Creating the perfect WP theme can be a daunting task. Even once you get a grasp on a good piece, it will take the time to test it and make sure you’re providing the best experience for your audience.

What happens next? Even the best WP theme wouldn’t be successful without smart promotion, and that’s where the most effort is needed. If you take the easy way up and promote it with AdWords and social media ads you may lower the expected ROI, and that’s why you should consider featuring the theme in a reputed online magazine.

What magazine would that be? This article discusses the best websites for WP reviews that you should consider in 2017:


WPLift is not a theme-specific magazine, but rather a learning hub where WP users turn for roundups, tutorials, and general WP information. The blog gains more and more popularity as the CMS does, and is now the favorite theme review destination for thousands of users.


WPKube is another great online resource for WordPress theme reviews that gives users advice on plugins, usage instruction, tutorials, news, and much more. Whatever specifically happens on WordPress, WPKube will be the first one to announce it.

WP Mayor

Jean Galea introduced WP Mayor 7 years ago, as he decided to share his digital and WP development experience with wider audiences. His blog now specializes in themes, plugins, and service expertise, but it is also a good destination for news and video tutorials.

Cats Who Code

Cats Who Code gathers plenty of useful information for coders, webmasters, developers, and designers so that they will get a hand in need when looking for best resources and how to tutorials. It is also one of the oldest WP expertise blogs that were started in 2008.


Speckboy comes from a tiny little city in Scotland called Iverness, where a team of passionate editors and writers decided to help the WP users’ community with resources and time-saving techniques and to inspire them to make the most of this magnificent platform. It is a top location to turn to when looking for theme reviews and UX design tips, especially if you’re lacking inspiration, and would use an overview of current trends and innovative ideas.

Design Your Way

Design Your Way is one of today’s leading online magazine and a great source of ideas for graphic and web designers. It tackles a variety of UI topics other than the WP related ones.

Webdesigner Depot has been on the scene for almost 8 years, trying to expose the very best of design trends, resources, opinions, and ideas. It is one of the most active blogs that brings something interesting very day and pays special attention to driving debates and new discoveries. It is also the place to be for interviews with leading names in the web industry, and the hub where you can download the coolest codes and assets for free. For many popular WP designers, Webdesigner Depot was exactly the shuttle to a great career and a vast number of followers.

Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger is an online publication center of popular web designers and WP content writers. Its articles cover an array of interesting design topics and are open for critics and contribution by the public.

Web Resources Depot

Web Resources Depot is another pioneer in the WP reviews arena that has a lot of helpful resources to support the work of WP designers.

Graphic Design Junction

Graphic Design Junction, or simply GDJ, is a website designer use to download themes for free and to read useful WP news.


Designmodo covers all informative material needed by web designers to acquire a competitive edge over their competitors. Content is neatly arranged in categories such as WordPress, Tips & Tutorials, Development, Inspiration, and much more.


1stwebdesigner collates the best WP-related tips for almost 10 years and covers topics such as programming, graphic design, web design, marketing, blogging, and social media tutorials. You can also rely on the site’s dedicated team to help you build a great website, in particular when looking for some UX design advice.

Design Shack

Design Shack is one of the world’s oldest web design magazines launched in early 2003. It collects the best design practices and tutorials from all around the world, and it provides plenty of inspiring tips and ideas for novice designers. The magazine is supportive for new designers looking to stay in line with the newest trends in their industry.

David Walsh created this blog to tackle web usability, and offer advice and resources for JavaScript (jQuery, MooTools, Dojo), AJAX, CSS, Canvas, and PHP developers. It is exactly where the most popular performers in the arena turn to get a hand in need.


Ever since 2009, Design3edge directs web wanderers towards the best resources and design ideas in the world.

Naldz Graphics

Naldz Graphics has been around for a decade already and is often referred to as the number one design blog on the world. You will love their freebie content, useful tutorials, inspiring examples, and similar resources of interest to the design community.


InstantShift is another of these popular gathering placed for designers and developers, where rather than acquiring what has been offered to them, they discuss ideas, and get tips on premium web development and design.


Onextrapixel should be a premium choice for all web developers, as this Singapore-based WP portal collects, explores, and then shares the best CMS tools and resources, and inspired designers with useful articles and best practices.


In short, Line 25 combines all useful web design resources in a single database and distributes a number of inspiring posts for all types of web creators. You can use some of their cool and free web tutorials to adopt a technique you like, regardless of whether you’re still getting a grasp on the basics or updating your WP web expertise with some extra creativity.


Designbeep aims to serve designers, developers, bloggers, and freelancers share and acquire expert content. It is well known for its inspirational tutorials and articles and has plenty to offer to novice designers.


SmashingApps used to be the world’s top WP magazine, but despite falling behind in the last fee years, it still offers some quality WP theme reviews at no cost.


SmashingHub was designed by graphic designers for graphic designers, but also tries hard to help photographers and technology experts with useful kits. In there, you will find a variety of useful tutorials, apps, tips, and resources, both in terms of design and development (HTML5, PHP, jQuery, and CSS).


Queness offers useful jQuery and JavaScript tutorials for developers and designers. The blog is run by a front-end developer working tirelessly to get the best posts and resources for users to refer to in future, and thus has a great web tool database at stake to help you. You should definitely visit it if looking for best-in-class JavaScript plugins.


There will hardly be any experienced designer who hasn’t heard of WebAppers, and that’s because this blog is a number one destination for sharing and downloading development/design resources for free. This is the place to go for new, open-source fonts, icons, stock photos, and brushes, and probably the only place where Ajax and JavaScript components (menus, charts, tooltips, calendars, galleries, and more) will be available at no cost.

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