How To’s & Tutorials 7 Ways to Protect Your WordPress Website Against A Hack

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Unfortunately, there is no way to protect a WordPress website or a blog from hackers 100%, since hackers are more than determined to surpass any obstacle, and find gaps to push their way through your system as hard as you’re trying to prevent them. This article aims to suggest a few strategies you can use to ‘mask’ your website in front of hackers.

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Did you know 11 Essential Things To Do After A Fresh WordPress Install

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Installing a new WordPress site is a common practice for many designers, but there are some that do it only once or twice in their lives. Whichever type you fall into, once you’ve installed WordPress on your domain, you should consider a few essential things you must do after installing WordPress.

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How To’s & Tutorials How to quickly deal with a hacked WordPress website


Yes, that’s possible. You may wake up one day, and your site just won’t be there. Everything that’s left after will be a text message or an email telling you that the proverbial windy day has arrived, and you have no control of your mongrel out there. What could you possibly do? The first logical reactions are anger and panic, and that’s good because it shows that you’re up for reaction, and you’re ready to attack the hacker back. Obviously, try to stay on the safe side and don’t let yourself get to the point of a mental breakdown: it’s still up to you to stand up on your feet and to fix the damage.

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Did you knowCommon WordPress mistakes that you should avoid


The best way to learn about a software program is to start using it, which explains why we all make mistakes, either simple or complex ones. In WordPress, the worst mistakes are those that you aren’t aware of. And, unfortunately, we repeat them for such a long time that they’ve turned into security problems and slow-down habits. This article aims to deliver you the most common mistakes and the suggested ways of avoiding them.

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