How To’s & Tutorials Interactive WordPress content: give to your customer what he really needs


Have you ever caught yourself wondering: „I write so well, I give step-by-step explanations, but my Wordpress website’s traffic is still low.”? In other words, your content does not have a strong grip - it is not viral; even it is a quite good one. Man, go interactive! Change your approach. We are in 2017 when the content goes crazy.

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How To’s & Tutorials How to increase blog traffic in minutes


It happens to everyone, even the best of them. They publish plenty of blog posts, to try to prove their audience that they’re taking their jobs seriously. However, even besides that, their traffic is much lower than they’d like it to be.There is one secret to instant website traffic, though. You need to do what the others are not doing, or what they’re not willing to do yet.

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