With so many choices and solutions for a business, customers might need some guidance. The first step would be to take into account what would be their website’s value. Based on that value and expected revenue, a second question might relate to what kind of hosting there is needed. We tried to come with pros and cons of two different hosting companies, analyzing their specific services, so that we simplify their dilemma and help them find their solution.

hetzner vs purehost hosting review in 2018

HETZNER ONLINE – A German Affordable Dedicated Services

Established as a business exactly 20 years ago, the German-based company managed to build a good reputation. The company offers a range of shared, VPS, dedicated hostings and unmanaged servers. Offering affordable prices for the unmanaged servers, investing well in technology and meeting the highest of customers’ expectations helped them reach many of the corporate goals.


AFFORDABLE PRICES. Hetzner’s basic package starts with 1.60 Euros, with 2 GB storage, 10GB of bandwidth, 1 domain and 100 emails. This comes as a very cheap but also limited offer. Nonetheless, it also offers more expensive packages with up to unlimited features. Between the basic and the unlimited, there are many other packages that might satisfy any needs of a starting website business company.  This makes the offered variety of hosting plans and services very attractive.

STRONG PARTNERSHIPS. The company has a close collaboration with giants like Dell and Intel, making it clear that all the offered plans come with qualitative hardware and software of the mentioned partners.

Hetzner present the information about servers’ location on their website.  Its data centres are located in Germany, Finland and South Africa. They are operated in-house, thus the employees of the hosting company have full access and control over it. Among the technology used by Hetzner, there is fibre optic, linking to major cities like Nuremberg and Frankfurt; their data centres are connected to Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange, the largest exchange point in terms of peak traffic. Also, keep in mind that Datacenters can be reached by phone or robot 24/7, they got their own support centre.

SPECIFICATIONS. Bandwidth is specifically awesome, taken into consideration the plans. It is high with the given 30TB/month. Also, we can take into consideration the loading speed of the website, which is full of praise. Any experienced user would appreciate the existence of the easy installs for Joomla, WordPress and SSL certificate.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT. There is a variety of ways one can access the customer support of the German-based company in both, English and German languages. The website offers the standard email support. Additionally, there is a possibility to call on the phone to their German office, making it possible to reach the real people addressing the most urgent problems. Also, it solves a variety of solutions through robotic support at a decent span time between question and answer. In situations when questions have been addressed earlier and have got a simplified solution, the feedback might include links to their knowledge base and local documents.

INTERFACE APP. We are considering cPanel as one of the most successful interfaces. It is easy to use and utilized by most of the hosting companies as a standard application. The Hetzner Hosting offers optionally the possibility to use cPanel and Plesk, the latter also a popular choice. However, their standard offer is the website management tool called WebMin. The latter has been initially configured for Unix-like systems, now used in Windows too. However, the possibility to use the favourite interface among 3 is a very successful decision for a hosting company that targets various markets.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. Hetzner Online Hosting Company is interested in reducing ways that affect the environment and increase the pollution. They are focusing on reducing specifically CO2 emissions, focusing on using the natural renewable energy sources. They rely on hydroelectric power as the main source of energy for the activity of its data centres.

 hetzner hosting review 2018


PHONE SUPPORT. Although phone support is accessible on the website and the company points out almost a dozen of numbers with various direction or subject, keep in mind that that calls will be charged internationally (if you’re not in Germany). Another thing to be kept in mind is the fact that the telephone support has its office work hours, which is ok for Europe, but not the same if you’re in USA or Asia.

NO RECORD OF UPTIME. Uptime is recognized in technical hosting terms as an uninterrupted running time of a server. Hetzner does not offer any information on this activity. And although users do report 99.99% valid working time of the server, there is no guarantee that in case of servers’ fall they would take any responsibility for the damage.

The LANGUAGE used by the company is mainly German, thus in case of researching for its forums of manuals and wiki information, not much is translated, maybe because the mostly target groups are German-speaking countries. Though, English is used for communication.

hetzner hosting advantages 

PUREHOST – American Business Oriented Solution

Purehost might seem to be an opposite from Hetzner company, with its bases in the US. Both approximately of the same age, they target a different group of businesses. Purehost aims at big businesses, with its features and prices related accordingly. Besides offering hosting services to the websites, they also sell web marketing and management tools for their customers.



BUSINESS SOLUTIONS are the main orientation of PUREHOST Hosting, and this is submitted on their financial offer. They offer resources and options that include virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated disk space (up to 2GB) and an immense bandwidth (up to 50GB). Besides this, the customer also gets 200 emails, 10 sub-domains (Unix only) a newsletter manager and a free domain for a year. Also, Purehost has only 1 plan, and your only choice is whether you run it on Unix or Windows system.

FEATURES. Purehost offers with their only plan various add-ons like search credits, built-in Google tools, also a site builder.

Purehost comes also with marketing services as part of the plan like SEO tools, Google apps, email marketing services through Constant Contact and online advertising with YP.com and many more. As of backup and restore services, these are provided on a daily bases and also include malware protection.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT. First of all, there is a free-toll phone for the client – a policy maintained by Purehost independent of the physical location of their clients. Moreover, they have their phone number available on their website, which is not the popular choice among hostings. The company claims to have a team of 100 agents to respond to any inquiry and assist in solving any issues to come up. The other ways of communication with the customer support, except for the free of toll phone are also online ticketing and live chat, for 24/7. You can also check their knowledgebase available for all the customers who prefer to research the problem before asking for help.

The LOCATIONS of Purehosts’ data centres are in Boston, USA. The servers are secured, have extra power for unexpected situations, have an identical network architecture and qualitative equipment for the efficient work of the servers and utilize a perfect environment for servers. That all in one mean that customer’s pages are loaded efficiently fast and they experience as little interruptions as possible.

30 DAYS GUARANTEE. Even though it seems a limited option to consider, if compared to other hosting companies (A Small Orange Hosting and InMotion with 90 days; Domain.com with 97 days) it is still an option that suggests that the company invests in customers’ interest to stay.

 purehost hosting reviews


ADDITIONAL SERVICES are all for a separate fee. Purehost offers one single plan for every business they address to, so in order to get something specifically different, the client should pay a separate price for the options available, whether it is a business-specific add-on or an unlimited email service. Also, the aspects featuring security are available mostly at extra-costs.

In order to find the appropriate theme or plug-ins it gives you access to Mojo Marketplace, and you can install whatever else is needed, however, you pay that too. e-Commerce is managed through a shopping cart called ecwid; it also allows the usage of PayPal credit card, installation of SSL Certificates, and other options.



Hetzner, although offering a series of packages and types of hosting, is mostly focused on dedicated servers and many budget solutions. Having newest technology it focuses on qualitative services, new hardware and software across all the plans and especially on the unlimited SSD storage, its best marketing point.

Purehost, on the other side, offers an all-in-one, a package for a serious business, with features that have been addressed as valuable and constant for this type of target audience. In order to access more options and not bother with choices between plans, the company offers additional services for a cost, which makes it a manageable solution. It is very oriented towards customers who care about e-commerce solutions.


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