How To’s & Tutorials Essential tips: How to create a great landing page

Landing page_CTA2

A great landing page makes you really want that product, service or free e-book. Let’s see what is a landing page, its planning stages, and key elements and how you can easily build one using The Core’s Visual Builder and shortcodes. And most of all, find out how landing pages should feel like.

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Did you know 12 Tips to Create a Breathtaking Portfolio With WordPress

creating portfolio with wordpress

Is creativity an essential factor in your industry? Are you designing, developing, or creating whatever type of art? If the answer is yes, you’re already short on time to build an outstanding portfolio website and to go a step ahead of your numerous competitors. Let’s see how the internet and its most powerful building platform called WordPress can help you build a breathtaking portfolio website.

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How To’s & TutorialsCase Study: How to choose the right color palette for your website

Color Theory

This a case study about choosing the best color palette scheme with our latest Premium WordPress theme The Core. After reading it you will learn: what is color theory and what are the basic principles of color palette creation, what emotions are triggered by each color, how they will affect your customers and how to apply the color scheme theory to your website.

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Did you know WordPress UX basics that everyone should know


The main purpose of each website is to attract visitors and constantly engage them. This is why making a pleasant user experience is one of the top priorities of a web designer. User experience is, in fact, the forefront of every WordPress effort you should undertake to make visitors feel welcomed and encouraged to check your offerings. So make sure to keep in mind the following things when you will create your website’s design.

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