Tutorials Restoring WordPress After a Crash

Restoring WordPress After a Crash

Your WordPress blog has crashed … now what?! Not a happy day when this happens. I know, I had one. Luckily, just one. For a new blog this isn’t actually that big of a deal. In most cases you can go even as far as installing the whole blog one more time, and tracking down the cause of the crash, but for blogs that have been around for a while and have a constant stream of people visiting them this may result in some serious consequences…

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Tips & Tricks Show a Cool Message Box To Every New Visitor to Your Blog

Just a quick piece of advice here. A WordPress plugin called What Would Seth Godin Do is a fairly popular one. It’s simple and does its job well, probably the main reasons for its popularity. If you’re not familiar with the main idea, it’s about distinguishing new and returning visitors to your site, and showing them a custom welcome message.

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Tips & Tricks 31 New Year’s Resolutions for a WordPress Blog

31 New Year's Resolutions for a WordPress Blog

There are a lot of things you can do with your WordPress blog this year. Besides the most obvious ones like: create great content, get traffic, change the world, get rich along the way, there’s a set of smaller things that are important too. As you can see, today ThemeFuse publishes a list of new year’s resolutions for a WordPress blog.

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