How To’s & Tutorials An introduction to cloud web hosting and how it can help your website


Cloud server hosting is very popular nowadays, and providers are struggling to make the best offers and to attract attention. There is no way you won’t be offered cloud software when looking for reliable hosting, and there is a good reason for that. Despite being relatively young, this trend is spreading with rocket speed, and soon there will be no host that doesn’t recommend it as an option.

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Discover Vultr vs. Interserver: Justified Services vs. Customer Oriented Solutions

vultr vs interserver hosting review

A website hosting is the pillar of your online business. Owing a website is like owing the plan of the house, yet you need to get land to build it upon. The hosting services are different and give you a variety of options. Each hosting would work for a specific type of business you are planning to run, thus informing yourself or getting a good advice is a thing to consider. Check our research on Vultr and InterServer hostings.

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Discover Linode vs. Hostwinds: Linux Only or One-For-All Solutions?

linode hosting vs hostwinds review 2018

While each hosting company is supposed to give more or less similar solutions for the website owners, their targets groups and extent of offered essentials might differ dramatically for the customers. Starting from what operating system you are going to run your website on and finishing with your top must-haves (customer support, free data transfer or money back guarantee) you might discover a range of websites that would not fit your expectations. This is why we come with a detailed comparative research on two hostings to give you a broad vision of the offers.

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Discover DigitalOcean vs. WPEngine: Fast Cloud Hosting or WordPress-Only Solution?

wpengine vs digital ocean hosting review in 2018

As we know, there are no ideal hostings, as there are also no ideal clients. However, there are both hostings and clients that might click together based on their needs and expectations from each other. We would like to address you two different companies, oriented towards different target groups: DigitalOcean, a hosting company oriented mostly on programmers and designers with a variety of solutions and the WordPress-only WPEngine that has a ready-made solution for designers and owners with a budget.

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Discover HETZNER vs. PUREHOST: Affordable Dedicated Services or Business Oriented Solution?

hetzner vs purehost hosting review in 2018

With so many choices and solutions for a business, customers might need some guidance. The first step: what would be their website’s value? The second question: what kind of hosting there is needed? We tried to come with pros and cons of two different hosting companies, analyzing their specific services. Thus, what about Hetzner Company, with their main focus on dedicated servers and budget solutions? Or would it be the case to consider the Purehost Hosting, who offers all-in-one package for a serious business?

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