It seems that shortly after every major release like 3.7, come at least a couple of minor releases, .1, .2 and so on. So, is there a specific meaning behind all this? Or does the WordPress team release a new version whenever they come up with something cool to add to the platform?

As it turns out, there is a bigger purpose, and it’s best described by Andrew Nacin, WordPress lead developer, in one of his comments at WordPress Tavern:

“The .1 release will always be needed to fix some bugs. Pretty much all others are security releases.

Sometimes, the .1 also contains security fixes. A .2+ release is only going to happen for security reasons if there is a serious regression that somehow wasn’t discovered before the .1 release. […]

Generally, then: .1 is a minor release with serious bug fixes. .2 is a security release and/or a critical regression fix.”

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