Did you know A Few Severe Reasons to Change Your WordPress Host


Web hosting is the soul of every website, the pillar that builds it and keeps it strong. If something goes wrong with the foundation, you can’t expect the site to work, but rather to collapse like a building that wasn't built properly. As you can see, many things depend on your hosting provider, and if you can’t rely on its support and service, the one that will suffer the most will be your website.

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Did You Know? SoftLayer is the most popular WordPress web host among the top 100,000 sites on the web

Actually, SoftLayer hosts more than 2000 sites from the top 100k list. This is why they consider it the Most Wanted WebHost. The next company on the list – Mediatemple, has only 500. The hostings GoDaddy, Rackspace, and BlueHost close the top. And where do you host your WordPress site? You may also like: (Updated) […]
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