Emails have long ago replaced phone calls as primary means of business communication. And precisely because of that, sending impressive emails is crucial to a business’ success.

For every business, the key to succeeding is to attract more customers, and using the email newsletters is a great way to directly contact them. The email newsletters can range from extremely simple with a single link that will lead to some activity or new webpage of the business, to slightly more complex with a collection of discounts or arrival of new products.

With the development of technology there are many ways in which a business owner can interact with the potential customers, and using the email messaging gives many benefits:

– One way to contact a customer is through social media, but the usage of email newsletters gives more personal and serious tone to the communication that you want to establish.

– By using emails, you can build a kind of community, giving the chance to the customer to know something more about your business and persuade him to buy more of your goods.

– Sending individual emails, you can give some special offers or discounts to some of your customers, making them feel special. With that, they will gain more trust in your business and will become more interested in using your services.

– The usage of email newsletters gives you the chance to build your brand’s personality.

But, in order to attract customers, you shouldn’t just write a few paragraphs and expect your readers to come running at your door. The email newsletter should be written in a polite way that will make the reader feel respected. This type of communication is a key element in the development of your business, and if you decide to use it here are a few guidelines that will come in handy:

– Pay attention to the structure of the newsletter. It needs to be visually appealing and easy to the eye, in order the customers to separate some amount of their time and read it.

Headline: The headline should be specific. It should tell the one who reads the message why you want to interact. Although the headline is often left as an empty field, it has a big importance. If you attract the reader with the headline they will continue to read.

– The content is the main part of the newsletter, the reason why you type it. The most important thing in this section is each sentence to be clear. If you have three or more paragraphs, perhaps you should consider to reduce the size and try to express yourself in a simpler way. If your main part is longer than 5 lines, just break it into paragraphs. You should also avoid typing shortcuts since the language must be formal and literary.

– The visual elements also pay a big role. They will enhance your text and visually show to your reader what you are talking about. If you use visual elements try to optimize it using a tool such as TinyPNG.

– Call to Action (CTA) is also an important element. Instead of requiring the reader to reply to your newsletter, you can put clickable links and buttons through it that will lead the reader to some of your services and products.

If you want to create a newsletter, there are many ways to which you can do that. The easiest is to use your favourite text editor or word processor. You can also use a dedicated email marketing solution such as MailChimp or AWeber, the choice is yours.

It is very important to know that if you treat your customers well, you will have a positive effect on your business. Treat them with respect and importance and they will develop the love for your brand and business and will gladly use your products and services.

Types of Marketing Email

1. Welcome-email
If you are writing an email to a new, potential customer, always pay attention to be extremely polite and friendly. The email actually represents your brand and business. Always show respect to your customers and explain the benefits that they will have if using your services.

2. Event email
If you have some event related to your business, you certainly can’t inform all of your customers for the same face-to-face. The best way is to send them an email, interacting with them on a more personal level. If you have some kind of sale or discount always try to send an email to your customers. By informing them you can even attract some volunteers that will be opened to invest in your business. You can also create a Facebook event and include a link to it in the invitation email.

3. Email Newsletter
It is recommended to send newsletters from time to time to your customers and donors. Inform them about the newest events and development of your business. Always keep them up-to-date if you want your business to prosper.

4. A ‘freebie email’
If you want to keep your customers loyal, a remarkable idea is to surprise them with some special free offer or ticket, or even a gift. Like that your customers will feel respected and appreciated and will buy even more from your products.

You can also make surveys in order to know the opinion of your customers. Ask them what they want to be improved in your services and try to incorporate their opinion.

Use statistics to your advantage

Although sending email newsletters to your customers is a great way to communicate and advertise your services, they may stay unread since people receive emails repeatedly and may skip some of them. Because of that, you need to use some tactics to make sure that your newsletter won’t stay unread.

Using the features offered by the email service provider, you can get a report on which of your previous email campaigns were more accepted from the customers based on the click-through, and use the information to create a new email campaign. Like that, you will know what your readers and customers are expecting from you and you will improve your email marketing.

Make customers interact with your brand

Make your customers act, and not just read the newsletter and forget about it later. Inform them correctly for your business and services, try to sparkle their attention to visit you and buy something from you.
As we already mentioned, the structure and design of the newsletter play a big role. Always try to include CTAs in it, since like that you will encourage the users to click on them and visually see what you offer. Also, keep in mind how your newsletter will look like if it is opened from a mobile device.

Before sending the newsletter, try to make a small research on the past interests of your customers. See what are they usually buying from you and in which products are they mainly interested. Like that you will increase their attention even more.

Everyone wants to win something for free, so why not give that opportunity to your customers. Send them some mini-games or quizzes through which they can gain some price and improve your email marketing campaign. You will sparkle their attention and maybe they will later recommend you to some of their friends. Every innovation is a good innovation!

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