Do you need more proof of WordPress’ popularity, not only among users, but developers too…? (By the way, we’ve made this observation based on a three month period between December 14, 2011 and March 14, 2012)


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  1. Wayne 1st May 2012

    Interesting, but lest we forget, not all of those 112 will be of a high enough standard to use on a production site out of the box.. Pick your plugin's wisely people..:P

  2. Turd Ferguson 1st May 2012

    Interesting, really does speak to the popularity of Wordpress. Okay, I promise I'm not trying to be annoying, but are there any updates on HomeQuest? The design of that theme is just so sweet I can't wait to see it! I know you said this a more challenging theme to make, so I am being patient, but was just curious on any progress. Keep the great work! -Turd

    • Hey Turd, I'd love to tell you when it will be ready but I can't, because we are working on the plugin that will be the heart of the theme. The actual implementation it is a breeze when we'll have the plugin ready. Hope this helps. (what I can say for sure it that we'll launch another if not 2 themes before the Real Estate one) Cheers.

  3. Turd Ferguson 3rd May 2012

    Sweet! thanks Dimi. That's all I was looking for, appreciate the update. Excited to see what you guys come up with next! -Turd

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