WordPress created a fuss in the last few years, and the fuss is nowhere close to disappearing. Why is it so?

Before everything else, WordPress is a PHP written open-source creator. Speaking in non-technical terms, WordPress is a tool for powerful blogging and an easy CMS (content management system). Its simplicity and user-friendliness are unsurpassed.

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The main reason for WordPress’s popularity is the fact that it makes the creation of websites easy even for non-techies. To start with, you won’t need any design or coding skills, but a little bit of creativity to make your website look professional. There are many pre-made themes to choose from (like these ones!), so there is no need for you to reinvent the wheel (‘themes’ is the name for site designs in the WordPress environment).

Another strong motivator to use WordPress is the knowledge that it won’t stop developing, and it is only expected to grow in utility, functionality, and popularity. WordPress overcame the prototype phase long ago, and it became one of the most stable products the market has to offer. Yes – we’re going to hear a lot about WordPress in future!

WordPress is free: How does it make sense?

The original WordPress idea was not for it to be free, but this open-source project attracted thousands of talented users to contribute to the community platform and to make it just as awesome as it is today.

Of course, the platform is backed up by a powerful team of experienced developers, but everybody is welcomed to report bugs, contribute with patches, or to suggest new features. In fact, the team is open to every good idea, and you can easily become an important contributor by only helping the community solve a problem you’re accidentally aware of.

Open-source programs are most of the time free, but in the sense that you’re free to use it, modify or redistribute the content, and design everything you like. This doesn’t guarantee, however, that maintaining a WordPress website will be absolutely costless.

Downloading and installing WordPress can be done anytime, and you can start building a website and adding posts to it. However, that will make your website available only on your computer, not the web itself. For the purpose, you have to buy a hosting server (the expensive option) or to rent one (the cheaper one). A domain name will also be necessary.

At the same time, the only way to profit from open source software is to use it in order to promote/offer your own products and services. This is what makes the difference between WordPress.com (the website builder), and WordPress.org (the free blogging tool). The main idea of Matt Mullenweg (owner of Automattic and developer of WordPress) was to provide both free hosting and a paid one, both easily subjected to additional features and modifications (CSS, for instance).

The WordPress idea helped multiple developers around the world build successful businesses by creating useful commercial additions (plugins, themes, etc.).

Reasons for using WordPress

WordPress simplifies and eases almost everything connected to website building, which took it straight to the top of the popular software list. Recent surveys show that more than 26% of all sites on the web are powered exactly by WordPress.

Interestingly enough, WordPress is both simple and feature-robust, which is why it is preferred by top brands and international corporations.

What makes WordPress good for you too?


You will learn it and start using it in no time

Web-building platform sounds intimidating, that’s true, but once you get hands around it, you will regret worrying about it. WordPress is the easiest platform to learn!

WordPress is the master of easy web publishing, all the way from installing themes to adding plugins (do you know how many plugins exist for WP?) and creating posts. It takes only one click to add media content…in fact, it takes one click to do almost everything.

You can extend it with your themes/plugins whenever you want

The feature that makes WordPress so simple is that you get to add things on it, things being the thousands of themes (templates) and plugins to choose from. You don’t even have to worry whether you’ll find a theme that suits your business – there are so many of them that it won’t be an issue. You can create literally all sorts of websites.

WordPress is known for its amazing flexibility, referring mostly to the possibility to add plugins, plenty of them free and extra-functional. There are even plugins that can transform WordPress to such extent, that it will start looking like a completely different platform.

It is SEO friendly

WordPress is made to comply with all universal web standards, meaning that its source code is simple and HTML validated. It is exactly its support for tags, categories, and Meta descriptions that make it SEO-friendly, together with a pile of optimization plugins that can be added to it. Check the super new guide of SEO to be considered for your website.

WordPress is manageable

Updating WordPress is as easy as ABC because you can upgrade any plugin/theme with a single click on your admin dashboard. You don’t even have to worry when to do it, because as soon as a new version becomes available, WordPress will notify you about it. What is more important is to pay attention to the notifications and to update regularly, because that’s the best way to keep data safe.

Outstanding support

Even if WordPress is open-source, meaning that there is no 24/7 number to dial in case of trouble, you can always get support from the large community of users supporting multiple forums on the internet. Trust us: they know literally everything!


Remember, you don’t have to pay to use WordPress. Savings, however, derive from other sources too, because being as friendly as it is, the platform won’t require any designers to help you create a website or technicians to maintain it.

Safety and security

Being completely honest, WordPress is often targeted by hackers, but that’s exactly why they invested so much effort to make it secure. WordPress’s strongest security precaution is regular updating (ever since version 3.7, updates are automated), while there are also few safeguards you can take care of yourself (such as updating plugins, or downloading such from reputable software). Here is a guide to keep secured in the world of WordPress.


Users are using their mobile devices more and more, meaning that almost nobody will use his full-sized computer to visit your website. That makes using WordPress an even smarter idea: most WP themes were designed to suit mobile screens! As the website’s owner, you will also get to manage the pages on your smartphone the same way you do it on the PCs screen.

We hope that you find the information in this article useful and that it will help you start using WordPress as a professional. Still, have in mind that there are no words to describe WordPress properly: you have to start using it to experience its genuine power!

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