Hey guys,

We’re currently in the process of designing a new theme that will replace our popular Auto Trader WordPress theme.

In order to optimize it and deliver you the best features, we’ve decided to build the theme on our Unyson framework, which will enable the Drag & Drop Page Builder, Woo Commerce, Page Load Animations, Contact Form Builder, Backup Module and more.

Since it will be a completely new theme, we wanted to know your take on it and if you need/want certain features added. We’ll start the list, feel free to add to it:

  • Unique cool design (we’ll use some ThemeFuse magic here, we are covered)
  • Easy to filter and search cars for users
  • Easy to add cars by admin, csv import for bulk upload
  • Easy to change characteristics so you can adapt the website to incorporate other items and not only cars but WP Themes, books, games just to name a few.
  • Easy transition of content from the current AutoTrader theme to the new one
  • A couple of built-in page templates like Services, Contact, About, etc – (let us know if you need something specific here)
  • Import cars based on VIN? – (this is a bit tricky since we don’t know a good VIN database, maybe you can help us here and suggest a popular one to use)
  • Plugins? – (any plugins in this niche that you want or need?)


We would love to hear from you a detailed description of what specific features or options this new theme should have. Please let us know about your preferences by leaving a comment below. Thanks a lot for taking the time and effort to give feedback, this will ensure that this new theme will be one of the best.

P.S. We are preparing a surprise for all of you when the theme is done :)

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  1. John Cruse 16th May 2016

    I am working on a new theme and will share it very soon.

    • Hi John, Could you give some more details? Thanks1

  2. Ryan 19th May 2016

    Check out Dealer Solutions (dot) net - if you can provide results similar to those of Dealer Solutions, you'd be very competitive.

    • Thanks for the input Ryan. Are you sure is .net? It loads a blank page on that domain.

  3. Hanz k 19th May 2016

    It should have VIN# & stock# for each car listings and it should give warning when adding same car twice it also should have American version to choose ( year, make & model

  4. Joao agostinho 19th May 2016

    Hi, nice news! One of the things that gave me a huge headache was the need to translate it, and had to use a 3rd party plugin. It will be like 20 stars out of 10 if you could make it "translateble" (your own plugin, ask people to give a litle help...) The other minor change will be the colors, had to code a bit to change it in some parts, the bar in the pictures of cars at the "show all cars" page, it's an example. And te ability to remove or add itens to the search, both advanced and simple. Great work guys! Cheers JA

    • Interesting thoughts about the translation. We'll see. Our framework is perfectly compatible with WPML (a very popular translation plugin commonly used by many). About the colors and changes in styles, you will be able to control, this is already covered by our framework so nothing to worry about it, you'll be able to control everything related to colors and fonts directly from the WordPress admin.

  5. rsoutlook 19th May 2016

    What I would suggest would be including a Call to Action Button: Schedule your Test Drive. And I would also change the 404 page for a nice animated picture of a broken car as the symbol of this page. The other features seem to me just fine!!! Regards Ricardo

    • Good point about the call to action, we'll have that in for sure. I like the creative idea with the 404 as well.

  6. SCOTT 19th May 2016

    Hi Dimi, I would like to provide feedback but I don't see a link to a demo. If there is no demo then here are my thoughts: The "Easy To Change" feature is the most important one to me. When I saw that I knew I had to have this theme. I don't expect to ever be an auto trader, But books, music, t-shirts, and plugins sales are what I am interested in. The "Easy To Add" using a CSV is important to me. I currently have 440 t-shirt designs for sale. Although I use a plugin for legal pages, it might be helpful to include them for those who don't know how to find these plugins.

    • Hey Scott, thanks a lot for the input. I totally agree the import is very important. It's a challenging thing to do (I mean to do right) since we aim to create the theme that will be used for different purposes, not only for the auto motor niche.

  7. lidstone 19th May 2016

    Attention and care to the process of adding specific vehicle information is CRITICAL. This is far and away the most the repetitive task done by a car dealer. Ideally, having a front-end UI for this would be great. Having a home page slider where it is easy to add cars from inventory to the slider would be beneficial. Having multiple ways to display car inventory on the inventory pages would be useful.

    • Great points, thanks a bunch, this is truly helpful we'll make sure to take all this into consideration.

  8. Hrc 19th May 2016

    Please make it friendly to list boats, and not only cars.

    • Of course. In fact, this is one of the challenges to make in very versatile and easy to adapt to different domains that deal with a large inventory that needs powerful sorting on a bunch of criteria (boats, cars, bikes, trucks, books, t-shirts, games, etc).

  9. TOM 19th May 2016

    Here in The Netherlands, there are many occasion management tools, which are on-line cloud services that push all the occasions to autoscout24 and alike. I guess that in the rest of the world it is the same. It would be neat if some of those services could be integrated. Alternatively, a more intuitive list of occasions is a must (with license number for the admin), and a way to generate PDF price cards that one can put behind the windscreen.

    • Cool Tom, great idea with the PDF. We'll keep it in mind.

  10. hANZ k 19th May 2016

    HOME PAGE: Should be list of cars with info such as "year, make model, price, vin# stock# and little detail:" and more details when clicked. Option to show how many cars/vehicles on home page such as 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 1000 and ALL. VIEWER(S) Should See Random Inventory/Cars/Vehicles on homepage with each visit or refesh INVENTORY Should NOT be in same order for every visit. home page inventory should be shuffled. VIN Decoder Check Out Dealer Softwares Such As Frazer, Decodethis dot come is free also check out kbb dot com nada dot com should have options for carfax/carchex pay per copy or buy multi copy Please make it easy to use for everyone.. You guys are awesome thank you looking foward to it thanks a million for all the great themes and customer service.

  11. Andy 19th May 2016

    Please ensure that the fields for vehicles can be adjusted to suit the UK market - good to hear you're looking into VIN numbers but when I tried to use this Theme 2 years ago I couldn't because I was ultimately unable to convert the US-based vehicle (custom post type fields) into versions that could be recognised by the UK market. Customisation (without needing to re-program core files if possible) is key for usability.

  12. Mar Roble 19th May 2016

    VIN and stick numbers for US, horsepower and torque for US specs. I think those were the big issues I never used and took advantage of the whole theme which was one of the reasons I had gotten it in the first place. If you fix that, it be awesome. Also, if we could get some of those half features on the dealer solutions then it be an excellent theme hands down. Appreciate the additional effort to update and communicate with us for feedback.

  13. Barefoottech 19th May 2016

    Best advice is lose the framework you currently use. BANDWIDTH hungry, cumbersome and difficult to use. I have had to change every site that use themefuse themes to alternatives because of the problems.

    • You are probably reffering to our old framework (circa 2010), which we have replaced with Unyson for more than 1 year. This new framework is very easy to use and not at all resource hungry. Just check it our in some of our latest themes, like The CORE, Exposure, Aesthetic, and you'll see the major difference. Also, it is an open source framework which is currently used by lots of developers because of it's sleekness.

  14. Brian Burrow 19th May 2016

    I believe that a lot of people would find it handy if there was an xml feed that could be used to update 'other' sites with the data inputted on this one site. That way, people could update the inventory once and publish everywhere.

  15. Mustafa 20th May 2016

    I would suggest adding: (1) Carproof report linked to car's VIN. (2) Fuel efficiency in MPG and L/100KM. (3) Optional link to insurance request to be sent to specific insurance agency email. Mustafa

  16. Thomas 20th May 2016

    Please make more optional, so you can choose what to show and what not. Next to this it would be very pleasant if it is possible to adapt to local (national) habits and standards.

  17. Benjamin Mandzyuk 25th May 2016

    DIMI,... that would be great if it's in few clicks can easily switch for example to Bikes Trader Theme with configured features like HorsePower or other,...

    • Hey, We plan to make different demos that can be used for bikes, cars, trucks, boats and so on. We'll see how this will work. Thanks for your input.

  18. Badrul 1st June 2016

    Hello, I am using their theme for months and all the times i got good response time from staffs. I must vouce for this.

    • Thanks, mate. Appreciate the thumbs up.

  19. Hrc 18th August 2016

    Is the new Automotive theme soon finished ? or do you have some screenshots to share

    • We had some themes in the pipelines already, and unfortunately, we didn't start yet, but we plan to have something for you really soon. We'll keep you updated when we have a homepage designed. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  20. RCM 9th September 2016

    I could really do with a csv extract for the vehicles so I can more easily run a cross reference with our dealer management system, also most uk customers are more concerned with vehicle features than paint colour, could you have more feature selection options in the used car search such as transmission type and emmissions range, vin look ups in the uk are usually done via the dvla but they do charge for this facility, it might be worth investigating though.

  21. Spitt 9th September 2016

    I would also add features which RV sellers are interested in, such as type (5th wheel, trailer, gooseneck trailer), and drivable ones, versus toy haulers, slideouts, gvr weight, axel weight, toungue weight, feet/inches or meter/cm, etc etc etc. CampingWorld will have similar kinds of things which you should be able to incorporate, as well as such things as manuafaturers.

  22. Steve 12th July 2017

    Stock search should only show makes and models of cars that are currently in stock. Don't know if there is anyway of filtering this? I get feedback from customer that they spend hours searching for cars that don't exist on the database! More facilities and VIN lookup for the UK market would be gratefully received also!! We have VAT on vans here and not on cars but cant split the two. Bulk CSV upload would also be a massive plus. I also like the idea someone else mentioned of a call to action for test drive. I would love to test drive this for you if you need volunteers? I work for the RAC in the UK. Steve.

  23. Mirek 18th February 2018

    Hello Dimi I'm a new member, that means WE ARE MARRIED for life. #1 WHEN ??? THE NEW AUTOTRADER will see a daylight !!! #2 Doc's Do not leave it behind Please THX Mirek

  24. Mirek 18th February 2018

    Hitched WP Template for Wedding plans Would U be so kind and improve Doc's Not all of us are as good as U are. Some times step by step info would solve long hours waiting for THE answer ( on average 1 day or more) from your support Like for example: Is this theme just for one couple or U can have "many" of them with different login's THX again Mirek

  25. Mirek 19th February 2018

    G.M Team new addition to theme !!! Used "car" - By Year, By City THX P.S Happy Monday to all of us

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