As we know, there are no ideal hostings, as there are also no ideal clients. However, there are both hostings and clients that might click together based on their needs and expectations from each other. We would like to address you two different companies, oriented towards different target groups: DigitalOcean, a hosting company oriented mostly on programmers and designers with a variety of solutions and the WordPress-only WPEngine that has a ready-made solution for designers and owners with a budget.

wpengine vs digital ocean hosting review in 2018


Minimal, cheap and solid – would be the three words that characterize DigitalOcean as a hosting. It is known for computing designs for websites and applications, offering mostly cloud hosting, with the purpose of migration for many of their clients. It is based in New York City.


The hosting company depicts its HOSTING PLANS, a whole spectrum of offers for a variety of target groups. Because of the plans’ flexibility regarding both companies and individuals, it is possible to find solutions to any need. Memory offered in the plans varies from 512 to 8 GB, disk space: 20 to 80GB, up to 2 TB transfer, from 1 core processor.

ADVANCED EQUIPMENT. The company invested seriously in their technology since one of their target groups are people who deal with technologies: programmers and designers. The servers of DigitalOcean are supplied with the powerful HEX Core machines for hardware and count in dedicated ECC Ram for the solid state hard drives. That makes them powerful and fast, boosting the SSD Cloud and servers in order to obtain awesome results.

LOADING TIMES. The cloud server’s response is a standard maximum of 55 seconds. That is leaving no space for website’s bouncing rates and maintains users’ great experience. Globally located datacenters might have a do about it since they make it to a qualitative connectivity among the company’s servers and websites of the customers.

UPTIME is close to 99.99% which is fantastic. It makes DigitalOcean one of the most reliable hosting among biggest giants like BlueHost, PureHost, HostMonster or GoDaddy.

HIGH-SECURITY LEVEL makes it an attractive option for many customers. The company enabled KVM Virtualization to address any potentially harmful issue and built its security channels along the system.

FEATURES like SSD hard Drives boost the performance of any website dramatically and gives disk space. Another important available feature is Tier-1 Bandwidth that is offered to all the users with 1 TB per month and increasing. The hardware of the DigitalOcean is another feature worth to be mentioned since all its cloud servers are connected to Hex Core machines with dedicated Ram and storage. It makes it a powerful server that can handle qualitative hosting.

MIGRATION to a cloud server is easy with DigitalOcean, the company offering an unprecedented flexibility which ranks it high among its peers. Moreover, the company doesn’t mind your ownership transferred to a different DigitalOcean user, which makes it a high-level migration.

It offers also a gull DNS management based on the areas you want to keep under control as the website’s owner. For that, you just select a droplet which presents interest to you. Also, private networking of your droplets saves you traffic since it is not counted against the usual bandwidth.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT is fantastic based both on the details about team and feedback from the clients. The company offers packs of tutorials and FAQs on their website, making customers’ search easy and bringing lots of useful information.

Help section and ticketing is available in case more serious issues to come up. The experts would contact back in due time to help to solve the issue.

 digital ocean hosting review


PAYMENT OPTIONS are limited to the credit system based on the use of hours and monthly expenditure of the resources mostly. Credit cards and PayPal are one of the preferred options, which is a bonus.  Thus, the company would go for a predictable, pay-as-you-go pricing, that would be far from normative in the beginning, until you figure how much traffic you usually need to spend in order to maintain a good website.

NO cPANEL.The Hosting Company uses an easily navigated control panel, offering clients an ultimate experience that also brings up amazing results, or this is what the hosting company say. The control panel is user-friendly, however, it is not the standard navigating panel, that is not only easy to use but also has a lot of tutorials online and a huge knowledge base. Adapting to new platforms only designed for certain companies might be a bit challenging.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT might be awesome, but having no phone connection or chat support for very urgent and special situations don’t show much of professionalism, still. We would prefer a company who displays a phone number for urgent cases.



Based in USA, Austin, the company is oriented towards offering managed WordPress services. They are among the first to be focused mostly on WordPress solutions beings followed by GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, InMotion and SiteGround. Nonetheless, they are still leaders in this niche of the market, with a well-acknowledged name in the industry and stable customers.


FOCUS SOLELY ON WORDPRESS. Whenever a company has solutions for WordPress hosting among other services, it usually means they offer the live hosting installation but do not buy the WordPress hosting itself for the website. It makes a difference in the terms of services they can offer. Thus, instead of tailoring services to each WP website, they just adapt some features. This might later harm website’s speed, security or website’s functionality. This is why WPEngine is strongly recommended for those who deal with WordPress websites only.

SPEED AND PERFORMANCE. WPEngine offers a complex of both basic and advanced solutions depending on the performance of the website and the plan. It offers fast speed loading time regardless of the additional plug-in installed, widgets, ads, forms and files. Thus, even with the development of the website, it needs the load times to keep same fast and good. This is what WPEngine is there for. They have customized servers that allow heavy caching of the files and offer trained support to fix any incoherence that might come up interfering with this specific issue.

MIGRATION OPTIONS relate to many of the clients who come from other hostings and require assistance in migrating their websites, or in cases, someone is not happy with WPEngine and wants to migrate to another hosting. For the first option, migrating to WPEngine is offering a 60 DAYS TRIAL to test the services and a whole subscription fee back within the mentioned period in case you are not satisfied with the result. To make the whole process easy, among their services you can find automated migration from other websites and easy and free installation of the SSL certificates, useful for improving website’s SEO. The support during migration adds value to the next advantage we would like to discuss.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT has been a strong point of the company ever since they have been founded. Because their focus is mostly a managed hosting, their services require a support system that would make customer’s experience worth the run. WPEngine makes all channel for contact available, providing even phone for further than basic plans. Their ticketing system is fast and chat is a great addition. They also supply with large knowledgebase, where one can find some valuable information prior to asking for help in case it’s a routine issue. To add to all the means of contact, a valuable point would be to consider that the staff is a trained WordPress support, with a specific range of solutions.

SECURITY. Covering one-quarter of internet besides making WordPress powerful, uncovers it for various hacking and malware attacks. But this also makes everything else as exposed as WordPress, because the software is basically the same. Running your own install and maintaining the security basic issues should suffice for a good protection. Thus keep the plugins updates, install files that are from known sources, keep the backup files always. WordPress is responsible to keep the files secured even in cases when you go wrong with some of the point, this is why they carry additional protection on their servers.

PRIVATE MARKET. WPEngine has its specific target group and the company doesn’t offer services to everyone. This is mainly for WordPress developers and designers with a budget who are oriented on developing and design and not on website maintenance. Number two customer is usually a growing website owner who wants to avoid technical issues and want simply a better host. Free migration tool and customer support are good points to consider. Then, it’s the startup owners with a budget who want a long-term platform and find WordPress comfortable for going online as soon as possible.  Advantage1

 wpengine hosting review in 2018


LIMITATIONS. Because of the price policy and in order to protect certain areas, WPEngine limits some installation of plug-ins and some disables some features on the WPEngine platform. Among popular plugins are W3 Total Cache, WordFence, and WP DB Backup.

TRAFFIC CHANGING PAYMENT regarding some bandwidth allocations used. There is a quota of the given traffic and everything else would be billed if you exceed it. You get the report on what has been used, however it still bills. WPEngine is not for those who want to save or prefer a cheaper plan. Its target groups are different, thus the cheapest plan would still be among premium service pay for many other hostings.

NO EMAIL HOSTING OR DOMAINS. Since WPEngine is not a traditional hosting service, it doesn’t offer services like email or domains. You would have to use a third-party service for that.

EXPENSIVE SSL CERTIFICATE. SSL can be bought from WordPress and installed on the website, this is for sure. However, contrasting to many other hostings, that offer it for free, one has to pay in order to use it. Moreover, you have to renew it yearly and handle it yourself. Of course, there is the customer support that is always helpful and trained to help with whatever installation or issues you might be facing. But you will still have to do it yourself and pay separately for it.

wpengine pricing policy reviewed


If you look for a hosting that would offer you a comfortable environment where you can create and focus on your programming and design skills, for sure DigitalOcean is the one. It, however, doesn’t deploy you from technical details, that you might need to fix or update. But it surely gives you a flexibility as a provider and let you pay as you work.

On the other hand, the WPEngine, one of the strongest WordPress related hosting, is solely focused on their matter, leaving you no challenges to solve by yourself except for those that do not concern them, like domains and email account. However, WPEngine knows their customers and offers their entire experience based on those needs.

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