Discover The WordPress influencers you should follow

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All internet users around the world know about WordPress and its leading role in the CMS world. In fact, the platform is so popular that it is currently running a quarter of all websites available on the net. To make things easier for you, we've selected some of the top WordPress influencers engaged in key WordPress updates to keep track of.

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DiscoverTop Web Design Blogs in 2018 (Updated)


As a freelancer or a creative agency employee, you are surrounded by numerous magazines and blog posts, but have you ever thought about their value? Is the time you spend on them well-invested? Today’s digital society is simply overwhelmed by articles and publications, and it is considerably challenging to grab hands around information that actually makes sense, educates, or inspires action.

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Discover 14 best SEO experts you should follow

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Are you one of those bloggers who believe it is impossible to embrace all written and unwritten SEO rules? In case you are, let us at least try to change your opinion. We can always keep an eye on the role models in the industry, and do what they’re doing. Thanks to these fellows we have an available winning SEO-formula, and a set of accurate SEO rules to withdraw from their stories.

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