Whether you are looking for a hosting that would offer you a variety of hosting types like VPS, dedicated and Linux based or a WordPress oriented managed cloud hosting, you have both choices here with their ups and downs. See which of the two might fit your website’s needs and go for it easily. Cause we made this research to make your choice easier.

dreamhost hosting vs cloudways review 2018


Offering a variety of hosting type, among which shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans, DreamHost makes it also attractive and easy to use. These make it one of the leading hostings known in the industry, among companies like HostGator and BlueHost.


VARIETY OF HOSTING TYPES VS. PRICE. DreamHost focuses on different types of businesses, offering them a choice of hosting types. If you would consider having unlimited disk space, emails, domains and monthly data transfer, then you would probably choose a shared hosting plan starting from the basic. The domains of free choice vary from .com, .net or .org and you only pay the additional purchased domains. The Linux based VPS hosting plan is targeted to businesses with higher traffic but offers from unlimited options only data transfer and domains. You get limited options like RAM or solid drive and need to pay for getting extra. The dedicated servers offer you a usual bunch of options, like many other hostings: 1TB storage, 16GB of RAM, and unlimited data transfer. Bad news: there are no Windows-based dedicated servers. And of course, the last – cloud servers – that can be upgraded with the growing needs. It offers three levels, based on your initial needs.

GREAT INTERFACE. The might play an essential role even if you deal with hosting companies. DreamHost shows in the first place a tree of menu options, where you can find all necessary information, like settings, domain managers, billing information. There are site builders that help you re-organize and construct your website the way you want it. Themes, drag and drop options, content managers or embedding other applications like Joomla or WordPress, are there to serve you well.

WORDPRESS is known within DreamHost as DreamPress, being a managed hosting that offers you the usage of a content management system. It comes separately with a variety of themes, 30 GB of storage, add unlimited emails and monthly data transfer.

E-COMMERCE is offered as a free open source shopping card called ZenCart. It allows you to check out the products and pay for them. It supports the use of Woo Commerce.

Moreover, you get free 100$ credits for AdWords and option to track your website’s traffic using the Google-focused analytics called Chartbeat.

UPTIME IS AWESOME with DreamHost. A vital experience that could be offered by any top hosting company lays in the fact whether it can deliver itself to the expectations set by the clients. A website with a strong online presence, without hours – or even worse – days of servers shut down, is a website everyone wants to have. Thus, any respectful company usually presents some data from its activity and gives a percentage. DreamHost, incredible, states and proves that it keep on its servers within any tasted period of time.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE consists of 97 full days from initial sign up. The money is refunded in total amount and in a fast way. Compared to many other hostings that offer between 15 and 30 days, we consider it a huge advantage, since you have got a long way to consider your commitment to a specific online service.

dreamhost review 2018


SECURITY FEATURES. Even though DreamHost offers antispam features to its emails, they skip offering antimalware services, which are centred on preventing, noticing and cleaning the viruses on all of your IT services. However, it allows you to control and set a password to the .htaccess file and an SSL certificate. The last is especially useful in e-commerce.

CORPORATIONS’ ISSUES. Corporations usually have a long-term activity and some reputation built. The business grows bigger, issues grow too, if not solved on time. Besides, a more general attitude towards clients is visible, since the one-to-one approach is totally missing. This presents a danger to small business who depend on a big hosting corporation.

CUSTOMER SERVICE for DreamHost is present in the forms of ticket-based support and online chat available for all the clients. Unfortunately, there is no phone contact in order to reach the support directly in any urgent matters and talk to a person, rather than expect robotic answers.

As for the quality of chat support, whether it was the evening of the afternoon, the quality is medium. Besides that, you can always research for the responses in the available knowledgebase, a sort of library with questions and answers to most often encountered issues over the years, but isn’t it easier to get all responses on time and fast?



CloudWays offer solutions to something no one else dares to:  it simply focuses on a unique managed cloud hosting specifically for WordPress. Managed cloud hosting means the content of the website will be stored in multiple copies on a specific data centre using algorithms and a number of servers. It is known for service trustworthiness and high performance.


GOOD OFFER. Cloudways come with a variety of amount regarding the specs of processor, memory, storage and bandwidth, that presents a wide choice even for a cloud-managed server. And even the basic plan already incorporates 512 MB RAM, backed up by 20 GB of storage space, 1 core processor and 1 TB of bandwidth allocation.

Moreover, the company offers you the possibility to allocate extra resources for short period of time in specific situations. With the option pay-as-you-go, you can add more storage or bandwidth when you experience more traffic for example.

EASY SETUP. Once you sign up for Cloudways, you can choose the plans and favoured provider in your profile of the hosting interface. The choice between cloud providers is big, thus you can choose among Compute Engine, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Vultr, etc. The next step is configuring your server and its location, giving you tips on the ideal specs of a needed hosting based on some criteria you select. You can also ask for a specific bandwidth allocation or an amount of storage space. Then, you install WordPress, choosing between the standard hosting with the built-in tool, Multi-Purpose or WooCommerce. They all have ready pre-installed plug-ins that save you time during installation itself.

SECURITY AND BACKUP. CloudWays, as a managed hosting, also brings with it 24/7 managed security, that keeps their clients safe through a number of features. Among the latest we can see a dedicated farewell to keep the malicious intruders away; automatic backup varied from every hour to every seven days, delivered on demand; 1 click free SSL certificate installation; auto-healing servers that manage the issues with crashing websites. However, one of the features usually absent in other hostings is IP Whitelisting for all CloudWay clients.

SERVER TRACKING AND MONITORING. With the options available from CloudWays, you can easily monitor the metrics of your server’s performance non-stop. You also get a handful of notifications sent in real time that help you record the troubleshoot and be able to proceed with fixing them. Also, all applications integrate with the server and you get a view of them too.

AWESOME UPTIME is provided as feedback from clients. The company states that the work with best cloud providers, hence the result. It is delivered as 99% when hosting particularly WordPress websites, with great loading times. Cloudways shares their technology used, that counts among them Apache, the open source, cross-platform web server, Nginx, known to use a reserve proxy and be a load balancer,  and Varnish, famous for its API usage.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT can be reached in case of any issue through a phone call, which is a rare option for so many hosting companies, live chat or email. A whole Q&A exists for questions that can be read easily, added here some technical queries and a knowledgebase. The team responds fast and accurate on the subject, presenting a great back up for unexpected problems and issues.

cloudways hosting review


NO STANDARD cPANEL runs the admin of your website, instead, you find a personal console. It has been widely known that using the cPanel is easy, with so much information existing on its knowledgebase and answered solved in the specialized forums. Using StartLogic’s panel called vDeck, same for both Linux and Windows systems, would appear more difficult until you get used to it. Nevertheless, the panel allows you to use your emails, see the stats, monitor bandwidth usage, manage the accounts, and of course upload files for the database.

Cloudways has a SPECIFIC TARGET ORIENTATION, thus, of course, it is not for everyone. You got to have some knowledge of how websites work and hostings operate if you want to sign up specifically for this one after all. Probably, a traditional managed WordPress hosting like WPEngine or InMotion would seem easier to handle. Otherwise, you need to be ready to face technical details by yourself and offer your website lots of time, at least in the beginning.


DreamHost is among the most known corporations that offer qualitative services. Among the best options are comfortable website-builder, an awesome money-back guarantee. Add here unlimited storage, bandwidth, domains, and email, and you think you got the best. However, being a big corporation, DreamHost sometimes faces wider problems which cannot be solved that easily.

On the other side, Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting, very attractive for clients who have got expertise and want qualitative services, however, they are also ready to invest both time and money into it. Cloudways targets specific people, but also offers great uptime, loading times and focuses specifically on WordPress websites.

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