Discover Where to buy WordPress themes


At the dawn of your blogging career, you probably skipped the part of window shopping WP themes and considering a paid-for option for your site, but as your reach expands, odds are good free themes will no longer do. Once you decide to buy a WordPress theme, the choice will overwhelm you, and questions will simply impose themselves: Which are the most trustworthy providers?

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How To’s & Tutorials A Beginner’s Guide to Installing a Free SSL Certificate on Your WordPress Site


Most websites use the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) which isn’t secure by default. However, it’s entirely possible to make your website secure by installing an SSL certificate. A combination of HTTP and SSL enables websites to maintain an encrypted connection over the internet.

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Hosting plans and security issues

We want to share with you one of the greatest pains ever felt at We went through the entire nightmare of a hacked website! The one thing we understood from this experience is that anyone can get hacked if he cares too little for his website security! After we had got hacked, we researched everything: we read tons of comments & reviews ...

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