We can all agree that SEO is not a field one can master overnight, especially without the appropriate knowledge. Nevertheless, SEO is critical for running a quality blog, promoting a business online, or improving the presence of a brand or authored work. The first step towards a good SEO strategy is driving organic traffic towards your brand, namely generating as many leads and customers as possible.

What you shouldn’t forget though is that unique and top-quality content remains just as important as your optimization efforts, and you must keep it readable and understandable. Collect relevant keywords, and use them smartly – after all, it will be users who need to ‘digest’ your content rather than search engines. Make sure you provide loveable and helpful content alike your users’ expectations and use the following tools to improve ratings:


yoast-seo-pluginYoast is definitely the most popular and frequently downloaded WordPress plugin, as it covers absolutely all SEO needs, and works well on all websites. Using it, you can optimize your titles, meta descriptions, and keywords per post/page.


semrush-serviceSEMRush is a professional analytic tool that provides competitors’ insights that can help you improve your SEO. Thanks to it, you can discover the main keywords your competitors are using, depict the best backlinks for your content, and develop a better advertising strategy.

Google Keyword Planner

google-keyword-plannerGoogle Keyword Planner is a must-have for successful keyword research, as it provides a completely free access to Google optimization data.

Most of all, the tool is intended to serve Google advertisers, but there is no restriction to as who can use it. Its main function is to reveal relevant keywords to advertisers they could use to bid successfully in their campaigns, estimate search volume, and distinguish results and difficulty levels.

If you’re a blogger or a content marketer, this data can help you track high search volume keywords that can incent advertisers’ interest, and use them to stand out from your competitors.

Another great thing this tool can do is to estimate search volume and ranking difficulty for a particular term, a feature that comes particularly handy when trying to place a post higher in a given SERP.


keyword-tool-plannerKeywordTool.io helps bloggers looking for content ideas, granting access to Google’s auto-suggest function, and pulling out most commonly searched phrases and keywords.

Plus, KeywordTool is pretty simple to use: All it takes is type your keyword inside, and it will export a list full of awesome ideas you should consider to drive more traffic. What Google does in the case is to select phrases users type when looking for information, and does so in a pretty fast and accurate manner. To make matters even better, KeywordTool.io is absolutely free of charge.

Another thing that is important to know is that KeywordTool can be used to gather keyword ideas for Bing, App Store, and YouTube so that your WordPress site or post will rank solidly on all platforms.

WP Keyword Suggest

wp-keyword-suggest-pluginWP Keyword Suggest is a useful plugin that suggests long tail keywords related to your niche. You can look for complete titles instead of single words, or simply tag your headlines with the keywords it suggests. It is considerably user-friendly, as it appears as a handy widget on the left side of your screen to generate ideas with a single click.



While speaking of optimization plugins, we shouldn’t skip the organic traffic leader SEOPressor, which optimizes entire posts in a systematic manner, and analyzes the effectiveness of your keywords instead of simply suggesting such.

Using it, you will have access to an advanced keyword research tool that suggests long tail topic-related phrases, paying attention that they will be both comprehensive for the audience, and friendly for the SEO engine. The core of its capacity, nevertheless, consists in the fact it analyzes the strength of a post once it is completed, displays it in percentage, and suggests improvement methods for the post to score as good as possible.

You can also use its rich snippets to optimize images and social media announcements, and place keywords in the right position.


squirrly-pluginSQUIRRELY is another SEO plugin that assists you while creating content, friendly both for your users and search bots. Satisfied clients claim it helped them attract, but also engage and retain users.

The same as SEOPressor, SQIRRLY will provide relevant stats, supply you with keywords and weekly SEO audits, and suggest ideas that can improve your conversion rates. It is developed in a way which allows you to use it with other plugins, including Yoast, as the two have pretty similar color indicators for SEO friendliness (green light for 100% SEO friendly content). SQUIRRLY’s competitive edge in the case is that it suggest editing advice while you’re writing your posts.

Long Tail Pro

long-tail-pro-keyword-researchLong Tail Pro is the latest release among Google’s Keywords planners, and a culprit for the success of many prominent businesses including Smart Passive Income. As you could read on its official website, Long Tail Pro pushes the boundaries of traditional keyword research, and induces business growth in multiple advanced ways, making sure companies will record the very same traffic they requested.

Better than simply suggesting and analyzing keywords, Long Tail Pro makes it possible to examine niche visibility, and monitor competitors to compare their keywords. You will need no more than 5 minutes to get it running and bundle all of your campaigns under one umbrella to stop paying for multiple tools.

LSI Keyword generator


Finally, you should also consider LSI Keyword generator as a powerful keyword research performer, which suggests entire phrases for you to mention in your post.

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