Free Premium WordPress Theme Deal

We recently launched a cool new feature together with our hosting partner Bluehost. The basic idea behind it is if you buy a (discounted) hosting pack through ThemeFuse, you’ll get Free premium WordPress theme.

Any of these hosting providers will give you a huge discount together with our theme absolutely for free:

The Problem

One of the issues in the WordPress business (if you want to offer a great user experience with your products) especially for new WP users, is that you can’t always control parts of the initial set up process. A new WordPress user needs to:

choose a WordPress friendly company (not a huge problem lately, most of them use WordPress, but not all of them optimize their servers for WordPress which is a problem)
choose a hosting pack that works with your premium WordPress themes
install a fresh copy of WordPress on their hosting account
install the actual WordPress theme
import the demo content for that theme

As you can see there are a lot of parts where things can go wrong and why would you want to do that when you can get all above done by us and on top of that … for FREE.

The Solution: A Free Premium WordPress Theme

Choose a Free Premium WordPress Theme in the purchasing process on our website and get:

a free Premium WordPress theme of your choosing
free install of WordPress on your hosting account
free install of your theme (this works for The Core for now, but you can get The Core and get in touch with us and we’ll switch the theme manually in your hosting account)

All these are worth $189 on our website, that is almost 3 years worth of hosting right there.

Here is how to take advantage of this deal (an example with Bluehost)

1. Go to any theme on our website and select the FREE theme option

WordPress Pricing Table

2. You’ll be redirected to Bluehost, hit the Get Started button.

Hosting Page

3. Choose your preferred plan

Choose Hosting Plan

Our themes will work with any hosting pack you choose but we recommend the Prime option, there are some extras and the price is the same as the Plus pack.

4. After you go through the check out process on their website, you are all set. When you log in to your WordPress admin you’ll find the theme installed and activated. Follow the notification on the top of your WordPress admin in order to import the demo content.

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