Every hosting company comes with an offer, a bonus, a free attractive extra option in a specific key area. Researching through a number of hostings in order match their strong point and your solution-searched is the objective any business person should look for. There are no ideal hostings; however, there are enough answers to your requests to find something yours among the best.

We would like to make a detailed study on two different hosting – Domain.com and StartLogic – in order to identify what they can offer and what would be the limitations you should take into account.

domain hosting vs startlogic hosting 2018

 Domain.com – Get The Name And Set Up The Website

One of the selected top hosting providers, Domain.com has a variety of plans, specializing in low price shared hosting and offering at extra charge VPS hosting. Its offers are split between both Windows and Linux target groups.


COMFORTABLE PRICE PLANS that make your website complete starting with the basic plan. The initial plan is around 1 dollar per month and envisages a simple and fast “get the name and set up the website” formula. Small companies and businesses would love this start, even though the company’s growth would mean upgrading to a higher plan – and of course – paying more.

Nevertheless, if you have in mind to start big, you should choose to sign up for the PREMIUM plans in order to stand out. The plan helps you build an audience faster and attract more traffic to your new brand within first months of activity.

GOOD DOMAIN SERVICES which include besides a name, also aspects like URL and email forwarding, transfer lock, DNS management. These features are among essential when talking about running efficiently a business website and focus on growth. Also, consider that the hosting company focuses on MARKETING and E-COMMERCE development. Later is meant mostly for premium plans, though. Offering tools like EmailBrain in the value of around a hundred dollar bill per year is a bonus you get while collaborating with Domain.com. The tool helps you create email lists and combine them with newsletters, promptly trace marketing results and a bunch of other things. Then consider SEO tools, credit card processing and count it into revenues from a certain percentage of visitors that come to your website in the first months after going online. Sounds like a good deal to us.

RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT can be easily reached through a ticketing system and telephone number (free within the USA), 24/7. Live chat is present, however, is used for other purposes, mostly for sales. Nonetheless, whether you’re their client or just a prospective user, addressing support questions, even through ticketing, brings you back, 10 minutes later, a response to details. Which is good, we believe, taking into account that problems might arrive anytime and support is something to value in any hosting company we work with.

EASY WEBSITE SETUP. Domain.com offers the possibility to build your own website from the available templates and tools, among them Weebly. The later is highly-rated and user-friendly. You can add in no time any contact forms that fit your business, social media links for a better visibility for the online audience. You can set up your WordPress run website, making it an easy and affordable process. Did we mention the email account set up you can do in minutes and then use for the whole period of your contract with the hosting company?

SECURITY is one of the most relevant features offered by any hosting company. Thus tracking the security options should be among your number one priorities when choosing your hosting. Domain hosting offers password-protected directory and SSL support. The later certificate represents a type of digital passport allowing the transmission of valuable financial and credit card information. If you’re into commerce work, then this would be a must have in order to protect your clients and customers.

97-DAYS GUARANTEE concerns return of the money in case you want no longer to be their client. This is an impressive length of time that allows you to check with the company where you two are a good fit or not. Cancelling a hosting during this period of time and getting a full refund of your expenses looks a serious investment into their own reputation.

domain-com hosting review for 2018


NO UPTIME GUARANTEE mentioned in percentage, as it is used by other hosting providers. Data is simply missing from the website, meaning there is no performance report online for a specific stretch of time. Neither is any data centre location provided.

But not sharing the performance related data is one thing, and reported low uptime – client’s feedback –  supports the idea that Domain.com is not doing well in this area. And users usually report fast when things they pay for are not as they are supposed to be.

ANNUAL PLAN ONLY. Despite the strong advantages mentioned above, having no option into a month-to-month payment deal might be hard for starting businesses. This makes Domain.com a bit challenging for a specific type of clients who do not see themselves in a long-term commitment with a hosting company or any sort of other online relationships.

PAY FOR EXTRA. It can be the domain name, on which you are bidding initially, not knowing whether you shall get it or not. Or, after the basic plan, you might develop your business enough to discover you need more services. And they are an extra cost. More emails, limited pages or missing features and they annoyingly ask for upgrading your plan version.

StartLogic – Start Simple, Increase With Business Needs

One of sister-company of iPower, StartLogic Company grew into Endurance International Group side by side with other companies under the same umbrella. The USA based, it offers limited and low-plans for starters and some Pro-plan with free stuff for presents and unlimited features and domains. It developed from solely Linux plans to WindowsLogic with similar features.

It also offers Simple VPS Logic Hosting plan, Pro, Premium. Every increased plan offers an increased space, memory and bandwidth.

startlogic hosting review 2018



GENERAL OFFERS are simple and describing the most important features like bandwidth (25GB), enough disk space for a starting company (250GB), and up to 10 domains on a hosting. Pro packages offer unlimited space and emails accounts, adding to it a number of unlimited domains. Depending on the operating system the client is going to use, the packages are customizable.

SECURITY. The headquarters of the company are reliably secured non-stop in order to protect the servers and company’s active staff. Add to this the concern about the page loading process, that ensures a very short span between click and page loaded, and you get a good picture of some service of the company. All data is securely protected by passwords and programs against stealing.

PLANS COME WITH FREE DOMAIN NAME. This is mostly a standardized option for all users from the big companies in order to simplify and attract a specific target audience of clients. A domain is usually separately paid with most of the hostings, not with hostings of EIG, though.


SUPPORT TEAM is good, being available 24/7 and the means of contact are: live chat, which makes it fast and instant and calls. One can call free within USA landline even though the location of the support team is not shared anywhere. As most of the other companies under EIG umbrella, StartLogic provides user guides, manuals, and knowledgebase. Count in also the real team who can answer promptly to questions or offer professional solutions. Being considered quite a newly growing company in the industry, it gets scored pretty well among its users.

EXTRA FREE STUFF. StartLogic comes with some templates and extra image galleries for Joomla and WordPress, added to this you can find builder tools that allow you not only customize but also build specific parts of your website. Moreover, for more advanced share plans you get free credits for free ads on websites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo/Bing.

30-DAYS MONEY GUARANTEE might not be impressive if compared to other hosting companies that sometimes amount to 90. On the other hand, having an option to cancel any time the subscription plan and get a full refund if a matter of benefit. Also, if you decide to cancel after 30 days you still get a partial refund. The domain stays with you or can be given back, based on whether you want to get paid for that too or keep the name.

E-COMMERCE FEATURES.  StartLogic comes with an extremely useful business tool for companies or users that are into commerce. It offers the installation of PaymentSphere for a very decent monthly price that processes payments and accounts, deposits on credit cards and makes it easy to use also on smartphones.


NO UPTIME RECORDS, similar to other EIG owned companies. Statistics are mostly shared among clients who are using the service for some time, thus they can retell how the website’s uptown/downtime time vary.  Also, their only location stated on the website appears as Boston, USA and if you inquire further, the company doesn’t own the servers. However, the specifications are medium, which is not so bad for borrowed servers.

NO STANDARD PANEL provided, unlike most of the Hosting companies. It’s a sure thing that using the cPanel is easy since there is provided much more information and more users share about their problems-solutions on specialized forums. Using StartLogic’s panel called vDeck, same for both Linux and Windows systems, would appear more difficult until you get used to it. Nevertheless, the panel allows you to use your emails, see the stats, monitor bandwidth usage, manage the accounts, and of course upload files for the database.

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Domain.com comes with very similar features compared to some analogous hosting companies, like storage, email. But this is not unusual in the industry. What we find unusual is the fact that the hosting gives out no special features to attract, except maybe for the affordable price it states vs. the basic plan. Nonetheless, it’s a great option for a low-cost plan for a business that needs a simple stable website and no special features on it.

StartLogic doesn’t have any sparkling offers to attract users just the same. Especially for potential users who are pros in the material of hosting. One of the reasons could be that it belongs to a big company that treats most of the clients uniformly. Their plans are clear and plain, no extra offers given, however easy to make the deal with. Pricing is standard. Should be a good option for users who do not seek too much extra and want a big corporate name to trust, but it definitely wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

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