You may not pay attention to backlinks as you do to other elements of your website, but you should know they are the third most critical factor which can influence search engine rankings. In order to push your website ahead on Google, the backlink has to look natural and to have the highest quality possible, and the best way to generate such backlinks is to trigger content marketing.
content marketing
At the same time, developing the right marketing strategy requires efforts and time, but it is one of the rare tricks that can solve the search engine optimization issue permanently.

1. Use lengthier posts and include useful information: informative is not enough! Your posts need to be super informative, and provide valuable content concerning the topic you intended to write about, and finally provide a solution for your readers’ problems.

2. Go beyond conventional word counts and use social media: In our time, it is just impossible to ignore the impact social media has on our content marketing strategy, as it can generate most of our views, make our brand more credible, and involve more users. Eventually, our content will become more exposed than we expected, and there will be high-quality backlinks.

3. Include listed content in your posts.

4. Provide infographics, as part of the visual content.

Trying to build backlinks is not an easy process, and you have to adopt the perfect approach and have the patience to see it in action. As with everything else, you won’t always be in control of it, but what you can do is manage your content properly, which is the most important part of the task.

The meaning of content

Observed through the prism of website marketing, content represents a readable, watchable, or hearable material. Basically, content goes far beyond your posts – it includes your videos, imagery, web copies, downloads, apps, and everything else there is to be seen on your website. If people can see it or use it online, then it qualifies as content.

Why is content so important?

content is king
Traffic reasons: When trying to understand the connection between content and traffic, search engines play almost no role. Good content drives traffic by simply attracting visitors, which usually approach a website for one of the following purposes:

a. Discovering socially shared content. Once the content is shared on a social network, more users have access to it and are more likely to open it than someone who got a recommendation from a related website to do so. For you, that means more traffic.

b. Attracting quality links. The better your content becomes the higher quality links it will attract, or appear instead in trustworthy locations users wouldn’t oversee. Still, you have to be careful with content-driven links because they must be relevant and look natural, instead of few stuffed and spammy-like ones.

Content types

content types
You’re probably thinking that things can’t become more complicated with content, but we have one more important warning to make: content is not all about the things you’ll be writing about, but also about the way how you structure it, and the media format you use to present it to your audience. It is exactly that will determine how your users will accept it.

There are posts that were deliberately structured to be shared on social media, but that’s not the best way to go to attract backlinks. They may engage users in the initial phase, but that’s how the story ends – there are no backlinks to be followed.

On the other hand, there are posts that make your influencer relationships much more valuable.

What matters in both cases is to know exactly what you want to achieve, and to know your audience by heart. Generalizing, we’d say people simply adore list posts, but you may be writing on niches that require infographics instead.

When talking of infographics, we shouldn’t forget to mention how popular they’ve become in recent years, and that they are more and more applied for any type of content. Being relatively new, infographics triggered an entire wave of fascination, and proved able to produce even better backlinks that list posts do, and that was something not too many people expected.

There are many readers, bloggers, influencer, and simple hobbyists interested in your work, but you have to know how to attract and keep their attention. If you want more links, make sure you’re delivering content people genuinely care about. See what kind of content type you can feature on your blog.

Online video stories (commercial-like)

video marketing
Commercials are not people’s favorite type of media, but that counts only for the TV. According to marketers, there is a specific ads category that can be distributed online, and which people love, such as authentic video stories that don’t persuade people to buy something, but share experiences instead.

High-quality imagery is compulsory

Do we even have to say this? Note that by attaching images to your posts, you’re not only pleasing users with a nice view but giving bloggers something they could use.

Once the image goes viral, inform bloggers about it, and let them know they are free to use it as long as they give you the credit for it, and include a link to your website. Obviously, there must be plenty of them, and they must have high quality and be absolutely relevant to the niche you’re writing about.

The best course of action is to make your own photos, particularly for the so-called mini infographics, industry stats, lists, and so on.

Stats are the future

Ever wondered why experienced bloggers are such stats fans? It is because using particular statistics enables them to link their posts to sources, and once there are enough stats on all topics, their blog becomes a reference (as research studies are, for example).
The most powerful strategy is obviously to conduct personalized research, as useful and intriguing results may result in hundredths of links.

Controversial topics

Controversy is a knife with two blades, but if applied correctly, it can become an effective strategy to garner backlinks. It can be especially useful when treating trendy topics people want to know more about, assuming you’ve chosen the side of the story you want to support, and collected enough arguments for the purpose.

Sharing controversial content is another serious risk, as it can lead to negative feedback and hurt the image and perception of your brand even before you’ve driven the desired traffic. Therefore, be especially careful with controversy topics, and skip libelous and biased statements when wording them. See how comments on controversial topics may boost your traffic.

Whitepapers and case studies

Whitepapers and case studies are very powerful, but also time-consuming backlink generation means. They will require you to do extensive research and develop a successful strategy, but in case you manage to obtain the result you want, they will do miracles for your website.

This list of content types is obviously not exclusive, and there are many surveys, polls, games, apps, and similar technologies that could be mentioned. Still, we prefer leaving it this way because we know what human imagination is capable of, and we see no limits to as how far creativity and technology can go.

Resource collections in the service of blog traffic

Resource collections encompass articles prepared with two critical ingredients: longer preparation times and special attention on the quality of their content. As you already know, good posts are those that manage to collect multiple similar resources, as for instance tools, apps, or services, providing at the same time corresponding links where those can be downloaded by users.

Tip collection articles

What is certainly a traffic booster is an advisory article written by an expert in a certain field, able to discuss a topic in depth and provide helpful suggestions for the readers. Webmasters are especially fond of these articles and backlink to them much more often.

A single well-explained trick in the post

Instead of doing small talk on numerous topics you know little about, focus on a single one you’ve mastered, or provide a solemn, yet very useful piece of advice. Use the trick for new and poorly researched topics, as this will almost certainly result in more traffic.

Still, have in mind it is of vital importance to explain that topic and to include as much information about it as possible.

Breaking news posts

breaking news post
We all know how difficult it is to keep pace with news, and you can hardly ever be the first to know something before it goes viral. At the same time, we can all agree this is the best way to swim out of the vast blogosphere sea, and to be noticed.

In case luck smiles one day, and you get to report breaking news, make sure you deliver it in the best possible way to attract more readers.

Once the scoop is made, share your post on social networks, and relate it to blogs/posts that deal with similar issues.

Include interviews with known people

Including popular and authoritative figures in your article is one of the most interesting and easy ways to drive traffic, as you are already counting on the fact there will be many readers interested to read about these people’s experience (even when they know absolutely nothing about your blog!).

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