This week’s freebie is a full Pricing Page, complete with 4 original icons and cool textured ribbon. It also includes a nice set of faux 3D buttons and checkmarks.

PSD Freebie – Envision Pricing Page

This PSD file is fresh from the oven! So fresh that it hasn’t been seen before in any of our work before, that’s because the WP theme for which it has been designed for hasn’t been released yet.

Hopefully this will come in handy for anyone who has to design a Pricing page, as we all know how tedious and time-consuming creating something like this is. And if you do make use of it, please send us a link with your creation. Enjoy!

Download Freebie

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  1. Free iPhone 4 8th January 2011

    This is fantastic, thank you very much! Looking forward to any more free designs you've got coming up!

  2. Dimi 8th January 2011

    Excellent mate, stay close, we plan to release one every week.

  3. Steve 22nd May 2011

    Hi, Cool table. How do I change the professional purple color? I want it to be blue to match my site.

  4. themefuse 27th May 2011

    Hello Steve, in order to change the purple color you need to add an Adjustment layer above all layers of the badge and move the Hue slider towards Blue.
    But i have already did this for you, so please download the PSD file

  5. JMac 25th July 2011

    The link to the "freebie" psd file "Pricing Page" does not work... ???

    • Dimi 13th September 2011

      Sorry about that, it works now. Try it again

  6. Paul 10th September 2011

    The link is broken, and gos to a broken web link on facebook???? email me when its fixed please?

    • Dimi 13th September 2011

      Issue solved, link is working now.

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