Tips & Tricks 31 New Year’s Resolutions for a WordPress Blog

31 New Year's Resolutions for a WordPress Blog

There are a lot of things you can do with your WordPress blog this year. Besides the most obvious ones like: create great content, get traffic, change the world, get rich along the way, there’s a set of smaller things that are important too. As you can see, today ThemeFuse publishes a list of new year’s resolutions for a WordPress blog.

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Tutorial Posting to WordPress via Email – There’s a Safe Way of Doing This

WordPress has one feature that’s pretty old-school, and often overlooked by most bloggers. I’m talking about the possibility of posting via email. Nowadays, the WP interface itself is pretty easy to use and very functional. If we add software like Microsoft Live Writer to the equation then there’s hard to see a reason for posting anything via email.

Only there is one. Continue reading to find out more.

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Tutorial Understanding robots.txt and What it Can Do for a WordPress Blog

How to safety update WordPress

Robots.txt is an important file for every online publishing system, not only WordPress. Actually, I have a really not-cool (but still kind of funny) story regarding this file. For something like a year the ads haven’t been displaying on any of my archive pages or category pages on my blog. All because of one small robots.txt mistake.

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Tutorial Getting the Permalink Settings for WordPress Just Right

It doesn’t seem like a challenge, does it? But hear me out, as a matter of fact permalink settings can have a big impact on every blog’s search engine rankings, and its “user-friendliness.”

Before I share my opinion on which ones of those I think are worth using and which aren’t, first let’s discuss the main purpose of permalinks. There are two, like I’ve mentioned briefly in the first paragraph.

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