Hey, guys, I wanted to touch base and keep you in the loop about our progress with the design and development (mostly the design at this stage) of our new AutoTrader theme. We’ve been working hard and we have the main pages designed and we want to share them with you and see what you think.

Before I’ll do that let me thank you for your tremendous feedback and your input you gave us regarding the features and options this new car trader theme should have.

Here are basically the most important pages of our new car wordpress theme
(click on the images to view the full page):

The Homepage

Car Listing

Car Details

You can still contribute with ideas and suggestions by posting a comment below. In fact, we are still looking for some good, popular VIN databases that everyone uses so if you know some, please share them with us.

What’s next

Once we finish the design part we’ll start to implement the theme in HTML (part of it at least) and then into WordPress. The integration into WordPress part will be the most challenging since we want to make the ultimate Auto Trader theme.

I’ll keep you in the loop with the progress. Until next time.


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  1. Chris 10th September 2016

    Hi Bogdan this looks fantastic - I'm sure I could sell a site like this - at least to individual traders (rather than using it for private sale postings). Can't wait for the finished article and I would be happy to help test drive ... Chris.

  2. Steve 12th July 2017

    Hi Bogdan, This looks like a massive improvement! I'm currently getting my head around the current theme which is great. The biggest problem I come up against is that the search facility shows all the makes and models even if they are NOT in stock. Customers prefer to search for vehicles that are actually available instead of wasting time checking each make and model to find there is nothing in stock. Is there a way that the drop down boxes could be filtered to only show the makes and models the dealer currently has in stock? Just an idea. More facilities available for the UK market would also be a big plus and very gratefully received!!! I also would love to help test drive this new version if you need an extra guinea pig. Thanks for all your hard work.... Steve.

  3. Noz 19th January 2018

    Is this available yet?

  4. Sakhir lo 9th April 2018

    Hi Bogdan this looks very nice and important when do you gonna release this them and brizy? i can't wait special for brizy.

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