In this article, we thought of comparing Bluehost and InMotion, two of most respected hosting companies in the industry. Our focus will enhance company’s reliability, prices, user experiences regarding support and the free options offered. Thus, you might discover interesting facts, seeing Bluehost as a favourite for starting companies, while InMotion would be praised for its support services behind, among many other advantages and disadvantages.

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Bluehost is owned by Endurance International, among the largest hosting corporations in the world. On the market for over 20 years, it has a reputation one cannot simply hide when talking about the industry. And when we talk about reputation, we talk about what you might gain and what you might lose having it as a hosting. Therefore, let’s see the strong and weak points before considering choosing the hosting for your business.

Bluehost ADVANTAGES (+)

BRAND REPUTATION. Established in 1996 and on market to present time, Bluehost has a visible advantage of having stood through history. Meanwhile building a reputation. Obviously, the famous hosting has also gathered resources over time and enough negative feedback. It has a heavy brand recognition other smaller companies would never have. It may employ best developers and engineers for company’s development; lead top customer support service, invest in professionalism – simply because they can afford it. Also, considering that big brands would not disappear overnight when choosing such companies, it simply means investing in security.

It is widely known that whenever people choose between products’ small price difference, they are sure to go with a known name brand. We believe, the practice of hosting wouldn’t differ in behaviour. And this is a considerable advantage.

QUALITATIVE SERVICES. Being in the industry for years, Bluehost has invested in qualitative servers and networks over time. Also, a big industry can afford focus on customer’s satisfaction first and financial revenues second. This means their interest in a happy customer would translate into referrals to a friend. The last is a lately popular approach since referrals make companies grow. Grow means investment but also more financial revenue. A successful business, in one word.

PRICE vs. OFFER. Unless prices are placed in the context, they always seem unreasonably high. But let’s see what price packages Bluehost can offer and what are the target groups that can benefit from them.

Bluehost is a good option for a small to mid-size website looking for good hosting. It has basic, plus and prime offer packages. The price is affordable for the starters and has a good offer even for bigger businesses.

bluehost hosting pricing 2018You may find unmetered options included like bandwidth across all the packages and unlimited features like domains, email accounts and storage for advanced packages.

Moreover, Bluehost offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t feel happy with the hosting. This guarantee may be longer for other companies, but it still gives you freedom of choice even after the payment.

Additional to these, Bluehost offers nice options ranging from packages of email & hosting to dedicated hosting, or even customized hosting for websites run on WordPress or WooCommerce.

USER-FRIENDLY. When speaking about practical usage of an internet-based platform, the options are just two: user-friendly and difficult. Managing the website through the hosting system is easy with Bluehost since they use the most popular tool, called cPanel. It means you can always find online solutions to any encountered problems. And company’s years of experience online mean many of the problems have either been already fixed. Or, have an easy solution described in the accessible forums. Besides that, there are many available tutorials about how to use the tool.

Also, once signed up, you can use the system before you transfer your website to it. There is available File Transfer Protocol to get prepared for the process of transfer; also, numerous guides to lead you as a newcomer in hosting and website matters.

VALUABLE FEATURES. Any hosting should have a set of features to attract its users who will spread the word further. Most important feature for any hosting is setting the website right. Having a website transferred to a hosting requires some know-how. The transfer itself, getting to know the new interface, the setup after – one has to be sure they will manage it. If the process becomes too complicated – spread the word doesn’t work in company’s favour anymore. Bluehost makes things simple in this way, offering an easy transfer of the website.

Also, free features are a valuable gift any company can offer to its clients. Before anything else, Bluehost offers unlimited features even for basic packages (space, file transfer and email accounts). Besides this, it also gives free domain combined with site builder and setup.

For the bonus, you can rely on Bluehost regarding advertisement credits for Google, Facebook and Twitter.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Customer support is nearly impossible to judge unless you actually use it. And by using it, you get to know the customer support team and the customer support team culture. Both indicate whether or not the company views customer service as a cost, a sales opportunity or an investment. Bluehost has an advantage here by offering additional to chat and social media support the possibility to call a phone number 24/7.

SPECIAL OFFERS. We’ve negotiated a nice deal for you with Bluehost. You can get a free Premium WordPress Theme if you buy DISCOUNTED hosting from Bluehost.

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STRICT STORAGE RULES. Just like most of the hosting companies, the great packages of BlueHost lack an element. And in our case, it regards the storage. Bluehost doesn’t give unlimited storage. You can always upgrade your storage, but that would cost you extra money.

DOWNSIDE OF BIG COMPANIES. Besides a name, big companies have also reputation. Reputation, it is known is built for years, and can be destroyed in a minute. The business grows, and the problems multiply usually. History recalls a more than 24-hour downtime in summer 2013. Another network malfunction went into the press in winter 2016.

Of course, they have enough resources and expertise to solve these bugs easier than small companies. But this kind of problems mostly sticks to big companies. Especially when they start to cut expenses at a certain point, in order to produce larger revenues. Thus, Bluehost would overuse the server, adding more websites to it than necessary. This leads to the next point.

SLOW SPEED. You expect from your web host two main features: to store your web files first and second – deliver those files upon request. But it’s like a fast delivery company, there is no time to be lost. And whenever a company you trust fails to bring forward the two first important operations, you are allowed to be discontented at least to say.

Bluehost is operating averagely on this topic, and they are quite transparent about it, displaying the specifications of their servers. However, the slow speed stays a disadvantage whether they hide it or not.

BACKUP seems to be ok, however, for best practices clients who are paying for services buying a package would prefer a daily backup. While BlueHost doesn’t offer it, their competitors do.

MIGRATION. Try to change the website server from Bluehost to another one and you got to pay a fee. Most hosting companies do not display their discontent in such an obvious way and let their clients go for free.


InMotion might be called lucky: it’s not so often a company is praised the same by newcomers and senior users alike. But this is the case with the InMotion hosting company, started in 2001. It is known as a shared server model; thus, it keeps the balance of being known as free hosting and for its dedicated servers. Only free hosting would mean troubles you once in a while; dedicated servers would be too expensive for your traffic. Putting them together seemed to become a great solution for many users.

In the industry for more than a decade, it has created a reputation for its stability.  It also offers virtual private servers and dedicated servers for bigger businesses.


MONEY. With InMotion, you pay for a product that gives you the option of 90-day money guarantee. Much different from what giver BlueHosting, for example. And among most of the hosting companies, this has the longest guarantee span.

PACKAGES. Let’s agree, every hosting company has something to offer unlimited and later will be charging for other options. It all depends on your preferences. InMotion’s big hit is unlimited features like disk space and data transfer from the very basic package. If these represent value for you, then it’s a huge advantage you should consider.

FREE OPTIONS. Among the company’s best options, the possibility of choosing a good domain to your theme and getting it for free during the transfer or registration are priceless. Add here free credits to Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo for site promotion. If that didn’t convince you yet, think of free automated backups, that might save you maybe once, but from a big trouble.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT. In the tech world where things can just turn the wrong way, customer support is what you need. That someone, who on the other side of the line will back you up with professional advice. 24/7 is not just words nowadays. InMotion keeps the professionalism running through emails, live-chat, telephone line or website forms. As small as it is, compared to other bigger companies, InMotion is a giant professional in customer support.

Moreover, the Community Support section exists for those who want answers immediately from the others; there is a well-defined FAQ, existing guides, videos and how-to articles.

SERVERS QUALITY. The website’s performance is based most of all on the technology the company uses. The quality hardware is the base for a future transfer of information between servers and websites. And modern technology has communicated its best experiences with InMotion: its server’s loading pace is better than other shared web hosting companies, even though they have only 2 fully featured centre data servers, both in the US.

UPTIME is that keyword you come across whenever you search about servers and hosting peculiarities. Uptime is known as the uninterrupted running time of a server. Usually, the closest to ideal, uptime represents 99% of server’s work.

The technology behind InMotion’s servers are equipped with Dell; also, it has Linux operating system with Cisco components. These show huge investments from the company’s side regarding hardware. Add to this the human component: InMotion employs staff to take care of the performance and address the issues before it comes into view of the clients.

HOSTING SECURITY translates into spam filtering, offered for free and separating real emails from the fake ones. Also, it invests in its products, using lately Sucuri and Patchman, offering protection, detection and cleaning or patching from malware.

GREEN WEB HOSTING. Just imagine how much energy server databases consumes. Hosting a number of websites without damaging the planet is the purpose many companies got aligned in.  Thus, InMotion, among other green web hosting companies has the aim to save and generate energy from renewable sources.

SPECIAL OFFERS. We’ve negotiated a nice deal for you with InMotion as well. You can get a free Premium WordPress Theme if you buy a 50%+ DISCOUNTED hosting from InMotion.

inmotion hosting deal 2018



PAYMENT. Fees paid for InMotion services vary from affordable to high. However, after a quick research, you can see that they are surely not the lowest ones in the industry. The plan is sold for a year or longer, without many options of using monthly payment instead of yearly. The commitment might be interrupted by the 90-day guarantee; however, clients read no further than the heavy payment they need to offer in the first instance.

LIMITATIONS. With InMotion for the hosting company, you can have two websites plus two active databases. Only by buying a more expensive package you’re allowed for more. These should not bother you in the beginning, but once your business grows, the upgrade might cost you significantly more than you can still afford. And that is not close the case with many other hostings, who offer a more significant number of websites to be hosted.

LONG SET UP. Should it be based on security issues or maybe that is the policy of the company, but long setups of the websites combined with verification become annoying. Hosting is needed to be activated manually.

NO BACKUP. Actually, InMotion backs you up quite often and in a good way, however, it has limitations you might not be away from. If your website exceeds 10GB, it won’t be backed up. And restoring the files has a time span, thus if you go over 4 months you lose a lot of stuff. Anything else is done at an additional cost.

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InMotion is a fast-growing company among other providers. Maybe it is because they approach the issue in a more complex way, offering lots of features for clients. They are attractive for their longer guarantee and independence from big businesses. However, if you want more steady and sure company that already showed their adaptability over time, Bluehost is still a power not to be disregarded.

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