Hi guys, these past couple of days we were thinking that we do a lot of giveaways with our partners from all over the web and rarely we organize such giveaways here on our blog. Well that will change. This week we’ve put together something special for you. We give 3 WordPress themes from our portfolio to 3 lucky winners (one WP theme each winner). More over each WP theme will come with 1 year hosting plan and 1 free domain of your choosing.

And on top of this we’ll make all the necessary install and setup for free. In the end you’ll basically receive the keys to your brand new website that will be ready to take for a spin and will look exactly like the demo preview you see on our website.

All you need to do is post a comment on this blog post and tell us what website are you looking forward to have. Of course any share on your social media will be welcomed and greatly appreciated. Good luck.

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  1. Hubert Daul 12th December 2014

    I would really be happy to be one of the 3 lucky winners. Who knows? Maybe :)

    • Picasso 28th July 2015

      Hi there. I have been trying to get my business off the ground unsuccessfully for 2 years since my layoff. Unable to find work, I decided to build an affiliate niche site so I can make some money. Obviously getting a free site would help me to start this. Thanks so much! I appreciate your consideraiton!

  2. sneha Patel 12th December 2014

    I would love to win Medica theme for my sister who is soon going to be a doctor.

    • sneha Patel 12th December 2014

      Here is my effort to win it. https://twitter.com/ThemeFuse/status/543455745698959361

  3. pongo 12th December 2014

    I have won, i am a winner, thank you Themefuse.com is what i wish to be saying this season and my wish came through is what i am going to tell my friends.

  4. Sebastian 12th December 2014

    I'd love to set up a project with Conexus!

  5. matthew 12th December 2014

    I have a couple of non-profits in mind that could really use a new theme!

  6. Miika 12th December 2014

    Would be glad to have one of your themes for a new guitar and music site! Awesome themes!

  7. Ujjwal kumar 12th December 2014

    I have made so many websites and blogs I want to make a portfolio and looking at so many themes that are good for a portfolio website, it will be really awesome if I could win this. :) Shared it on my Facebook profile :) https://www.facebook.com/ujjwalkumar308/posts/10202243996981702

  8. Craig mcintosh 12th December 2014

    I would love to create a website / blog about my experience of working from home, and how others can do it. I have a few domain name name ideas but i have not bought any yet. I would welcome the opportunity to implement one of your themes and would recommend your themes in the website for others looking to set up an online business from home.

  9. Joep 12th December 2014

    Hi guys, I am sixteen years old and I really need to improve my online marketing skills. I would love to get some themes for free to learn a lot more in the Wordpress world!

  10. pmesterheide 12th December 2014

    That´s would be a nice Gift for christmas :-)

  11. Milan C. 12th December 2014

    Voyage would be great :-) My website www.montenegro-rentals.net

  12. Gene 12th December 2014

    Wow! First of all, I'm a big fan of Themefuse. You guys have the best WordPress themes. I have different projects in my mind. But, if I win, I'll use "goodies" to create my own portfolio website. :-) Good luck to me and to everyone.

  13. Dhanasekar 12th December 2014

    I'm very happy for joining in this giveaway, i plan to start a news portal site.

  14. rajaram 12th December 2014

    I already have purchased one of your themes and am very happy with it. Would love to have another theme. If I win, I plan to host a resource blog for few competitions for kids.

  15. John Wilson 12th December 2014

    I love your themes and would love to win.

  16. Ajay Gupta 12th December 2014

    I love all wordpress themes designed by themefuse. I would like to appreciate & also recommend other developers to use themefuse themes as theme design is so much wonderfull and elegant. I like to have real estate theme to be in the list of themefuse wordpress list. I also would really be happy to be one of the 3 luckiest winners. I really love themefuse!!!!

  17. John Wilson 12th December 2014

    Sorry left my URL off. FireRacquetball.com

  18. Wayne 12th December 2014

    I would like to win and use one of your newest themes. Been following Themefuse right from the start and the themes get better and better.

  19. Zeeshan 12th December 2014

    Love to review Themefuse awesome themes on my blog. Thanks guys for these great themes

  20. Wiktor 12th December 2014

    HI. Cool Giveaway! :) The next website I want to have is a hotel review website. It will be a hotel reviews for disabled people. So the theme must have a good review system, search by many elements and widgets with rankings by best rate, best food, best bathroom for disebled people etc. cheers

  21. Razvan 12th December 2014

    I will relaunch my personal blog.

  22. ezearchery 12th December 2014

    I'd love to win one of your themes for my archery coaching business EzeArchery - not sure which one would be the best fit though.

  23. Karl EGAS 12th December 2014

    I am podcaster and youtuber and really need a better website than Tumblr can offer, Themefuse and Wordpress and excelent combination for my social media www.thewalkinggeek.tv @thewalking_geek Hey your form donesn't accept domains like mine .tv

  24. MCKY 12th December 2014

    I'd love to have a professional looking site to showcase my fine art.

  25. gartex76 12th December 2014

    This would be the kickstart for me!!!

  26. KChristoph 12th December 2014

    Nice to see you ! I'm looking for "Auto Trader" Thanks ! - Danke !

  27. jim travers 12th December 2014

    Would be great to win one of your themes from my Scout Group.

  28. Dallas 12th December 2014

    I like the Envision theme.

  29. Ivan 12th December 2014

    It would be a nice Christmas gift. Anyway, I wish you a Happy Holiday and a bright and prosperous 2015. I wish the same for future winners. Greetings to everyone, Ivan Joksimovic

    • Milos 12th December 2014

      All the best rodjo :D

  30. traceylmwoods 12th December 2014

    I plan on building on a fantastical site for my clients that is not only unique to their needs but optimized to reach the audience they need to build their online presence and grow their business. Themefuse has been a tool that permits the ease of accomplishing such a task and I can only hope to have such luck to be considered to be a winner of this contest giveaway.

  31. rian deodato 12th December 2014

    All themes of ThemeFuse are extremely great but Philanthropy is what I find most beautiful and what I like to win. :)

  32. Jason 12th December 2014

    All the themes are great so I'd be happy with any of them. However, specifically I am quite interested in Auto Trader. This looks like such a useful theme. I've recently been thinking a lot about starting an automotive site so this could work very well for me.

  33. Sohil Memon 12th December 2014

    Hello, First of all, I would say that this is one of the awesome giveaway! Well, I am looking for a "How Tos" (Guides Website) that contains all the solution of any problem. As I say it would contain the solution of Hardware, Software and all the other technologies will be emerging in the market. I have this plan since 6 months but I want a powerful hosting that can hold large no. of visitors and a premium domain. So, this is one of the best chance for me to win "Hosting - Domain - Theme". Let's see what my luck says! Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. Fefe 12th December 2014

    I would love to have the Beatheaven theme. It looks great and is a great way advertise a musicians artistry. I would love to be one of the lucky winners because this theme would be awesome to have!

  35. RockerJarvis 12th December 2014

    We are looking at updating our website, and always been interested in a few like Games Zone or News Setter, I think News Setter is a preference for me. Good luck.

  36. Tariq 12th December 2014

    I love Themefuse themes! I Wouldn't mind to be one of the winners.

  37. PETROS 12th December 2014

    It would be nice to have a site to present (something!?) to my customers instead of pulling around dossiers and folders.

  38. MacTeP 12th December 2014

    I want to start a website for celebrities information and news.

  39. Leo Koo 12th December 2014

    I'm looking forward to build the next Mashable or something similar for Malaysia and hopefully Asia :) As such, ThemeFuse, with its beautiful, well-coded themes are among the best out there. For myself, a magazine theme like Gadgetry, News Setter & Games Zone which are WooCommerce enabled and compatible will be the best, as ecommerce and content marketing seems to be merging and blogs begin to sell things online to support their writers. All the best! Leo from TechGarage.my :)

  40. Victor 12th December 2014

    That would be a great christmas present ;-) I love the TF themes!!

  41. zach devine 12th December 2014

    I would love to be the winner and utilize your awesome sites for a few client projects!

  42. Thommes 12th December 2014

    I would love to win a theme! Me and my gf want to start an online blog/website to help people work out! We want to coach people to stay fit and eat healthy. Kind regards, Thommes & Eline :)

  43. Anthony 12th December 2014

    What a great contest! I'd love to have my own gardening site!

  44. Andrey 12th December 2014

    Thanks for this great opportunity! Just thing about creating website for guys as me who want to become software tester.

  45. Andrea Colombo 12th December 2014

    I'd like to create my own portfolio... I hope to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  46. Tiago BAHI 12th December 2014

    I want to get THE MUSE to put in lifelog.com.br. I guess this address should be nice with it. Thanks in advantage... ;)

  47. bigbody300 12th December 2014

    I love TAPPTASTIC & PHILANTHROPY themes - just amazing how well they are designed! and backend functions.

  48. vixtorman 12th December 2014

    I like Voyage, the Travel WordPress Theme, and I think it would be fantastic to win this theme.

  49. Milos 12th December 2014

    I already bought and use your Paradise Cove theme and I think that you have some great staff to offer. I would like: 1) Welcome Inn 2) Writer 3) Home Quest. Best Regards from Montenegro! :)

  50. Andi 12th December 2014

    Since I'm a freelancer in Germany I'm highly interested in your "freelancer"-theme and would absolutely love to run a website with it! hopefully I'll be lucky! :-) Cheers, Andi

  51. Josh maKowski 12th December 2014

    would be great to be one of the winners.

  52. Milos 12th December 2014

    If I can't chose - Real Estate would be the Industry.

  53. Dario 12th December 2014

    Ciao! Siete fantastici! Un saluto a tutti! A me piace molto il tema WELCOME INN.... Spero di vincere!

  54. VikkiGREEN 12th December 2014

    I would love to win 3 new themes! My favorites are WELCOME INN, THE COVE and JUST MARRIED. You guys rock!

  55. Ankit Sharma 12th December 2014

    I have checked out your portfolio. And I am really amazed to see the beauty of these themes. Doesn't matter I win or not, but I will definitely want to become your customer in near future. Thanks :)

  56. Nididé 12th December 2014

    I also would like to be! and I'll be very happy if Themefuse put his own theme in play ;)

  57. Luana Freislebem 12th December 2014

    Hello! I am fan of the work of you and would be happy to win this gift.

  58. Stephen Clark 12th December 2014

    I'd like to update my own site and some of my clients' sites, so using one of your themes would be a wonderful first step towards finishing these projects! Steve

  59. Luis Miguel 12th December 2014

    Great!! I'm planning to improve a site about Algarve (South of Portugal) with lots fo photos and vídeos. Hope I could be one of lucky winners. All the best.

  60. Aditya Nath Jha 12th December 2014

    I would like to have a social sharing website with loads of catchy viral content with an awesome design like Mashable. I am looking forward to winning this giveaway and put this idea to fruition!

  61. Vincent 12th December 2014

    I'll be happy to have a website not for me, for a friend's band. They need to boost their career!

  62. Josue O.A. 12th December 2014


  63. Aravind 12th December 2014

    A generic, taxonomy based advanced search feature website. Something which can be used by any one for recepies, real estate or any type where a lot of data is present which needs grouping

  64. Digtheview 12th December 2014

    I need a professional real estate website that screams "modern and cutting edge". Would love to be one of the three winners! Best,

  65. danny 12th December 2014

    I'd love to win the in shape theme. I have a customer that started a new gym and wants a website built. This would be a great choice. Thanks, Danny

  66. Terry 12th December 2014

    WOW, even after the black friday and cyber monday specials you offer this, kudos! I would LOVE to own Kiddo Turf to use for my daughter, Medica for my business and paws & claws for my neighbor who is making extra money pet sitting. Win or lose, I have always been a big fan of yours owning several themes. Terry

  67. Tim Johnston 12th December 2014

    This would make for a great Christmas present! I love your themes, count me in!!! :-)

  68. arnold gamboa 12th December 2014

    Hopefully,I`ll be the one of the three lucky winners. I`d love to have my own domain name again with hosting :D Thanks guys

  69. Teno 12th December 2014

    I really like Kiddo Turf theme for children related organizations. It is the best one I have seen so far. Really nice design and overall layout. I like Themefuse themes because they are really designed for particular field in mind. There are too many too general wp-themes out there. Themefuse stands out!

  70. Seba 12th December 2014

    I would like to have new theme for my business!

  71. Niket 12th December 2014

    This couldn't have come at a better time. I am looking forward to make 2 website: 1. For my own portfolio of website development 2. For an event-focused entertainment group I see that you have themes pertaining to both these categories. So, this would really help me a lot in my final year project!

  72. dennis 12th December 2014

    Thank you Themefuse for another giveaway. I'm already using 3 themes from Themefuse, I really like Themefuse themes. They have great designs and functionality right out of the box. And, I've bought from all the popular theme companies, and the ones I like most are from Themefuse. The thing is, I really don't need another one, However, I would most definitely have a need for a cool restaurant theme like "The Flavour." I also like "Evangelist" and "Tapptastic" and would use them as well. Dennis

  73. Gnobodyuknow 12th December 2014

    It would be awesome to get 3 free themes. Themefuse has some great themes I have been checking into

  74. Salim Ali 12th December 2014

    I have completed and hopes to win..I want to get a news based multipurpose website..So hopes to get..Thanks for conducting this giveaway.. Regards Salim Ali

  75. Niki 12th December 2014

    Great give way -- would love to try Kiddo Turf. Thanks!

  76. Valentino328 12th December 2014

    I am most excited to have the opportunity to play with a ThemeFuse theme. What makes a theme great is the people behind it. What makes a site great is the passion you put into it. #createsomethingnew

  77. Len Saunders 12th December 2014

    Would love the opportunity to win, thanks.

  78. James @ ItsMuchMore 12th December 2014

    Hi, Some really great themes here on offer, we are ItsMuchMore would love to win the 'GameZone' theme as this would work well with our website and plans for the future. Best of luck everyone! James

  79. milan 12th December 2014

    I would probably use this for a new product page for an IOS app I am currently working on.

  80. zonic 12th December 2014

    GameZone will be great for my blog :) Good luck to everyone!

  81. Punjabi 12th December 2014

    You guys really doing a great job by giving us a chance to be a part of Themefuse. I would really like to win this giveaway and theme will be THE FLAVOUR which i will use for my brother restaurant business. Thanks regards Punjabi

  82. Bruce letterle 12th December 2014

    I would use it to get the Philanthropy theme. It's one of the best Wordpress themes for non profits I've ever seen.

  83. karmen bricelj 12th December 2014

    and I would be happy to be the second :)

  84. KC Lemus 12th December 2014

    This is an awesome contest! All the designs are great. I hope I win; I'm liking the freelancer theme a lot. ^_^

  85. Cioppi 12th December 2014

    What a wonderful idea. I love TF theme for design and functionality. You are one of the best resource for our company. We love to use a theme for a music store project! Thanks guys

  86. elmoo 12th December 2014

    Yoohoo! Cool giveaway, theme + 1y hosting and domain!

  87. ajmatus 12th December 2014

    Gamezone looks like an awesome theme that could be used more than just for what it was built, this would be my go to theme :)

  88. Cosmo Crackers 12th December 2014

    Would love to use BEAT HEAVEN for an awesome project site!!!

  89. Antonio 12th December 2014

    Hi... this giveaway is an awesome idea! Thanks!

  90. Tom V 12th December 2014

    METRO VIBES or GAMES ZONE looks good. ;)

  91. StrongmanDan 12th December 2014

    I want to take my current website to the next level and add an online training site. The In Shape theme would be perfect!

  92. Eric F 12th December 2014

    I have been meaning to design and build a new website for my business, and now I'm planning on phasing out my current hosting agreement as well, so a WordPress theme and hosting would be great!

  93. Colin stevens 12th December 2014

    I love your themes and have used Muse for my blog. Would be great to win another theme for mu publishing business to promote our outdoor digital magazine

  94. WEI H 12th December 2014


  95. Mark 12th December 2014

    My current website is all too plain HTML and frames. So old school. Now I want to update, and I think the Paradise Cove will make the website stand out from the rest and promote our southern highlands.

  96. Jim 12th December 2014

    I'm looking for to kicking back and relaxing with my Voyage theme.

  97. pat 12th December 2014

    Me gustaria ser uno de los afortunados para darle un toque especial a mi pagina y asi poder vender diseños increibles a mis clientes...Gracias por la oportunidad de concursar, saludos y Felices Fiestas para Ud y todos los que escriben aqui

  98. MeriCardo 12th December 2014

    I've just recently joined the WordPress fold and I would love my personal blog to be anchored by one of your beautiful themes. Win or not, you give great theme!

  99. PABLO MENDEZ 12th December 2014

    Me gustaria Evangelist para montar la web de de la iglesia a la que asisto!!!!

  100. DaehnomEl 12th December 2014

    Im lookomg forward to creating a comminity news site.

  101. Dairona 12th December 2014

    i am looking forward to have voyage template

  102. Uchie 12th December 2014

    Gamezone and Pilanthropy looks like awesome themes. All of your designs very nice, clean and elegant. I love them.

  103. Adrian 12th December 2014

    As I already purchased one of your theme I am very pleased, I would be happy if I could win and use a theme for an educational page for kids. Probbably Kiddo Theme would be just great. Thank you for this opportunity! Good luck to everyone!

  104. Ivan Minchev 12th December 2014

    I am looking to build a business website, that offers marketing services and would love to have one of your professional themes!

  105. Maciel Eustaquio 13th December 2014

    I'm a big fan of Themefuse! Your sites is wonderful and fantastic! Themes that I like so much: PAWS & CLAWS, KIDDO TURF and AUTO TRADER. ;)

  106. Keerthi Bandara 13th December 2014

    I am using your theme in my websites, Also, I promoted your theme in my affiliate theme site. You created awesome theme, Thanks THEMEFUSE......

  107. John V 13th December 2014

    I need to get off my butt and build myself a website for my web development business. Tough call on one theme to pick! Right now I'm leaning towards COLLECTIVE. But I can see PHILANTHROPY working also.

  108. SEVRIN Alexandre 13th December 2014

    I would really like to win Games Zone or Freelancer cause I need them...

  109. Leonil d 13th December 2014

    How about a branch new theme for brand new year that has a pre-installed chat support plugin and a trouble ticket system on it? Maybe a theme that is ready for Paypal APIs as well?

  110. Christian 13th December 2014

    Please count me in. Really need a theme + Webhosting+ Domain. I want to build a website with Healthy theme and i would like to use In Shape theme. if i win, i will put your name and your link in my website as our sponsor. Thanks. It's the great giveaway

  111. Marcelo 13th December 2014

    Fantastic themes, excelent support. Big fã theme fuse!

  112. Bonion 13th December 2014

    I really want to make an ecommerce website, and i want to make my own store where i can sell good stuff for others.

  113. AMit M 13th December 2014

    I would love to get PHOTO ARTIST this one looks so beautiful also it looks like what i want in future to create portfolio website. Themefuse has great themes and i would love if i get chance to work with you guys because i am also a developer and i want to learn from you guys how you make these awesome themes and i am beginner in css.

  114. Himesh 13th December 2014

    well..give away..i will try my luck. already using shape theme its awesome. thanks Himesh

  115. Va DIMS 13th December 2014

    Some of those would be perfect for a travel portal!

  116. Tung 13th December 2014

    Nice giveaway, i want a winner :p

  117. Bob Roman 13th December 2014

    I won a Themefuse theme two years ago. I choose Writer which is a great theme and easy to use. Also, good structured options panel for this theme.

  118. Paul D. 13th December 2014

    My wife is passionate about animal welfare issues & I would love to be able to give her a platform to help others. Philanthropy looks like a great theme to use. Either way, I think ThemeFuse has some of the best WP themes out there...I should know, I've bought 3 of them!

  119. Arnold 13th December 2014

    I am a loyal customer and theme fuse is aweasome! i am looking to start a new clothing boutique with my friend and would love to build that with themefuse's design.

  120. alfonso 13th December 2014

    I would love to have the Collective theme to showcase my portfolio. Thanks for the great support.

  121. Jamie 13th December 2014

    I would love to get my hands on Beatheaven!

  122. Frank Mohnhaupt 13th December 2014

    I think it´s time to make a new Blog Site. :-)

  123. Rodrigoeller 13th December 2014

    I want a awesome portfolio site to showcase our videos and illustrations to our future clients!

  124. GPwebdesign 13th December 2014

    hey there :-) ThemeFuse is guarantee of results smooths as velvet! I love themefuse and I'm glad to share this chance on WPitaly+ https://plus.google.com/113999227018915317169/posts/YxHriU6bHAu Ciao! GP

  125. Bassem 13th December 2014

    Great to have one of your themes for my new cafe & restaurant !

  126. pedro prospero 13th December 2014

    Well, I am going to retire from several years as a teacher and researcher. I am planning to build a site where I will share good and bad experiences, tell old stories, talk about education, culture, and lots and lots of ramblings. To amuse but still educate.

  127. Angelina 13th December 2014

    I'm very happy for joining in this giveaway. I am big fan of theme fuse. It would be great to win one theme for my personal blog, Piskaralo.com.

  128. Ghenaat 13th December 2014

    I would really be happy to be one of the 3 lucky winners.

  129. Firepoint 13th December 2014

    In 2015 I will be donating a website design for a project for a high school student who is making a site to motivate teens to get active and eat healthy. She lives in a city that was named 4th in the nation for obesity. There is a huge need! In Shape would be the perfect theme!

  130. MOHAMMAD 13th December 2014

    I'm gonna :(( :D

  131. mostafa 13th December 2014

    your themes very good

  132. explo91 13th December 2014

    Hello, NewsSetter would be great for me :)

  133. Mohammad H. 13th December 2014

    well, after a long time of busyness and being away of WordPress, i tried to get back to my old place, designing and launching WP based websites for people and after couple of jobs, i want to have another personal site for myself that i can do my job there

  134. Mtsekov 13th December 2014

    I am searching theme for client blog, and themefuse have wonderful themes.

  135. Reza 13th December 2014

    That´s would be a nice Gift for Christmas :-)

  136. pradeep 13th December 2014

    From the beginning I have seen Themefuse have been producing all great wordpress themes. They are PRO in making themes it appears in the theme structures itself. If I win a theme I'll use it for my upcoming site which is based on a concept to attract mass as it will have various categories. Thanks for this giveaway and I am hopeful about winning a theme. If I do, I'll promote Themefuse banner on my website for a full year. Though it's just my desire, lets see who takes away 3 themes.

  137. Aymara 13th December 2014

    I would love to build a site for my little bussines.

  138. mAHMOUD 13th December 2014

    I want to build a running blog!

  139. May 13th December 2014


  140. sinax 13th December 2014

    I like simple. Themefuse is simple. Just it.

  141. VHD 13th December 2014

    I want to build a site to share pics, audios and videos.

  142. Monkey 13th December 2014

    I am definitely going to change my website www.malpiszon.pl into the REAL e-commerce website of sport equipment for kids with a WooCommerce tool. Are you going to help me by choosing me? :)

  143. Abdelhafid 13th December 2014

    that would be the best theme for my current website, i was a lucky winner before ,i'd love to be one again may the odds be ever in my favor :p

  144. Linden 13th December 2014

    Some of your themes would be a great way for me to create a beautiful and functional website on pet animals! I'm glad I found Themefuse, because I loved the very first theme I purchased from you guys (Medica).

  145. LUCAS GERMÁN BURGOS 14th December 2014

    You guys ROCK! I'm definitely IN for the giveaway. Salute!

  146. more 14th December 2014


  147. ABe 14th December 2014

    I would like to help out a friend who needs a site for a gym or another who is a fashion designer with a new theme.

  148. Robert 14th December 2014

    I would like to win "The Flavour" theme, Thanks for the opportunity!

  149. amir 14th December 2014

    I hope you win

  150. MOjtaba saleh 14th December 2014

    All themes of ThemeFuse are extremely great , like to win. :)

  151. BARB00SA 14th December 2014

    Would like to try my hotelwebsite whit your themes

  152. GERARD 14th December 2014

    I'm working on my personal branding website, I am a student and the economy do not give much now ;) I would build my website with one of your templates, I worked with them before and I love them.

  153. aDEY artorious 14th December 2014

    would love to be one of the lucky winners, i would like to win the MUSE PACKAGE great design and brilliant for content would suit my plans for a sustainable energy information website cheers Adey

  154. Hamayon 14th December 2014

    Hey Guys, Thanks for this chance. I would love to have one your amazing themes. - Regards, Hamayon

  155. ALiRezaCH 14th December 2014

    I Love This Giveaway!!! ♥

  156. Ali T 14th December 2014

    My current website needs to be reconstructed from scratch. The platform which I am using currently is not useful anymore, and I'm looking forward to shift to wordpress as a platform. Your themes has always been an inspration for me. In the past I purchased one of your themes which was for wedding. I can't find it today but I remember it was well designed. I wish you all the best of luck! Ali T.

  157. rYANf 14th December 2014

    Ola! Greetings from the land of Nelson Mandela! I would really love to win your Voyager theme for the new African Travel Tips website I am setting up! Let me know!

  158. masoud 14th December 2014

    i want to build a website for my projects :)

  159. Rogier 14th December 2014

    I'd love to win the In Shape theme for our survival sport website. this theme looks just perfect to show visitors and our athletes the exercises and facilitation we have for trails we have in the Netherlands. See for more our website or recent pictures on flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/fitzeist/11806405955/

  160. jorge marquez 14th December 2014

    metro vibes look great

  161. Yaser 15th December 2014

    I want to setup a wordpress site for my brother. it will be his first blogging experience and he will be so happy thank u :)

  162. Georgelin 15th December 2014

    We are working in a blog with tech reviews, interviews and geeky stuff from a new wave perspective. We would love one of your themes to pin out our look for the launch.

  163. imigotto 15th December 2014

    Meu "SONHO" é ter um Tema Superprofissional. Tenho procurado há muito tempo, incrivelmente achei no Themefuse vários temas que me agradaram muito. Terei meu sonho realizado se for um dos tres feliz ganhadores. Boa sorte para todos !

  164. hardik4mail 15th December 2014

    I want to create travel agency website.

  165. Dennis 15th December 2014

    I have looked and looked for a simple but sophisticated Blog website, non got the look and feel of the "Writer"

  166. arash 15th December 2014

    I want to build an online store website I would love to win

  167. behnamtarin 15th December 2014

    I would really be happy to be one of the 3 lucky winners. Who knows? Maybe :)

  168. Gianluca 15th December 2014

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