How To’s & Tutorials How To Create An Effective Content Marketing Strategy For 2017


We live in an age of social media, where everyone creates something, gives something, shares something, talks about something... That is a kind of content created by people who are trying to develop different relationships with other people. They create and share messages, blog posts, photos, videos, presentations. The same things apply to the business world.

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How To’s & Tutorials How to use quizzes to generate leads


In the past few years, what we often see in the online world are quizzes popping everywhere. They are becoming more and more popular and businesses decide to use them as a part of their marketing strategy. Quizzes are a part of every type of social media, we can see them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even in our mailboxes.

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How To’s & TutorialsStorytelling in Content Marketing – tools and resources


For many marketers, storytelling is the key component of their content promotion approach and the most powerful way to make their products more attractive and engaging. Basically, by telling a story, you give your services and products an identity and capture what they can really do for your audience to improve their experience.

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