WordPress.com vs WordPress.org 7 Reasons To Go From WordPress.com To Self-Hosted WordPress, And 6 Reasons Not To

7 Reasons To Go From WordPress.com To Self-Hosted WordPress, And 6 Reasons Not To

There's a common belief among professionals working with WordPress that having a self-hosted WordPress site is much better than "owning" a site at WordPress.com.
(First, why the quotation marks above? Well, the fact is that you will never actually own your site at WordPress.com. You're just leasing it. I know that the official material says otherwise, but the truth is, WordPress.com can shut you down completely at any moment and there's no legal action you can take to undo it.)

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Did You Know? You can purchase a WordPress theme together with a hosting pack and domain directly from our website

Yes, that is right – you can purchase a WordPress theme & hosting & domain directly from us! And not only that! We’ll make all the setting up and install for free. So that you get access to your website in a matter of minutes. More details here! You may also like: How To’s & […]
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ThemeFuse Feature Introducing the Complete Pack: WP Theme + Web Domain + Hosting Plan

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The idea behind this product is as powerful as it is simple. You can purchase a hosting pack together with a theme and a domain name (optional), and we'll take care of all the rest: configure the servers, attach the domain, install the theme. Together with our hosting partner WebHostingBuzz, we have created a hosting pack that fits perfectly with every theme we sell, so this is obviously one of the easiest ways to skip the hassle of setting up the whole (or)deal.

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