – you need to pay additionally to use any of the extensions, including the whole developer bundle that costs more or less the same as Gravity Forms.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Pro may not be the best-known contact form creator for WordPress, but it is certainly developing faster than anyone could have expected. Thanks to it, you can create stunning and functional forms for free, or use even more handy goodies offered in the premium version of this plugin.

Overall, Formidable Pro can be extended with 12 add-ons, available both for the free and the premium users. In the best scenario, Formidable Pro will work impeccably with your Basecamp, MailChimp, Zapier, or Trillio data.

Fast Secure Contact Form

Fast Secure Contact Form is probably the easiest to use of all contact form plugins mentioned so far, mostly because its customization allows users to tweak it and make it more business-specific. Once working with it, you will create and modify forms in minutes, but also be enabled to use URLs from submitted forms to redirect users to the desired page.

All important fields you expect will be there (checkboxes, text areas, selection, attachments, radio, dates, and time), while you will also have the possibility to create ones of your own. Basically, it takes a single or few short and simple codes to insert a field wherever you need it.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 provides users with unlimited access to WordPress’s popular Contact Dashboard, where they can create, modify, and manage virtually any type of contact forms. As a result of its extensive flexibility, Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular and frequently downloaded web form plugins of all times.

To make matters even better, Contact Form 7 supports CAPTCHA, Ajax Submissions, and Akismet Spam filtering. You can choose from 60 different languages, and extend functionality with many interesting add-ons.


ContactBuddy is the most popular iThemes product that comes for free. You can use it to design simple and beautiful contact forms, and add those to your posts, pages, widgets, or any other element on your WordPress website.

All basic fields such as name, subject, message, and email are already included, and a reCaptcha validation button is also available for those interested to use it.

Visual Form Builder

The Visual Form Builder plugin won’t charge for its basic services, but if you want a grasp of its advanced functionality, you will have to consider the higher plans starting from $29. Alike our other suggestions, Visual Form Builder doesn’t require coding expertise to build forms and relies rather on a simple drag-and-drop mechanism to reorder fields in the desired ways. All forms can be exported in CSV format, or duplicated with a single click.

Nowadays, website owners can’t afford the luxury of not having a contact form embedded for their users. This is particularly true for e-stores and membership portals, but we also recommend it to owners of personal portfolios and sole entrepreneurs. What a good contact form such as the ones we discussed does is to enable your visitors to contact you at any point of time, and receive a quick answer for all of their inquiries.

To start with, the web contact for should look nice and add value to your professional reputation, but streamline at the same time online communication with your clients. Using a contact form, you will prevent visitors from looking for your email address, and give them an instant and efficient way to get in touch.

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