One of the world’s biggest domain registrar and hosting, GoDaddy can’t pass unobserved in the industry. Moreover, it is recognized as the largest ICANN-accredited registrar. Thus, it is only normal that you come across its name when you decide to choose a hosting for your website.

However, the case could be that you’re oriented towards a less corporate hosting company to rely on. In this case, you might want to know more details about the SITEGROUND hosting company. Even though it is not an industry giant, it is praised for its reliability and known for more client-oriented solutions.

godaddy vs. siteground histing in wp 2018

So let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of both companies before you cast your lot with any of the two and decide which one is the best hosting company out there.



And here are many.

COST. GoDaddy Group Inc. also known shortly as GoDaddy, offers reasonably low pricing for most of its packages. The last is being tailored to various size clients’ needs. You might go for the economy package when you decide to start. You can always turn to a deluxe or ultimate package when your website starts to flourish. Growing your business might help you choose the extra options you would be already ready to pay for. Also, some packages with longer terms might bring up cheaper rates. Reports say, GoDaddy’s costs 70% lower than other companies’ offers.

COMBINED SOLUTIONS. Some companies focus on web hosting, some go for domain registration. Focusing on developing a more specific product usually associates with the high quality of the product. However, combining similar products and offering one solution for two problems is where the strength of GoDaddy lies. It offers both domain registrar and web hosting. Moreover, it has been known as emergent in both.

FREE STUFF. Let’s be frank, everyone likes free stuff once in a while. We are ready to pay, invest, or search for economic solutions, but we like the spontaneity of free offers too. GoDaddy features free themes, free plugins, free domains, free cloud storage, etc. It even guarantees money back to those who don’t stick to it. Not to mention the AdWords credits to Bing and Yahoo.

Also, the company is into its customers and has loyalty stance for programmers, offering them a variety of website creation tools and advanced design elements.

SECURITY. Safety is most probably our number two priority after the income our website is bringing. Or is it our number one? Go Daddy backs up its customers offering essential features like locking the purchased domain names, offering the nightly backups, securing clients’ personal data.

Free is good. But UNLIMITED FEATURES are way much better. GoDaddy offers unlimited bandwidth allocation, which means no matter how many visitors suddenly get on the website, it won’t get crushed. Moreover, you won’t have to pay for all those clicks. And if you want to know:  any hosting company will limit certain features (storage, database, emails), but having the bandwidth limited might turn into a very unpleasant situation, to say it mildly.

We left it for the end, however, for those who like to keep under control their business, EASY MANUAL INSTALL from GoDaddy is a gift. It doesn’t only make the process easy and pleasant, it goes smoothly. You just purchase the hosting for your WordPress and then easily install it in a few hours. Certainly, a huge plus.

godaddy vs sitegroup wp hostings


If you’re all positive and ready to skip the rest to go buy a GoDaddy hosting, slow down and see the disadvantages you might want to be aware of.

LIMITATIONS of Your Databases, Email Addresses & Memory. We have been previously talking about the unlimited bandwidth GoDaddy offers, which is a huge benefit in our humble opinion. However, if you value more the storage for the database and email addresses, you will have to pay extra to get them unlimited. It is still greatly affordable; however, you get those unlimited options from other providers by default.

YOU DON’T LEAVE EASILY. Yes, GoDaddy makes it hard to leave. Both websites owners and providers are investing in the relationship. However, people are not trees, they move and they can decide to move their domain to a different provider too. And the history says that whatever bug might come up during that move – GoDaddy won’t come to help. Moreover – the process of domain’s migration will be interrupted for no reasons. And that must be awfully annoying when you’re already on the go.

DATA ACCESS RESTRICTED. Again, some features seem to work along for us, like the security. But there is always another side of the moon. Incorporating web forms, auto-generated content, accessing the emails might surprise you with its restrictiveness. It will report the contact form as a spam, thus you will have to follow a detailed tutorial to make it work.

Shall we have a pro here? Reports say, there is less spam because of the same data restrictiveness. Definitely a plus along its minus.

VERY SLOW CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Big corporation status plays along, but this is definitely not an excuse. In technology, EVERYTHING can go wrong at a certain point. Thus, having a professional support back up is always an investment you want to make in features like hosting. And professional customer support that can assist you 24/7 should be a well-functioning feature in every business.

web hosting siteground or godaddy


Hosting companies usually come up with certain solutions, deals and packages. It only makes sense that they are differently tailored in order to meet the needs of various clients. SiteGround got famous among most rigid hostings as delivering a product that works as described. However, let’s see first the advantages it is in possession of:

SPEED. In this age of the fast internet, a website’s most critical value is the speed. First, the user accesses the website; after that, he sees the content and then decides upon the product value. If the website speed is slow due to hosting underperformance, your business lost the game before it has even started. SiteGround is a reliable partner in offering good, reliable speed to your website.

Moreover, the company has international locations on different continents that play a high role in offering what they promise. Having offices and server locations in Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan and Singapore it makes things easier, right?

SiteGround invests in its FREE FEATURES that come along with hosting. Among these, you can discover the unlimited database, unrestrained number of email accounts. It invests in performing daily backups. Also, it is important to mention the admin’s menu of options which has always been cPanel, an industry standard. Free transfers, a free domain name for the first year and free site builder makes it a worldwide recognized hosting brand.

If you are looking for more specific solutions, contact the company for more information, they might have sometimes in store.

SECURITY AND RELIABILITY. SiteGround makes it short when speaking about security: 24/7. Their security steadiness is also considered a reliable factor due to company’s 6 different physical server locations, providing high performance to its clients. All these are also physically protected locations. This precaution is an important long-term gain for any company who values their investments.

ALL TYPE QUALITY SUPPORT. Managing a website means being having a 24/7 business to manage. When things go wrong, be it day or night, you have to fix it fast. Thus, a supportive back up of your provider is a huge help. It translates into the ability to reach help and fix most of the technical issues. SiteGround offers intelligent and friendly staff that operates nonstop. Moreover, SiteGround is well known for its support of web communities like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. These speak absolutely in favour of the company.

GLOBALLY ORIENTED. SiteGround is located in Bulgaria, which is convenient in European terms.  Bulgaria is far from countries considered as technology hubs. Besides, it has offices in Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan and Singapore easily covering the world’s geography. They also accept a variety of currencies for payment, to compete in economic terms. Very economically convenient for clients, right?

EASY WORDPRESS INSTALLATION. WordPress knowledge is a mandatory skill for many users, thus being able to install the website easily is a prerequisite that SiteGround can offer. There is no need to be technically savvy with the existent variety of ways SiteGround offers for installation. Moreover, it presents a normal pack of shared, cloud and dedicated servers, so that you always have options.


siteground hosting in wp vs godaddy


PRICING VS. UNLIMITED FEATURES. If comparing the domains – database – disk space formula, offered by SiteGround, and watch the packages of shared hosting plans they offer, you might find serious disadvantages. If first two Ds work fine (related to the number of websites hosted and the number of software you can install on your website) then the third D creates a hole in your hosting plan. You suddenly discover the Disk space where you upload files is limited to a number. Data plan offered by SiteGround is limited to 10, 20 or 30 GB, tailored to the type of the website you plan to install (non-CMS, WordPress or Joomla/Drupal run websites). And if you regard to disk space unlimited as a value for the website hosting, then the disadvantage is too serious.

FINANCIAL FEATURES. If you go for normal costs from the beginning of hosting plan, you know what to expect regarding payment. Much too often, SiteGround gives away hosting package offers that are budget friendly. However, upon the increase, after the first year of usage, you would suddenly find themselves paying much over normal budget. That is painful as experience. Users frequently are faced to change to other hosting after one year.

Moreover, you should be aware of the financial trick the company uses. It is also known to be operating through an easy month-to-month bill, opposed to other hosting companies. This means you can stop services in case your business doesn’t go well. However, for this, they will charge you ~$14.95 for the monthly billing cycle upon setting up of the website. And chances are that you will find it out after a while. When they’re already billed.

Advertised as offering a full-spectrum solution, user’s research shows up that SiteGround is more of a BUSINESS ORIENTED package hosting. Being a blogger, you might find it costly to maintain a personal website with the company, despite all the features provided. But for the users who are business oriented, with plans for growing their business, the prices are just well tailored to their needs.


So, after all the advantages and disadvantages you have read, you might have figured out that your choice should be based on the type of business you are running. Also, depending on features that are most keen to you. If you are looking for affordable pricing and known brand hosting, GoDaddy should be the choice. This should include your awareness about less available support as well as data and freedom-to-leave restrictions.

If you feel that you would count on as valuable the speed, free features and reliability, SiteGround is the answer. Great customer support and global orientation are sound like a great addition. However, be aware of hidden financial statements regarding the free features and costs in general.

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