Companies at the dawn of their business will be more likely to opt for a free theme because money is always an issue for a startup. Yet, they still have one dilemma: Will a premium theme guarantee more traffic? What is it that makes premium themes better than their unpaid counterparts?

Most WordPress users are impressed by the number of free themes available. This is why they believe there is no reason for starters to burn money on expensive themes. Even though this may seem a reasonable solution, choosing a premium theme will bring you many advantages.

But what does the term “Premium theme” stand for?
It means that it’s a beautiful theme that costs top dollars, mostly designed by a well-known team and available only on a limited number of platforms.

Why should you choose one?
Because it brings you the following benefits:

The quality

If you don’t know what is good, ask for what is expensive. The greatest things will always come with a price. This is also the case of exceptional coding and high quality. There are many factors that make premium themes highly qualitative:

  • You can be sure that the theme comes without bugs because designers have to make it pitch-perfect to ensure that buyers won’t ask for refunds;
  • You can relax and forget about troubleshooting because sellers will fix every issue and will constantly update the theme even after you’ve bought it;
  • Sellers must maintain their reputation, which is why they can’t risk selling low-quality themes.


Therefore, you can expect the theme to comply with your software instantly. One thing is for sure: premium themes are designed according to the contemporary standards and it’s likely that they will change with the same tempo as the web browsing software.

Responsiveness comes by default. WordPress themes are used by people of all ages and interests, meaning that they will access their websites from many different devices. That’s why designers ensure that a theme is functional on any platform.


The design

Premium themes are seen as being elegant and sophisticated. As a matter of fact, quality can also be considered a visual category. Purchasing a premium theme is a serious investment. That’s why it’s reasonable to expect a unique appearance to overshadow the majority of free themes.

Once again, we don’t underestimate the good design of free themes, but rather exposing a situation where this design is compulsory.

As a blogger or a site owner that is concerned about the uniqueness of your brand, you should have no second thoughts on whether to go premium or not. Designers make great efforts to turn awesome premium themes into your visitor magnets.


The experience

The lack of user experience is an issue for many free themes (both for site owners and visitors). This is very obvious on the backend, which causes many customers to change their mind about visiting your website again. On the other hand, premium themes are designed to make users’ journey on your website really enjoyable.


The functionality

Adjusting and amending a WordPress theme can be a nightmare even for an experienced tech-user. It usually requires intermediate or advanced knowledge of HTML, PHP, and CSS.

Premium themes solved this issue, too. They are designed to be easily editable even for savvy users, meaning that functionality is always their priority. Designers are proud to offer an intuitive user interface that lets you change and format their designs with a single click.


The security aspect

If you will choose a free theme, you’re the one who has to stay on track with all author’s updates.

Unfortunately, it can even mean that an older WordPress theme can’t be synced with new releases. This can easily become the Achilles heel of your website and reduce its security.

Even if free themes are released with the best intentions, their real background is to give you something you will like, but not good enough for you to stay below the payment threshold. Eventually, you will start worrying about security, and you will switch on premium ones that come with reliable support.

You can also check here how to improve the security of your WordPress website.


The updates

A thing that WordPress is really famous for is its responsiveness. It means that updates are made with care, tight and are responsive to changes and to external factors. Designers consider everything, from insignificant bugs to huge security concerns when they regularly update themes (which makes premium themes highly appreciated).

A free theme, for instance, will always depend on the effort you will invest to convert it into what you need. After a while, there will be a new version of WordPress, and you’ll be the one to bother about adapting it, choosing from:

  • Not upgrading WordPress – Missing out the fancy features is nothing compared to the security threats you will be exposed to;
  • Upgrading it, and taking a brand new theme. This will take you time…over and over again.


As you can see, none of the above options will work perfectly. In fact, you can check the Directory to see how many themes are currently outdated. You can take the newest one if you want, but that won’t save you from having to modify it in few months.


The support

There is customer support for every premium theme, and most of them work as a forum. This is a very important thing to know because nobody bothers to advise you on free themes.

Premium themes, on the other hand, have many active users who are ready to provide helpful information. Knowing this, their purchasing price won’t seem surprising to you anymore. The money you’re paying compensates the effort of developing and running an active forum.

Free theme designers aren’t motivated to provide support because they don’t make money out of it. Most of the time, questions related to free themes remain unanswered.



What you probably didn’t know is that the theme you’re using has a great impact on your website’s SEO. Free themes may have issues with the search engine ranking, mostly because they don’t have integrated SEO options. You should consider SEO, not just because it’s clean and less stressful, but because SEO optimized websites and their faster loading time is the future of your online presence.


Better chance of uniqueness

Considering how popular free themes are, there is almost no chance to choose one and to customize it in a totally unique way. Everything you’ll come up with must have been already applied. Your business may seem familiar to some of your visitors. Certainly paid themes are also common, but they come with a variety of customization options that can help you stay unique.


Carefully choose premium themes

If a theme is tagged as ‘premium’ and it’s pretty expensive, it doesn’t mean that it’s a good one. In fact, there are many paid themes that are less functional than a free one. That’s why you should choose premium themes with care, purchasing them only from reputable theme shops.

Choosing a premium theme instead of a free one will bring you large benefits and will definitely put your mind at ease. You can check our latest premium theme, The Core, that comes with multiple WordPress demo websites and many customization options.

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