Tutorial Getting the Permalink Settings for WordPress Just Right

It doesn’t seem like a challenge, does it? But hear me out, as a matter of fact permalink settings can have a big impact on every blog’s search engine rankings, and its “user-friendliness.”

Before I share my opinion on which ones of those I think are worth using and which aren’t, first let’s discuss the main purpose of permalinks. There are two, like I’ve mentioned briefly in the first paragraph.

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Themefuse December Giveaway

We always wanted to bring our users a contest with great prizes, and this December proved to be the best time to do it! What better time to do this than on our 1 Year Anniversary, which was a great year for Themefuse, hopefully it was as good for you guys! And we know we couldn't have made it without you, so we'd like to give back to the community.

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