If you’re bound between two hosting companies, not being able to decide which should become your website’s host, check out with us a comparative review between two top hosting that can make a difference for your website: HostGator and iPage.

hostgator and ipage hosting compared

HostGator, a business-oriented hosting company will amaze you with the best price versus offer options and 99% uptime guarantee. Meanwhile, iPage will debate to offer better domain and bandwidth options along with money back guarantee.

HostGator – Leading Business Hosting

HostGator offers diversity in hosting plan choice. You can consider plans like share or cloud hosting – where they are experts – VPS hosting, dedicated servers, etc. Shared hosting related to the situation where the account is bound to a single server, while cloud exploits multiple servers.

HostGator ADVANTAGES (+)

A Leading Business Hosting – this is what you will probably hear about HostGator first. Hostings are generally competitive, each offering a special solution, different from another. HostGator has its own offers that delimit it as a leader in the business industry. Let’s see how exactly.

COST vs. OFFER. HostGator is inexpensive. Even their Baby plan, usual medium package, has all needed unlimited features. And the Business plan they have designed comes with premium options at a really low cost. Plus, you got to see the deals they are negotiating every now and then:

hostgator hosting pricing 2018

Normally, their first-year package comes at reduced price anyway. So if you add both discounts, you might want to search no further, since the price becomes very appealing. But hold on and see more to come. HostGator’s policy regarding payment is to give as much freedom to their clients as possible. This means you only pay a monthly fee for your package, not yearly bonding.

UPTIME 99%. Best companies are struggling to this point. It’s like balancing with 3 balls; you know there might come that moment when you lose it. However, HostGator invests in checking every 24 h its technology for any potential break, as much as in technical assistance.  99% uptime means max 8 downtimes per year, and so far the clients report even fewer. Well, except for the notable fall in August 2013.

GREAT SUPPORT & USER-FRIENDLY. Whenever you find yourself setting up your website on a new platform, be sure: with HostGator you will do it right. Because there is no need to do it yourself. You just send the necessary credentials to the support team and they do it for you. But if you plan to do it manually, here is an easy to follow tutorial on how to do it right and fast.

As for the system it uses – meet the standard and most popular tool, called cPanel. This tool represents a software that helps you manage your website’s backend. The tool, besides being easy to use, it has lots of related tutorials regarding how to use it. HostGator also offers File Transfer Protocol to prepare the website transfer. Finally, lots of guides for any newcomer for this hosting is available upon signing up.

EDUCATIONAL INVESTMENT. There are many educational sources HostGator invests in so that the clients are happy. There are many pieces of training developed for the hosting company’s clients; know-how’s linked to using the platform; how to generate an e-commerce website; promoting enterprises online, etc.

The most pleasant surprise is that all these materials are for free. And while working as a great advertising for HostGator, they are useful for any user who holds a HostGator account.

GREEN WEB HOSTING. HostGator’s offer includes the line about environmental protection while hosting your website. Among its resources, they say the company sustains construction of natural power plants that can obtain renewable energy. This means some of the energy that runs in order to keep your website going is taken from wind farms instead of coal plants.


COMPLEXITY. The process of getting the website on the server plus the details that follow after are not among the easiest. Note that this happens despite all the available resources.

SUPPORT. On the other side of supporting you with your hosting transfer and questions that appear along the way, support isn’t preventing problems. That leads to constant repetitive issues you come across that are only solved temporarily. Backups are done weekly but not to its greatest extent. Malware scan happens now and then, but not often enough to prevent all the viruses that might happen in between.

LIMITED FREE STUFF. You surely get something, but not as much as you would get with GoDaddy or BlueHost. Among few things are the credits of $100 value for AdWords. Also, a 45-day guarantee followed. However, no Yahoo or YouTube credits. Not that it matters while getting a cheap offer, but it’s a great addition to be spent usually.

iPAGE – Honestly Cheap and Secured

iPage is part of Endurance International Group (EIG), developed parallel to other huge names like BlueHost, HostMonsters, FatCow, only to mention a few. All of them have grown under the umbrella of the EIG. Six office locations, over a million websites hosted, is just the top of the iceberg called iPage Hosting. iPage has generous offers and no year based contracts. But let us describe you both side of the moon.


HONESTLY CHEAP PRICE. Like really cheap, no doubts for the price of $1.99 per month. These do not only apply for a 36-month deal but can be also requested for shorter periods, spanning one year. And there is no trick that comes along after a while, making you pay more. However, pay attention to when the low-priced period ends – this is when higher prices come up.

It offers good deals of disk space, data transfer and of course a package of email addresses.

GOOD CUSTOMER SUPPORT is important. iPage provides well-trained customer service through any possible mean of communication. That means that via phone, email, live chat all the answers are offered. Helpful additional details make the process of solving problems easier, offering information or useful links.

SECURITY OPTIONS. iHost plans come with the incorporated SiteLock security option that works as a first guard to the hosted website. It prevents unsolicited security breaches by scanning the website often for any potential malware. Moreover, its firewall focuses on security leaks prevention by updates and history check. It also lets you use the .htaccess file to restrict your website’s sections. Oh, did we mention daily backups? That means you can always use yesterday’s version of the website keeping it online in harming situations. Yes, for free.

THIRD PARTY APPLICATIONS that can be easily linked to commercial websites to PayPal, Google Apps, etc. This means easier ways of making financial transactions or handle secured transfers. Add here some bonus credits like Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo for your website advertisement, isn’t that a happy free deal yet?

Also, iPage supports WordPress blog transferring through a simple Import Button. The general WordPress interface couldn’t be easier to be used.

30-DAY MONEY GUARANTEE. In situations when you change your mind regarding the hosting for which you just paid you still have options to cancel the deal. 30 days deal might not be the lengthiest option to consider, however, it has nice options like no terms and conditions to apply regarding the guarantee.

99.97% UPTIME. Similar to HostGator, iPage has a serious engagement regarding uptime. In the industry, iPage doesn’t have any serious competitors in this matter. And what else is there to be said about this?

The company asserts they are monitoring their uptime results for 24/7 and thus can always prevent or restore back the server’s activity.

EPA’S GREEN POWER PARTNER. The Environmental Protection Agency has been established to protect both human and environmental health. For companies dealing with technology, being an EPA partner means using at least partially the natural resources in acquiring energy. Thus, certified as a green site, iPage claims to be using up to 200% of the power of the wind energy equal to the sudden disappearance of 200 cars from the street.

Thus, long story short – by using iPage hosting, you participate in saving the planet. How is that for an advantage?


LOADING TIMES are not among perfect features of iPage. It has a negative effect on the SEO, where it all creates a circle – low ranking and less visibility. Slow site speed affects the attention span of visitors, whose 50% are reported to leave if the site doesn’t load under 3 seconds.

COSTS. For example, if you go for server services renewal. In the advantages section, we have described the starting price offers that are cheap beyond belief. Users who passed the stage of first amazement and paid after the first 12-month-deal know the reality is no longer unicorns and rainbows. Renewal prices apply to all the plans and grow suddenly high.

Or if you suddenly decided to interrupt the services based on the 30-day guarantee, you discover the company will deduct the 15$ fee for the domain name. It hurts more because you know they are usually cheaper. And that guarantee is not much of a guarantee.

ipage 2018 hosting reviewNO cPANEL. Yes, iPage is one of the few hosting companies, along with Dreamhost, not to use the officially recognized standard panel system.

That doesn’t only mean an alien platform that is less used and with less available forum answers. It also means, for example, not integrating other standard applications. Try to go on ShopSite and you discover that you completely leave iPage’s control panel. It becomes quite a nuisance when you want to use its e-commerce services.

UNLIMITED OPTIONS are not so unlimited if you go read the user agreement before accepting it. Though you get unlimited space for your website, iPage doesn’t let you store any files of your own. It says openly that any extra storage might affect server activity and you might lose it probably during updates.

HostGator comes as a  reliable, reasonably priced, business-oriented hosting company for your website. Thus if you search no further details, this could be a great option. It’s a durable hosting and it has a positive review from most of the clients who ever used it. However, if you look for greater support, maybe it is time to focus on iPage?

One might have some hesitations when thinking of iPage’s belonging to a bigger company. However, it has lots of potentials, a good back up support team with strong evidence of uptime. What hosting shall be chosen in the end, you decide.

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