Hi guys, Karol here. I know that Black Friday is behind us, but I do have a cool giveaway for you anyway.

Here’s a quick back story. A couple of months ago, I was approached by Packt Publishing to be the new author of their main WordPress book. It took some time, but finally, the book is live and we’re right in the middle of launching it. The title: WordPress 3.7 Complete.


The main idea for the book is to focus on teaching how to get your new WordPress site up and running in minutes, and without losing your shirt during the process.

It goes step-by-step through things such as:

  • how to install WordPress in minutes,
  • how to create content that’s optimized for the web and then publish it,
  • picking the best plugins that your site really needs,
  • picking the ideal theme,
  • how to build your own plugins and themes,
  • how podcasting with WordPress works,
  • how to launch non-blog websites with WordPress.

I really did my best to make it as comprehensive as possible, with tons of illustrations and examples.

(By the way, the book is exactly 404 pages long…purely because what other length could a book about building websites be, right?).

But enough storytelling…

The Giveaway

Here’s the deal.

I am willing to give away 1/3 of the whole book – 4 full chapters out of 12 – to 10 brave individuals (that’s you).

The only thing I’m asking in return is for you to kindly submit a customer review on the book’s Amazon page (link). The review can be as short or as long as you wish. Amazon doesn’t have any regulations about this as far as I know.

And I’m going to be right up front with you on this one. Amazon reviews help to spread the word out. They help a lot. The more reviews there are, the more Amazon will do to promote my book to people browsing through various related categories. But above all, I do appreciate your honest opinion about the parts of the book you’ll read. If you don’t think that it’s worth 5 stars, or 4 stars, that’s completely okay. As long as you’re honest when writing your short review.

The chapters that are part of the giveaway:

  • Chapter 5, Plugins and Widgets, discusses everything there is to know about finding the best plugins for WordPress and then using them effectively. Plugins are an integral part of every WordPress site’s lifespan, so it’s more than hard to imagine a successful site that isn’t using any of them.
  • Chapter 6, Choosing and Installing Themes, describes how to manage the basic look of your WordPress website. You also learn where to find themes, why they are useful, and how to implement new themes on your WordPress website.
  • Chapter 7, Developing Your Own Theme, explains how to make your own theme. With just the most basic HTML and CSS abilities, you can create a design and turn it into a fully functional WordPress theme.
  • Chapter 12, Creating a Non-Blog Website Part Two – Community Websites and Custom Content Elements, explores the endless possibilities of WordPress when it comes to using it to launch various types of websites. The chapter presents the second batch of our non-blog websites and explains in detail how to build them on top of a standard WordPress installation.

How to Participate

Just leave a comment here (“I want in, give me the book!”), and I will send you the chapters via email.

Oh, and please tweet about this if you think some of your followers could benefit from this giveaway too. Many thanks.


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  1. Timmy 11th December 2013

    Haha, 1/3 of your book!?!?! Well, you have exactly 1/3 of my gratitude.

    • Karol 12th December 2013

      Would love to share more, but my publisher would kill me. :) 1/3 of gratitude is cool anyway.

  2. alsevrin 11th December 2013

    I want in, give me the book!

    • Karol 12th December 2013

      Thanks for participating! The book is on its way.

  3. Jim Massman 12th December 2013

    If it's not too late, I'd be proud to review your book (er, 4 chapters, that is). I've spent over twenty years in the printing industry before retiring, now just doing a few websites for fun & profit (more Fun than Profit!). Consider myself just past novice, not quite intermediate-level yet...

    • Karol 12th December 2013

      Thanks, Jim. Just sent you an email.

  4. Ann 12th December 2013

    “I want in, give me the book!

    • Karol 12th December 2013

      Thanks, just sent you an email.

  5. Rudá Almeida 12th December 2013

    Hi! I'd really like the copy of the book sample! Thanks

    • Karol 12th December 2013

      Thanks, and check your email. :)

  6. Uros 12th December 2013

    I am inn, give me 1/3 of the book ;)

    • Karol 12th December 2013

      Thanks a lot. Waiting in your inbox.

  7. Yousuf Tafhim 12th December 2013

    Yes please

    • Karol 12th December 2013

      Thanks. The book should be in your inbox.

  8. Del DeLeon 12th December 2013

    Hello, I've am relatively new to WP (6 months) but a 7 year HTML/CSS developer. I am obsessed and would love to read and review. Please feel free to send me any instructions and I'd be happy to help. DEL

    • Karol 12th December 2013

      Hello and thanks! Just sent you the book via email.

  9. Laura 12th December 2013

    I want in! Please share the book with me! Thanks!

    • Karol 12th December 2013

      Thanks, Laura. Just sent you an email.

  10. Ian 12th December 2013

    I want in, give me the book! (Please)

    • Karol 12th December 2013

      Hi Ian. Thanks for participating. The book is on its way.

  11. Lluis Co 12th December 2013

    I will be pleased to review your book too. Thank you in advance for this holiday 1/3 sharing ;)

    • Karol 12th December 2013

      Thanks a lot. Just sent you a copy a minute ago.

  12. jan Emtkjaer 12th December 2013

    Like to make a review of your book. Love to try make my own theme from chapter 7

    • Karol 12th December 2013

      Hi Jan. The book is on its way. Thanks!

  13. Karol 12th December 2013

    Thanks again for helping me out guys! Many thanks. If my basic math skills are accurate, all ten spots are out as of now. I don't know, should I bend the rules and add some more spots?

  14. Gowtham Sadasivam 13th December 2013

    This is Awesome. I would like a copy too. Thanks lot sharing Karol.

  15. Erik 14th December 2013

    Hi Karlo, I would like to review your book please. Looking forward to seeing how it helps our site development. Thanks!

  16. Robyn 14th December 2013

    Yes, add me in please

  17. sharma chelluri 16th December 2013

    If rules permit please consider me too. I need to create a new theme. Please send me a copy too for learning and review purpose. Thanks in advance.

  18. lena 16th December 2013

    I want in, give me the book!

  19. Luc 18th December 2013

    Ohh great idea Thank for 1/3 of your book

  20. nuril 20th December 2013

    Hi Karol.. i dont know there is this give away..i really want 1/3 of it if possible =(

  21. eldroidigo 21st December 2013

    hi karlo i really need to try your book am in

  22. vitallius 21st December 2013

    Hi Karol, interesting offer, though just a third of a whole. Have you reached 10 reviews yet? I am wondering if there is still some place for my review. Thanks. V

  23. George 24th December 2013

    Book look interesting,me to need a copy.

  24. Dave Reeve 22nd January 2014

    I really need this info. Please send me a copy to read & review !

  25. Ahsan Zia 26th January 2014

    I want in,give me the book!

  26. Karol 8th February 2014

    Hi guys, Thanks for your interest, I really appreciate it. The main giveaway is closed, but I'm still having a smaller one on my site. It's no longer 1/3 of the book, but you can still get a chapter. At: http://newinternetorder.com/get-1-3-of-my-new-book-for-free/

  27. Bob 1st August 2014

    I want in, give me the book!

  28. mobo 17th August 2014

    “I want in, give me the book!”

  29. PeakinDiamond 12th October 2014

    I want in, give me the book! Please. :)

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