GoDaddy vs. SiteGround: Choosing your perfect hosting

godaddy vs. siteground histing in wp 2018

One of the world’s biggest domain registrar and hosting, GoDaddy can’t pass unobserved in the industry. Moreover, it is recognized as the largest ICANN-accredited registrar. Thus, it is only normal that you come across its name when you decide to choose a hosting for your website. However, the case could be that you’re oriented towards a less corporate hosting company to rely on. In this case, you might want to know more details about the SITEGROUND hosting company. Even though it is not an industry giant, it is praised for its reliability and known for more client-oriented solutions.

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How to Boost Your Email Subscription Rate with these 5 Quick Content Fixes

boost email subscription

Content is the key to a successful marketing strategy. You can’t build a marketing strategy without it. The content you create will play a major role when promoting your business, from generating traffic to growing an email list and increasing sales. Content marketing not only generates 3X as many leads, it also costs 62% less than traditional marketing, that's why you should boost your email subscription at any price.

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Did you know WordPress and Bootstrap Development for Responsive Websites


Bootstrap represents a great launch-off framework for WordPress beginners, where they can build responsive themes easily and on time. Still, Bootstrap is more of an app framework than a theme one, because it doesn’t offer any pre-made template files that can be leveraged to become responsive themes.

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