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If you’re interested in getting an invite on Dribbble we might be able to hook you up! Just send us a link with your design portfolio right here in the comments, and we’ll choose 2 of the best ones for the giveaway.

I’m sure there are a lot of talented designers around these parts, so lets see those portfolios!

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UPDATE: After reviewing all the entries, we’re glad to announce the 2 winners:

  • – Kunihiko Nakata ( http://d-flat.jp/ )
  • – Tomasz Haracz ( http://tomaszharacz.com/ )

Awesome portfolios guys, have fun on Dribbble…and make us proud! ;)

P.S: Thanks everyone for participating, we’ve seen some amazing portfolios and we’re really sorry we only had 2 invites. Keep an eye on our blog for future contest, as (if) we get more invites we’ll sure offer them here!

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  1. Ryan Bell 19th January 2011

    I would love an invite and I promise it would go to good use!! You can check out some of my stuff here -- www.behance.net/ryanbell/frame

  2. Rachel Nabors 19th January 2011

    My portfolio/blog: http://thepinkcrow.com My comics: http://rachelthegreat.com I promise to use Dribbble to post all the one-shot comics I draw that never make it onto the Internet.

  3. Paul Sap' 20th January 2011

    I would also absolutely love an invite! In fact I've started doing dribbble-esque shots via twitter; here's today's: http://yfrog.com/gzf1mbjj. Of course I would prefer to share via dribbble over Yfrog (not that's there's anything wrong with Yfrog ofcourse). Please hook me up!

  4. Rich McNabb 20th January 2011

    I'd be interested in an invite - my work can be seen at http://www.richmcnabb.com

  5. JamiGibbs 20th January 2011

    Hey guys! I would love an invite! :) Check out my ThemeForest portfolio in my name link. Thanks!

  6. Tomasz Haracz 20th January 2011

    Yeah, I'd love to join dribbble. Here is my portfolio http://tomaszharacz.com

    • themefuse 23rd January 2011

      Congrats! You're one of the winners.

  7. Graham 20th January 2011

    Hi Guys, an invite would be fantastic! I am a prospect at the moment and would love to start posting shots: http://dribbble.com/freedomstudios I haven't updated my portfolio for a long while, but my older work can be found here: http://www.graham-holtshausen.com/

  8. Prakash Ghodke 20th January 2011

    Love to win a invite Here the some of my shots : http://www.flickr.com/photos/44432584@N07/ And one portfolio site that i have design for my brother take a look : http://acrisdesignstudio.in/

  9. James Parker 20th January 2011

    I'd love to be considered for an invite! Making some updates to my portfolio at the moment. You can check it out on the following link and use the login details I've emailed over... www.j-parker.co.uk/preview

  10. MSFX 20th January 2011

    I would LOVE an invite! You can find my portfolio at http://labs.msfx.co.uk Thanks so much for offering them out! :) Regards, Matt / MSFX

  11. Adrian Cooney 20th January 2011

    Hey Themefuse! How did you manage to get TWO invites?! Most people struggle to get one! xD Anyway, my site is work in progress, although with some small pieces of work up -- http://www.mivlox.com Thanks!

  12. pixelslip 20th January 2011

    I'd love to join Dribbble, so i give you my portfolio: www.pixelslip.be

  13. Bob 20th January 2011

    I created some shots...thanks for any consideration! http://i.imgur.com/XxNTs.jpg http://imgur.com/fOJTP.jpg http://i.imgur.com/4lx6J.jpg

  14. Ed Moss 21st January 2011

    I would love an invitation to dribbble! http://mossified.com/ http://forrst.me/mosster/posts I'm also a prospect. http://dribbble.com/edmoss

  15. Vishal 21st January 2011

    Still giving out invites? I'd love one if you have any to spare!

  16. Kunihiko Nakata 21st January 2011

    Hello, I would really love an invite. works : http://d-flat.jp/portfolio/gui/icons-03.html portfolio : http://www.flickr.com/photos/55094389@N03/ Thanks.

    • themefuse 23rd January 2011

      Congrats Kunihiko! You've also won an invite ;)

  17. Dessign 22nd January 2011

    Hello, Thank you for doing this, invite to Dribbble would be amazing,

  18. Kunihiko Nakata 24th January 2011

    Thanks for inviting me!! I strive for giving a good work ;p

  19. CNA Training 25th January 2011

    Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  20. Oskar Strasburger 28th January 2011

    Hi! I'd love an invite. My portfolio: http://oskarstrasburger.pl

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